New Discovery – The Alphards

Thanks to I am finding lots of great and new music to listen to and fall in love with. I found the awesome band Activity and this time it is garage band The Alphards (알파즈). I am not much of a social person…or a club/bar person, but I really think it would be cool to visit Hongdae and the clubs there to listen to some of these awesome indie bands live. However…traveling overseas takes lots of money which I don’t have at the moment. So I enjoy them vicariously through YouTube, SoundCloud, some have also posted videos on their Facebook accounts and if they have albums in the US available via places like Amazon or iTunes or now Google Play. I’ve already mentioned my…rather substantial music collection multiple times.

I shared The Aphards’s demo on my tumblr account already, but since I’ve been listening to their demos on repeat all of today, I thought I’d write up an official post on AAA. This is all I could really find in English about the band, but granted, I didn’t dig too deep as I’m really fighting a headache and not feeling the best as I’m writing this. Check out this article from The Korea Times: In this article they talk with the vocalist and lead guitarist of The Alphards’s, Jung Myung-jin about the indie music scene, which I find very interesting. As a  total digression, somewhat, I really admire the art of song composition and writing accompanying lyrics. I say this is somewhat of a digression as Jung talked about songwriting to a certain extent and the club scene. I don’t have the musical know how, but back in high school my friend and I tried writing a song together. It was hard. Neither of us really knew what we were doing. And I’ve tried doing song lyrics many times before afterward, but have never been satisfied with anything. But I guess I can say the same thing about my poetry and fiction writing – I’m never satisfied. Okay, end digression.

This band’s sound reminds me of another band that I enjoy…but I can’t quite put my finger on which band that is…I kind of think it may be a mixture of the sound of The Killers with Barenaked Ladies another band…but again, can’t remember. Although, I suppose it is impolite to try to describe a band’s sound by comparing it to another at times, but isn’t that best how we make comparisons unfortunately?

You can follow this awesome band’s Twitter account here: @TheAlphards
You can like them on Facebook here:
You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here:

With that, I shall leave you with their demos via their SoundCloud account. An interesting thing to mention? These songs are in English. Good English. I mean, it makes sense and the vocalist is clear and understandable. The English major in me is very happy of this. I have used other languages in my own writing, but I try not to use a language unless I know for certain the meaning of what I’m saying and if it adds to the actual piece. Given my limited vocabulary in any other language besides English…you can guess how much I actually use. And with a lot of Korean music where there is English…pronunciation usually isn’t the best and the English doesn’t necessarily make sense, so when you get clear English in all respects, it’s always cool. Anyways, I hope you enjoy their demos as much as I have and as much as Chani-chan has (I had to send her their SoundCloud page link so she could listen and fall in love with them, too). I particularly love the song “Fade Away.”

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