Rummage #2 – Untitled

So, my room is almost put back together once more. Yay! I’m excited. It’s nice to be almost done. Of course, in doing this cleaning and rearranging I rediscovered a backpack full of writing. And…this isn’t even ALL of it. Seriously. I have tubs in my basement full of notebooks, too. I don’t throw these things out. Most of it is unfinished beginnings or maybe I started in the middle of a story and wrote that part down and all these years later I have forgotten my original intentions. Funny how that happens. And let’s not forget file folder after file folder after notebook full of my awful poetry, lol. It’s amazing to look back and read all of these things now.

I also was reading through some rough drafts of old school papers. Nothing like taking a walk down memory lane with a poetry explication of Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night” and reading how Shakespeare’s play The Tempest showed a model for the changes of post-Elizabethan society. Those papers I actually remember writing. I was surprised when I came across a paper on publishing that I had interviewed my faculty adviser for. Speaking of him, I miss Captain. I had forgotten that I had done that. I also had forgotten a paper I had written on library catalogs and the need for advancement so that patrons will not be so lost when utilizing them. Then again, I was thinking of getting a degree in library and information science at one time believe it or not. When I applied to graduate school, I split my choices among publishing and writing and library science. And not to brag, but I did manage to get accepted into 4 of the 6 schools I applied to, and I got wait-listed at my top choice. I never figured out what happened with the 6th school as I kept playing phone tag with someone and we never got anything worked out. And after all that work, I didn’t go to graduate school, but stayed home, got a job, and now take care of my grandparents due to lack of money and not wanting to incur the huge college debt that many people rack up. Not to mention my grandmother was hospitalized the fall I graduated and wasn’t expected to live a week after she was released. That was now 7 years ago and she’s still alive. I can’t say well, but she’s still alive. Her family doctor calls her his little miracle.

Anyways, I’m digressing in a post that’s a big digression. It’s just amazing when going through things and recalling all these past memories. It’s fun, nostalgic, bittersweet, and all that good stuff. I’m happy to have rediscovered some old stories and am thinking of actually taking up a pen (or keyboard) and trying to go through and finish them once more.


  • I am imagining your basement full of all your old papers, LOL! It’s a good thing you have enough space to store all your old work! 😛

    • Believe it or not, my basement isn’t full of my writing, lol. I have one smaller tub from college filled with my failed attempts at fashion design, more of my writing, and all my college papers. I suppose I feel if I put all that effort into writing those papers, then I should keep them.

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