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Rummage #2 – Untitled

So, my room is almost put back together once more. Yay! I’m excited. It’s nice to be almost done. Of course, in doing this cleaning and rearranging I rediscovered a backpack full of writing. And…this isn’t even ALL of it. Seriously. I have tubs in my basement full of notebooks, too. I don’t throw these things out. Most of it

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Rummage #1 – The Tempest

May Queen E.21

Oh, I probably won’t do many of these at all (actually this just might be the first and last), but as I’m preparing for a major overhaul in my room, I’ve been going through my file folders and notebooks. I don’t throw anything away. Or…wait…that’s not true. I don’t throw any of my writing away no matter how god awful

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Okay. I made some of these and Google+ made some of them for me. So…when I made my very first gif, I used video editing software to select the clip I wanted and then I uploaded the short clip to a free gif making website and voila! That’s how I got the rather crappy Skip Beat! gif of Ivy Chen

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Little Things to Make You Happy

OHSHC main cast

Yes, little things. Like how this past weekend MBC Music Core started the show off with ballad group Monday Kiz. Totally loved it!! You can watch that episode on DramaFever right now. I love them but you never really see them on variety or music shows, which is a bummer since I love their music. Seriously, I don’t think they

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