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Rummage #2 – Untitled

So, my room is almost put back together once more. Yay! I’m excited. It’s nice to be almost done. Of course, in doing this cleaning and rearranging I rediscovered a backpack full of writing. And…this isn’t even ALL of it. Seriously. I have tubs in my basement full of notebooks, too. I don’t throw these things out. Most of it

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Rummage #1 – The Tempest

May Queen E.21

Oh, I probably won’t do many of these at all (actually this just might be the first and last), but as I’m preparing for a major overhaul in my room, I’ve been going through my file folders and notebooks. I don’t throw anything away. Or…wait…that’s not true. I don’t throw any of my writing away no matter how god awful

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Okay. I made some of these and Google+ made some of them for me. So…when I made my very first gif, I used video editing software to select the clip I wanted and then I uploaded the short clip to a free gif making website and voila! That’s how I got the rather crappy Skip Beat! gif of Ivy Chen

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