Angel’s Revenge Episode 42 Recap

My room is completely torn apart right now. All that’s in it is my bed, my dresser, and my desk which has been shoved into my empty closet. Needless to say this means my computer isn’t up and running at the moment, so I’m stealing my grandmother’s while she’s still asleep since my laptop is buried in the guest bedroom which has become the home of all the junk that was in my room.

This episode. Ji Seok-ssi. I am disappointed in him. So is Seon Yu to an extent and you can understand why. Even though she did not want to hurt him at all and knows he is hurting, she is sad to see how easily his trust and faith in her were shaken. Honestly, he and Ji Hui profess such strong emotions and loyalty…but they don’t really show that, do they? Also…remember when Ji Hui got a bad case of righteous indignation because Tae Jeong (the guilty party) dared to request a divorce from her? Ji Seok kind of expresses the same indignation here. Seon Yu dares to quit without an explanation or telling him how she really feels? Tch. He also can’t understand, in turn just WHY Seon Yu is also upset. This pair of siblings. shakes heads.

I am actually surprised that when we start this episode that Seon Yu hasn’t already jumped to the conclusion that somehow Ji Seok discovered most of the truth about Tae Jeong, Ji Hui, and herself. Nope. She just wonders why Ji Seok is drunk and behaving as he is. She asks him to explain (I actually think he’s dropped enough hints about her being nothing but a gold digger with a hidden agenda here actually), but of course he won’t. Instead of an explanation, he asks her how she really feels about him. Total silence. This angers Ji Seok and he tells her to just go home since she can’t say how she feels. Although, when he mentions pity, she is quick to say she does not pity him. We know that at least at this point Seon¬† Yu is not in love (at least to her own realization) with Ji Seok. But I can’t believe she doesn’t come out and say that she does like him. She doesn’t even technically have to specify that her like may be just as a friend…so why can’t she say those words to him in this moment?

Ji Seok stays overnight in his office, earning Aran Mrs. Gong’s silent wrath and Wu Hyeon’s verbal wrath. Ji Seok was supposed to help him write his cover letter, but thanks to Aran, Wu Hyeon’s chance has been ruined! Ji Hui is worried over her brother and says she will go drop by the restaurant. Aran, sick of being scolded tells her to make sure Ji Seok comes home tonight. Ji Hui promises and leaves.

Meanwhile, Seon Yu is at work and sees Ji Seok sleeping on his chair. She goes to cover him with his coat when he grabs her writs and tells her to either choose being angry or concerned, not both. Seriously? Given their friendship that started at the convent, can’t he see that even if she’s angry with him at all, she’s still concerned about him? Once again, Seon Yu tries to get Ji Seok to open up about just what is going on, but Ji Seok refuses to. He just keeps beating around the bush (but again, I do think he’s dropped enough hints by now that Seon Yu should get what he’s saying) and sends her out of the office with her planner and telling her to be careful that she’s not caught. Say what?

Seon Yu is confused. She opens her planner and the picture drops out. Enter Ji Hui who is crowing a victory. Seon Yu cannot believe Ji Hui would do something so low that would also hurt Ji Seok. Ji Hui, while she doesn’t want her oppa in pain, wants him and Seon Yu broken up even more than that. She will stop at nothing. This really angers Seon Yu and you know this is not because of Ji Seok being a trump card, her last card, in her hand of “revenge” against Tae Jeong. She honestly does care about him and now Ji Hui has cruelly hurt him. However, Seon Yu does iterate that she and Ji Seok have a shared history and memories that Ji Hui does not know so there is no way that Ji Seok will fall prey to Ji Hui’s lies. Um…not wholly believable right now, ne?

Ji Hui goes into the office and when she tries to talk about Seon Yu, Ji Seok tells her to butt out. This hurts her. She’s just concerned you know. Right. So concerned that she deliberately is ripping her brother’s heart to shreds with her lies. Ji Seok says that everything is between him and Seon Yu only. Ji Hui begs to differ. If Seon Yu pursued Ji Seok with impure intentions because of his family, then that involves their whole family, not just him. Ji Seok snaps that he will take care of it so stop interfering already. You tell her. I’m waiting for the time that samchon tells Ji Seok about Ji Hui sneaking into his room because I think that will make him suspicious of her and this situation…but who knows when that will be? Life would be a whole lot easier if only Seon Yu would confess the whole story about what happened to her most precious person already.

Mrs. Gong meets with Tae Jeong to ask about Aran’s quizzing.¬† Tae Jeong apologizes and says it’s all based on unfounded rumors. Mrs. Gong demands to know if there is anyone at the restaurant that could have some connection to her. Tae Jeong won’t say and just lies that he doesn’t know the restaurant employees all that well. He leaves and Mrs. Gong’s assistant…is it Mr. Kim or something like that? comes out of hiding. She knows that Tae Jeong is hiding something. She also knows that he is on Aran’s side and not her own. She asks her assistant to investigate the matter quietly. Meanwhile, Tae Jeong is anxious. He knows Mrs. Gong is suspicious. What to do?

Seon Yu meets with Tae Jeong at his request. He tells her to butt out of their lives since this is her last card. Seon Yu refuses to budge. She also says she can easily kill herself and take Tae Jeong with her, but he needs to suffer and die a slow, agonizing death (kind of more metaphorically speaking). These two can parry words all day and we get nowhere. Woohoo. Seon Yu is still upset about Ji Seok getting hurt in everything and is very angry as she just learned about Ji Hui’s trick and tried to do damage control only to be caught in a lie thanks to the black box data (she said she had never met Ji Hui until their dinner together). Tae Jeong leaves while still gloating and Seon Yu is still upset. What will she do next?

What will she do? She asks to talk to Ji Seok at work. They head outside where Seon Yu says she is tendering her resignation ASAP. Ji Seok is unhappy. He only requested she tell him her true feelings and now she’s running away with no explanation? Seon Yu asserts that this is for the better. Even if Ji Seok professes he does not care about her answer and will accept her either way, his trust in her his gone. Ji Seok tries to backtrack a bit and say that isn’t so, but Seon Yu is having none of it. She doesn’t confess, nor does she say she pities him. She had just wanted to stay by his side for as long as he let her be there. Without trust, there is no reason for her to stay. Ji Seok leaves in a huff while Seon Yu crouches down and cries and apologizes because he is the last person that she wanted to get hurt. JUST TELL HIM ALREADY, BABOYA! Actually, given the underhanded things that Tae Jeong has already done to him…I have a feeling that Ji Seok won’t think Seon Yu is a crazy stalker misplacing blame like Ji Hui does.

While this drama is going on Wu Hyeon puts in his cover letter. Both Bong Chang and Pung Ho seem to think that Wu Hyeon will not be able to cut it as a delivery man. Enter Bong Hwang who has just come from Dal Nyeo’s coffee shop where Dal Nyeo made the slip to say in front of Tae Mi and Bong Hwang that her grandson is alive. I don’t know how Bong Hwang and Tae Mi actually fell for that “alive in my heart” BS when Dal Nyeo tried to backtrack, but whatever. Bong Hwang gets excited when Wu Hyeon says he will work for free since his family is rich. His adorkable attempts at getting hired are so cute. She starts asking more about his and Ji Seok’s backgrounds and is over the moon to hear that Ji Seok is a 3rd generation chaebol. Wu Hyeon leaves after demanding them to get back with him soon as he really wishes to work there.

At the Heo house, the family is torn. Pung Ho wants to hire Wu Hyeon just because the man saved his life. Bong Hwang wants to hire him to help bring Ji Seok and Seon Yu closer. Bangtong doesn’t like Wu Hyeon so he doesn’t want to hire him at all and tells his mother she must vote like him since they are mother and son when Bong Chang says she needs more time to consider it. I really do think the points they brought up in the interview are valid. Even if he has a license…what about finding the addresses and collecting the money for the orders. Not saying it’s impossible…but it could prove problematic.

Ji Seok storms home and tells his grandmother the meeting with Seon Yu is off and goes upstairs. Ji Hui can barely contain her glee. Wu Hyeon worries that Ji Seok is mad and rushes up after him. Ji Seok assures him he isn’t mad and his uncle then tells him about writing his own cover letter and how Bangtong’s mother said it was well written. I do wonder when our loveable uncle will let the Ji Hui incident slip. It’s not like him to keep secrets even when you swear him to one…but he does tend to be forgetful, so it could be awhile yet.

The next day comes and Seon Yu…despite her talk earlier…is waiting outside the Seo home. She waits for Ji Seok to leave before ringing the bell. She wonders why she should have to leave him. She won’t. She can’t. So now Tae Jeong and Ji Hui will see what she’s capable of. Needless to say Ji Hui and Tae Jeong look completely horrified at who is ringing their bell. End episode.

Previews…look confusing as all heck. Looks like Seon Yu is trying to blackmail Tae Jeong and Ji Hui into revealing the truth…or at least erasing the damage with Ji Seok. I guess she learned that the blackbox footage from Ji Hui’s car had been tampered with to make it look really bad on her. But It’s hard to tell with just clips. Also, Mrs. Gong becomes aware of Seon Yu who is working at the restaurant with Ji Seok and she recalls Seon Yu’s odd actions…probably the day of the final interview. We shall see what comes next, shan’t we?

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