Angel’s Revenge Episode 40 Recap

Cute OTP moments. It’s hard to tell how much is an act, though. When Seon Yu does her more girlishness…that does seem a bit like acting, but then again, we witnessed this when she was a nun, so maybe not. It’s really hard to tell. We all know she does care for Ji Seok even if she’s not head over heels for him yet. At least their interactions right now are still more natural and not all that forced.

We go back to Seon Yu’s babbling and Ji Seok going in for the kiss. After the kiss, Ji Seok pulls back and actually thanks Seon Yu. Not for the kiss, obviously, but for accepting his feelings so soon. Ji Seok wants to walk around the neighborhood and not let the night end quite at that moment. Seon Yu nixes this idea because that means she’ll spend the night out wandering with him. She tells him to go and this time she will watch him leave. Ji Seok happily complies and as he walks away, Seon Yu’s expression sobers and she apologizes to him.

Up storms Ji Hui who begs Seon Yu to leave her innocent brother out of this. In fact, Seon Yu should just give up altogether after everything that has happened. Seon Yu then says she will try her best to love Ji Seok as she doesn’t want to see him hurt any more either. Ji Hui cannot believe Seon Yu’s words. She must really be crazy. Ji Hui thinks she’s even crazier when Seon Yu continues on and says that she was honestly upset and sorry about Ji Hui’s miscarriage and that Tae Jeong’s death would have been a tragedy (not really). She then tells Ji Hui the truth about Tae Jeong’s coma, but we all know that Ji Hui won’t believe this story whatsoever. I do like how Seon Yu warns Ji Hui that it’s all her fault that Seon Yu must resort to being with Ji Seok since she chose to believe in Tae Jeong. Seon Yu also says that it is obvious that Ji Hui loves Tae Jeong more than her oppa since she refuses to tell Ji Seok everything. Seon Yu walks away and Ji Hui fumes. Probably because she knows it’s the truth. Her own pride and her love for her husband will not let her tarnish Tae Jeong by revealing the truth to Ji Seok.

I frankly felt the same way about Ji Hui in the past episode when Tae Jeong really wanted to reveal everything at least to Ji Seok to thwart Seon Yu’s plan of revenge. Tae Jeong also hit the nail on the head that Ji Hui is ashamed of his past. Now, there is nothing wrong with breaking up with your girlfriend, even if she is pregnant. What is wrong is demanding she get rid of the baby entirely without considering her own feelings and also declaring you’ll have nothing to do with her and the kid. I don’t necessarily think an ex and a child is a horrible sin as I don’t believe in staying together for the sake of a child because that can usually hurt more than help, but man you watch a drama and it’s horrible to be divorced, to have been in a previous relationship, and to have a child. I’m sure widowed equates up there with being divorced, too. Of course, I do live in a country with a divorce rate that has finally (most likely) broken 50% and there are many single parent homes and unwed mothers. If you watch shows like Maury or other daytime fare of that ilk, you’d believe the US is full of deadbeat dads and easy women who lie about the parentage of their kids. And not to mention the craziness of divorce court shows. Shakes head.

That night Ji Seok goes home and asks Mrs. Gong to meet a friend. Enter Ji Hui. She is not happy to learn that Ji Seok is getting ready to introduce Seon Yu to their grandmother. The two go upstairs and Ji Hui asks if the friend is “that woman.” This reference upsets Ji Seok. Why is the usually polite and nice Ji Hui referring to Seon Yu in such a rude way? Ji Hui apologizes for this, but then worries that Ji Seok is rushing Seon Yu to meet the family since what does he know about that woman’s identity? Ji Seok laughs at this. There is a man in love with a woman. What is this talk about identity? He then goes in to sleep and Ji Hui vows she has to stop this relationship before Seon Yu can meet Mrs. Gong.

Ji Seok talks Seon Yu out for breakfast and she feigns ignorance of the events of the night before. I think this is more for Ji Seok’s sake. Not that she wants to hurt him by having only confessed her “feelings” because she was “drunk” but I think more along the lines of she wanted to give him room to save himself. Of course, when he mentions her agreeing to meet his grandmother last night, she is quick to pipe up about how she never said that, showing her lie. Ji Seok credits this to embarrassment of her actions the previous evening with her drinking, etc. Ji Seok then worries if Ji Hui was right that it was too sudden to be introduced to the family. Seon Yu tells him she would like to be formally introduced and this makes Ji Seok very happy.

The two then go to the restaurant where Ji Seok gets a call from Ji Hui asking to meet Seon Yu about her cocktail show proposal. Seon Yu goes to L Foods where she runs into Tae Jeong whose face has his ugly expression he reserves for her (and her family and his mother-in-law when she talks about Ji Hui inheriting the company). He demands to know why she’s there and she says his wife wishes to see her and tells him not to let his expression be so open. She then goes into Ji Hui’s office and hands over her proposal which is to allow audience participation in the cocktail shows to drum up even more interest and business. Ji Hui says it is a good idea and that work and private lives must be separated out. She then demands Seon Yu makes copies of the proposal so Ji Hui can hand it out to the department. Seon Yu is angry about this, but Ji Hui plays her “head of advertising department” card and Seon Yu can only listen. While Seon Yu is gone, Ji Hui goes through her purse and steals her planner.

Meanwhile, cute scene of Wu Hyeon holding the delivery flier. He can drive a motorbike and he really wishes to spend all day working with Bangtong’s ohmma. LOL. Uri samchon is in LOVE!!!! He calls the number and I can’t believe that Chang doesn’t recognize his voice. Well, she does think he’s someone she knows, but he’s quick to assert that he doesn’t know “Bangtong’s mother”—right. Anywho, Chang tells him to bring in a cover letter for the interview. I’m kind of shocked that they are asking for a cover letter for a deliveryman interview. Anywho, Wu Hyeon hangs up happy that he managed to avert the crisis. He then puts his fist against his face (his actions remind me so much of Ataru’s at times…great Japanese drama by the way—I recommend checking it out) and realizes he has no idea what a cover letter is or really an interview either. Awww.

Seon Yu is cleaning the restaurant after everyone has left and Ji Seok takes the broom and starts cleaning himself. He was quite a bad kid during his school days so he always ended up on cleaning duty. He images Seon Yu has the same experience given what she told him the other night about her partying days in high school. Seon Yu scolds him, but does break into a smile at his teasing. She then asks what present to buy his grandmother. Ji Seok says he knows the perfect gift, but will not give the information for free. Seon Yu must agree to go on their first official date and then they can go shopping together. Seon Yu does agree to this.

When Ji Seok gets home, he immediately goes into the shower. Ji Hui sneaks into his room to steal his keys. She accidentally drops his bag, but thankfully he didn’t hear. She puts it back on his dresser and leaves. Wu Hyeon then pops out of the bed and wonders what Ji Hui was doing in his nephew’s room. He quickly forgets this mystery as he recalls he needs a cover letter for his interview. Ji Seok comes out and scolds his uncle as he won’t have Wu Hyeon scaring his wife by doing that all the time, Is Ji Seok getting married to the pretty lady? More than likely he will be. Samchon is excited for his nephew. He then asks for help for his cover letter and interview as he really wishes to be near the nice Bangtong’s mom. And Ji Seok is ready to help his uncle. Cute.

While this was going on, Tae Jeong catches Ji Hui in Ji Seok’s car. He’s surprised that she’s doing something so sneaky and underhanded in order to break Ji Seok and Seon Yu up. Ji Hui says she has no choice because she can’t tell Ji Seok the truth and nor can she allow Seon Yu into their home or their family. Tsk, tsk. Imagine Tae Jeong lecturing his wife for doing something underhanded and manipulative. The proverbial pot is calling the kettle black. Eyeroll.

The next morning, Ji Hui asks for a ride from Ji Seok since she’s too scared to drive and her car is still in the shop. Ji Seok quickly agrees and Ji Hui does some really bad acting when she finds the planner. Ji Seok says it isn’t his and must be Seon Yu’s. He takes it from his sister and a picture from five years ago drops out. It’s a picture that the press never even had. How could Seon Yu possibly have gotten her hands on it? End episode.

Previews show Ji Seok’s suspicions against Seon Yu growing. Now I see why people on Soompi were griping about his feelings if a picture can so easily sway him. I am a bit upset with that, too, but the problem is the longer Seon Yu keeps her secret, the worse she will look. If Ji Seok knows the whole truth, then he can help her and I think he would believe her to.

The photograph is so obviously planted it isn’t even funny. Ji Hui’s acting was so pathetic here. Most of these times in these situations the acting is unnatural and bad so why people don’t catch on to lies, it’s amazing. Seon Yu has been in a convent for how long now? She’s supposed to be what? 26 or so? Wasn’t she still a high schooler when she had leukemia? Didn’t she immediately go into the convent after she was given a clean bill of health? Where and how would she be able to dig into the Seo’s past? And what happened to that strong faith Ji Seok had in her because she spent all that energy on finding the compass? Granted, Ji Seok did find it in her room, so he could equate that to a big act…but we’ve all witnessed Seon Yu’s forgetfulness multiple times as has Ji Seok. Belief in something rotten is actually a bit odd to me. But whatever. Dramas and logic, especially with this drama, do not go hand in hand.


  • I hope Ji Seok has the same over-the-top loyalty that Ji Hui has. Thanks for the recap.

  • I’ve said for awhile that SY should come clean to JS. I don’t understand her hesitancy! She doesn’t have to necessarily say she is going for revenge but maybe just that he won’t admit the truth. That his actions, in essence led to the death of not only her sister but the baby (supposedly) AND that had he not dragged her sister away from her home, both would be fine. This idea has not tarnishes TJ’s image with the family is ridiculous! The man is trash! And should be treated as such. JS is a lost cause and should be left to wallow in her misery. I hope TJ takes it all personally! I think it is only then that she will see the light! But you are right, how in the world would SY had time to plan these devious acts? She’s been in a convent for years! Survived cancer! I also think she lived at the orphanage for a period too, I could be wrong! I can’t wait for the orphanage minions to find out! They will take JS to task BIG TIME!! I’m sure they know SY’s story and circumstances. Yes JH’s acting was pitiful but I would be surprised if Samchoon (who’s every minute is cute) doesn’t mention that JH was in his room!!

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