Angel’s Revenge Episode 39 Recap

Yes, I do realize that the last few recaps are mostly complaining or talking about my reactions and feelings. That’s likely not going to change too much now. Especially with the stupidity of certain characters…especially one who needs to learn that actions speak louder than words. Endless threats are just not going to work with Tae Jeong as he’s all action. He’s action before he even needs to be action.

So Ji Hui catches Seon Yu coming out of Tae Jeong’s room. What is she doing there? Seon Yu wanted to check on Tae Jeong’s condition to ensure he won’t be dying any time soon. Ji Hui and Seon Yu then go to talk. Ji Hui tells Seon Yu that there is no way Tae Jeong murdered Jin Yu (he didn’t directly murder Jin Yu, he did I passively by leaving her bleeding on the side of the road without getting her help which is STILL a crime and is equivalent to him hitting and running you might as well say) since he hurt himself to protect Ji Hui and the baby during the accident. Ji Hui then blames everything on Seon Yu. Our former nun points out that Tae Jeong is the one to blame, isn’t he? Wasn’t it his actions that shook Ji Hui and not Seon Yu? Nope. Ji Hui is adamant that this is all Seon Yu’s doing even though Seon Yu tries to expose Hyeonu’s lies. Ji Hui, like before, is once more confident that her husband is not the monster that he really is.

Of course, Tae Jeong is happily enjoying his fake coma. He smiles and says that Seon Yu should have killed him when she came into his hospital room as there is no way that he is stopping. Right. He’s pure evil now. There is now way he’ll stop since he now has Ji Hui eating out of the palm of his hands. Though I do wonder a bit about Aran, but it looks like she’s letting the whole divorce incident drop, which seems odd since she knows about Tae Jeong filling out and signing the papers even if Ji Hui claimed all responsibility.

So the next day is Tae Jeong’s birthday. Dal Nyeo bawls out Ji Hui and her mother for their cruelty. They should be doing a birthday feast as a type of good luck charm that Tae Jeong will wake up. Dal Nyeo is really cold again saying that the death of the unborn child cannot match anything bad happening to her adult son. Oh, I won’t say which life has more value…but so say that to your daughter-in-law who just miscarried…especially when this might be the only baby she’s capable of having…her duress does not excuse her lack of compassion as a fellow mother. Anywho, Tae Jeong uses this opportunity to “wake up” from his coma. He asks after Ji Hui and the baby. Oh, the baby’s dead? He’s really sorry to hear that, but he’s happy at least Ji Hui is alive and well. BS. All of it. You could tell from the get go that his second child’s death meant nothing to him (just as his first—even though Sarang isn’t really dead—meant nothing after the initial shock of the accident and him abandoning Jin Yu and Sarang).

Ji Seok and Seon Yu are on their way to a PT at HQ when Ji Seok gets the happy news. They take a little detour to the nearby hospital where Seon Yu actually asks to go in with Ji Seok to pay her respects since she’s met both Tae Jeong and Ji Hui. This makes Ji Seok happy as Seon Yu wishes to interact more with his family. Ji Hui cannot believe Seon Yu showed up again. She’s really nervous when Ji Seok and she leaves the room to go get Tae Jeong’s test results. If Seon Yu had really wanted Tae Jeong dead, she would have killed him the last time, not this time when there would be more witnesses to her being at the hospital.

So Seon Yu is happy that Tae Jeong didn’t die as she is not done punishing him yet. Tae Jeong then reveals he heard everything as he was not actually in a coma. Seon Yu is shocked and particularly sickened when Tae Jeong talks about using the unplanned accident to work in his favor. How can he talk about the silk lining when his child is gone? Again, I can’t believe Seon Yu’s surprise at further proof of his gross monstrosity. He already abandoned one pregnant woman on the side of the road…is it any surprise that this child he never really cared about is also sacrificed for his greed? Tae Jeong throws Seon Yu’s words about using an opportunity when it knocks. Right. As if Seon Yu would ever stoop as low as Tae Jeong is. He then talks about Ji Hui confessing everything to Ji Seok and how that will ruin all of Seon Yu’s plans and opportunities. Seon Yu doesn’t think it actually will as it will throw worse light on Tae Jeong than herself. Who will be right?

Essentially in this scene, Tae Jeong is goading Seon Yu. He’s saying that she is essentially no better than he. However, Seon Yu’s affection and friendship with Ji Seok came long before knowing that Ji Seok and Ji Hui were siblings, so Tae Jeong can’t be more wrong. Then again, we also know that if he pushes her enough, Seon Yu will jump the shark and rush to accept Ji Seok’s feelings as being the only way she can forcibly strike at the smug Tae Jeong who believes his position is now secure for good.

Ji Seok is supposed to go home early to celebrate Tae Jeong’s release and his birthday, but Seon Yu decides to do a little tempting. She asks him to buy her a drink and when he refuses for family commitments, Seon Yu throws out she was finally going to tell him the final answer to his earlier question. And…you guessed it…Ji Seok throws away the family commitment to go to a club with Seon Yu!!! Well…doesn’t 100% surprise me to say the truth. As much as he’s trying harder now to fit into his family…Seon Yu has shown a more warm and caring side and has not “betrayed” or hurt him (yet) like the other members of his family has.

There was more disappointing scenes with Dal Nyeo acting like a harridan of a MIL towards Ji Hui…I’m skipping them. They annoyed me. Again, like Tae Jeong, it really seems Dal Nyeo didn’t give a carp at all about the miscarried granddaughter (especially since her precious grandson is still alive—speaking of which, how come no one has figured that out yet because she drops more hint than cattle drop manure).

After dinner, Tae Jeong urges Ji Hui to tell Ji Seok everything to stop Seon Yu once and for all. Ji Hui’s reaction? NO!!!!!!!!!! Andwaeyo! Wae? Because to expose Seon Yu is to expose Tae Jeong and Ji Hui doesn’t want her family to know about his tarnished past. Yep. Nothing says bad son-in-law like him having a dead girlfriend and baby…especially when he was engaged to Ji Hui and dating her while Jin Yu was pregnant. He did state earlier that Jin Yu popped up pregnant after their relationship had been broken off for months. Yet another blatant lie. Anywho, Ji Hui tries calling Seon Yu, but she’s not picking up. Surely Ji Seok can’t be with the woman? So she calls her oppa’s phone and Seon Yu answers!!! Ji Hui is shocked and livid. She needs to get Seon Yu away from Ji Seok without revealing the truth. What evilness will she get into now—especially since she blames Seon Yu en toto for the miscarriage?

At the club, Ji Seok returns from the restroom to find Seon Yu downing drinks. He tells her to slow down, but she won’t listen. She then reveals that she partied a bit in high school. After that…she stopped drinking and went into the convent, so she and Ji Seok should catch up on all the things she couldn’t do in a long time, right? She then drags him out onto the dance floor. Afterward, Seon Yu is totally drunk as Ji Seok walks her home and scolds her for saying she was a good drinker. I at first thought she was faking it…but then I kind of suspected she deliberately got herself drunk to enact her plan of using Ji Seok because she can’t betray him sober. Anywho, Seon Yu collapses onto his chest and finally confesses that she will accept his feelings. Ji Seok immediately goes in for a kiss, but stops himself. A bit of a staring contest and then Seon Yu doesn’t turn away, so he finishes the kiss. AT LAST!!!! And this is all witnessed by a very unhappy Ji Hui. I was happy for the kiss because it shut off Seon Yu’s nervous and drunken rambling. Do you hate me now? Did I wait too long? Gah!

Previews show Ji Hui is now setting up Seon Yu in some way to get her away from Ji Seok without revealing the truth. Great. I was right. She’s going all dark side.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention uri samchon! He shows up at the new redone pizza restaurant. Bangtong (whoops for calling Bongtong all this time) is upset—why is that ahjussi there? Chang reveals that she told Wu Hyeon where to go. Bangtong then tells his mother she is not allowed to give addresses and phone numbers to strangers. LOL. Wu Hyeon isn’t a stranger nor is he a dangerous man. Chang apologizes as they haven’t opened yet, so he can’t eat there yet. Samchon says that is okay as he is returning her hankie. He then vows to come again. Bangtong’s reaction? WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK!!!!???? LOL. Wu Hyeon’s response after a little agitated thinking? Pizza. I like to eat pizza. He then leaves, taking down the sign looking for motorbike deliverymen. Somehow…I can’t see Wu Hyeon doing a good job at deliveries, but it’s cute that he wants to find a way to get closer to Chang.

Ah, and the mystery of Wu Hyeon being Wu Hyeon could be attributed to the fact the man had scarlet fever as a child. Mrs. Gong talked about how horrible she felt when the Seo sibling’s father died and when Wu Hyeon had scarlet fever as a child, so they should try to be more understanding of Dal Nyeo. Snort. Oh, yes. If I didn’t know Tae Jeong was faking everything and if Dal Nyeo didn’t take every blessed thing to extremes…but these two. Tae Mi is the only innocent because everyone is keeping her in the dark.


  • Come to the darkside, JH! Just join your disgusting husband in HELL!! Can’t wait to see what she does. I’ve read some on soompi so I cannot wait. Hey, but what I took away from this ep? Decent KISS!!

    • I know! An actual real kiss in the grand scheme of drama kisses. It was nice. Yeah, with Ji Hui going to the dark side, her and her disgusting husband will really be a match made in hell and it sounds like ex-girlfriend of Ji Seok’s won’t be much better. We’ll see, though. I was way lost on Soompi when people were predicting Tae Jeong’s affair with Ji Seok’s ex. But wouldn’t it be funny if it really happened? Not that it would as they are right given Tae Jeong’s motivation is purely on what he can get and she has nothing to offer.

  • Ah me, the machinations! I so hope JiSeok doesn’t suffer too much because of this.

    • Me, too. He’s really the only one of the four main characters that don’t completely annoy me most of the time…just some of the time, and he’s so much like a lost little boy at times that it’s rather cute.

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