Angel’s Revenge Episodes 25-27 Recap

Episode 25 was meh…but then we got episodes 26 & 27 and… I was in unabashed joyland. For some reason, there’s just magic (and cheesiness) in the air when our OTP meet and interact. And there’s been TONS of interactions between these two episodes. I’m thinking picture spam of their moments together. I really can’t pinpoint just what the attraction is…but I love them. I love them together. I love how Ji Seok is wiggling his way into Seon Yu’s life and family. So preciously cute. Our lost little boy and our naïve little nun. Although…Seon Yu’s character is disappointing in her willingness to be pushed around. This probably wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t nailed Ji Seok with a double kick at the club in the first episode. She has the skills and the attitude, so why is she letting herself get man handled and pushed around in subsequent episodes? Bad writers. Just bad. I was cackling when her aunt told her when Ji Seok came over for a meal that Seon Yu had been at the convent for too long if she didn’t get it.

An interesting thing to note in these episodes…WHAT is going on with the English dude? Ok, this guy is in a LOT of kdramas in the token white guy role—usually in regards to businesses. He’s mostly a decent actor considering most non-Asian actors in Asian dramas tend to suck big time. His acting was subpar so far in this drama, but that’s not my problem. WHY did we go back and forth with the interpreter? Seriously. Tae Jeong (although his English was a little painful just because it was so halting, but kudos for the actor on those lines) apparently knows and speaks English…so WHY when Tae Jeong was addressing him in English, did Mr. Bigshot for Rosine Kim turn and WHISPER into the interpreter’s ear? They did this several times and it actually mystified me. Sure, you want to make sure everyone’s on the same page, but, again, they did have a common language so all that whispering back and forth? Meh. Seemed rather silly, don’t you think?

Um…what am I doing again? Oh yes. Recapping. This is me recapping. This is SO not working right now.

Episode 25 in a nutshell? Tae Jeong’s evil plans bear fruit! Seon Yu’s family is put on the spot with the factory workers demanding hospital compensation and work compensation. Of course, Tae Jeong screwed with the Rosine Kim contract so that it showed a heavy favor for L Foods, which was not the agreed upon terms so of course the representative stormed out of the office refusing to come again until Seo Ji Seok showed up (our leading man went to Mrs. Gong and tendered his resignation).

Episode 26 is where the squeeing started. Now…I really can’t remember if samchon and Ji Hui visiting Ji Seok in the previous episode or this one, but it was SOOOOO precious. As soon as samchon saw Ji Seok he said he was going to hold onto him so he can’t leave for the US. Ji Seok asked him about sleeping and eating and Wu Hyeon replied that he can hold onto Ji Seok and eat and they can sleep together!!!!! It was adorably agitated samchon to the max! I also liked how Wu Hyeon said that their family didn’t grow because when Tae Jeong entered it, Ji Seok left!!! So true, uri samchon!

Soooo…Tae Jeong steps in and “saves” Ji Seok’s bad contract and the Rosine Kim deal. Yippee! Mr. Smug Jacky Jerkface. And this makes Aran gloat and try to get Granny Gong to officially accept Ji Seok’s resignation and put Tae Jeong into his position instead. Both Aran and Dal Nyeo find it vexing that Ji Hui is NOT supportive of this at all. She wants oppa back. She is the good one…but how long will she stay good? Especially with her getting suspicious of Tae Jeong and Seon Yu yet again (according to previews of 28)?

Ji Seok is getting ready to leave Korea for the US since he doesn’t have the strength to face his grandmother yet after learning of her lie. But before he can leave, he must call his beloved Seon Yu one more time. I don’t care what this girl says, her face lights up as soon as she knows its him calling. She likes him…she just doesn’t know it yet. Of course while they are on the phone, the factory men come and smash up the Heos’ restaurant demanding money and this totally freaks Ji Seok out. Of course he has no idea where to go so he goes to the hospital and gets the address. Seon Yu is unhappy to learn Ji Seok told her uncle there was a problem as they don’t want the man stressed so soon after his heart surgery. Bong Hwang runs out to comfort him while Seon Yu goes to put the restaurant back in order.

Ji Seok scolds her for not telling him much of anything and firmly sits her on a chair. He’s worried, she needs to stay seated while he cleans up. It’s really sweet, you know? He then walks her home which is right by the shop. She does finally tell him again that all that is going on. Ji Seok warns her to answer her phone and to understand that someone cares and worries about her. She was the last person he was calling as he was leaving Korea and he even missed his flight thanks to her.

As soon as Seon Yu gets home she vows to her eonni’s picture that she will work hard and not to worry. She starts job hunting but since her experience is only nunly duties, no one wishes to hire her. Go figure. Of course she manages to find part time work in a bar (in the back doing dishes and cooking) and we all know how that will end. Anywho, when she goes to the hospital to pick up her uncle she is shocked to learn that someone paid the hospital bill already. Nugu? As she and the Heos exit the hospital, Ji Seok pulls up to give them a ride. Yes, he was the one who paid the bill. Why? Pung Ho said that Ji Seok was his life’s savior, right? Then as his savoir, he needs to be responsible from the beginning to the end. LOL. Great deductive reasoning that. But…just where is Ji Seok getting money from? Mrs. Gong was the source of his funds before since she cut him off when he initially refused to work for the company, so…isn’t he using her money now? She hasn’t cut him off yet again?

Ji Seok takes the Heos home and Pung Ho and Bong Hwang invite him for a meal and that’s when Seon Yu’s aunt is all like “nudge nudge wink wink” JI Seok isn’t there because of Pung Ho or Bong Hwang, but because of the former nun. Seon Yu doesn’t get this. She can’t be THAT stupid can she? Of course she can!!! Ji Seok really fits right in with the Heo family, it’s really cute. I bet samchon would be unhappy that Ji Seok got to have a meal with the pretty lady and he didn’t. When Seon Yu sees Ji Seok out, she insists on paying him back. Ji Seok isn’t happy with this, but tells her to do whatever makes her comfortable. Since she said that he was a person who was needed, it is enough to know that she needs him and he can help her. Awwww.

Like all poor kdrama leading ladies seem to do, Seon Yu decides to make money by selling homemade kimbap. She isn’t very successful as no one buys or pays her any attention. Then Ji Seok comes. He asks to buy some. Seon Yu is surprised to see him. How did he know she was there. Pure serendipity? Nah, like all kdrama leading men, Ji Seok is a stalker. It’s a common profession in our male leads. Of course, Ji Seok lies and says he just happened to be passing by and craving kimbap and there was a lady selling kimbap and that lady just happened to be Seon Yu. He then grabs her cooler and tells her to follow him as he will show her some target marketing. He takes her to a mountain trail and they sell the kimbap to middleaged women who are hiking. With Ji Seok’s unabashed flattery of the ahjummonis, they quickly sell out. I had to chortle when I heard the ahjumma calling them a newlywed couple. Seon Yu goes to say they aren’t and Ji Seok quickly puts his arm around her and says they are. SQUEE!!!!

They go back to the Heos’ shop and Seon Yu tells him to never coincidentally meet her again. She wants to do this on her own and pay him back, not be indebted to him further (she says basically the same thing when he drags her out of the bar and tells her he’ll give her money if she needs it so stop working there). This really kind of hurts uri Ji Seok-ssi because we all know he wishes to help his precious Seon Yu as much as possible.

So…Mrs. Gong learns her grandson didn’t board the flight to the US. Ji Hui overhears this and asks to be her grandmother’s emissary. While Ji Hui is trying to get her brother to come back to the company, Aran is secretly meeting board members and higher ups to spread the news that Ji Seok resigned a long time ago and the position of managing director is again empty. She urges them to quickly get Mrs. Gong to put Jang Tae Jeong in that position. Eyeroll. Sure, the Jacky is capable, but never trust a traitor—especially of your own creation. I’m sure the original reference isn’t from the Disney movie Princess of Thieves starring Kiera Knightely, but that’s where I remember that quote from or…was that from the grotesque baron in Dune…? Eh, no es importante.

Ji Hui finds Ji Seok at his hotel. She would much rather her oppa come home and live then stay there. Ji Seok, not being able to live with Mrs. Gong after what she did and not wanting to live with the vicious Aran period, is fine where he is. Ji Hui asks why he stayed. Ji Seok confesses there is someone he cares about and worries about thus he can’t leave just yet. This makes Ji Hui happy that he found a reason to stay, but she does pout a bit saying that this person is more important to him than his own family. Ji Seok says that isn’t the case of one being held in moer regard over the other. Anyways, whoever this person is, Ji Hui is grateful. She won’t be when she discovers it was Seon Yu that made Ji Seok stay. When Ji Hui tells him to come to the company and address the contract issue, this really hits Ji Seok. He then recalls someone sneaking out of his office late at night. NOW he finds that suspicious? Surely no one messed with the original contract? Before he can think on this matter some more, he gets a call from Jeong In who reports that she saw Seon Yu go into a bar!

As it would happen, Seon Yu is stuck serving customers because they are short handed. She of course gets stuck in a situation where a man is groping and wants her to pour drinks. She refuses, pushes the man away and gets slapped. Ji Seok comes to her rescue and pulls her out of the bar and demands she quit. Seon Yu has her own pride and she will work wherever she can and do whatever she is capable of. She can’t owe him any more. She then tells him to make sure no more coincidences happen. Ji Seok then CONFESSES! He likes her. That’s why he’s doing all of this! When he doesn’t see Seon Yu, he worries about her. When he’s with her, he’s in pain. It took him awhile, but he understands that this means he likes her. She tells him that she has never thought of him as a man. Ji Seok doesn’t care. She can start thinking of him as one from now on. He also tells her to give his confession as much deliberation as he did. Given the previews, it really doesn’t look like she does this at all.

Ah, and once Pung Ho learns the dire situation of the shop, he sells it to settle. Seon Yu hands over the money and then overhears the worker talking about having set her up. She follows him back to Hyeongsu and she is livid. Don’t blame her. Hyeongsu plays all innocent, but Seon Yu isn’t (always) stupid. She knows that if he’s involved, then that means it all comes down to Jang Tae Jeong. As Tae Jeong is leaving to see off the Rosine Kim representative, he runs into Seon Yu who demands to know if it was him who ruined the Heos’ business. End episode 27.

Craziness. Quite honestly, evildoers in dramas just don’t get it. IF they left things well enough alone, things won’t spiral out of hand as badly as they do. By pushing and pushing Seon Yu and her family, that won’t get them out of your hair, that will only make them hungrier for revenge. Congratulations in digging your own metaphorical grave. I also love how Tae Jeong doesn’t believe Dal Nyeo when she says she saw Ji Seok and Seon Yu together. His disbelief will become his worst nightmare once the two join forces to bring him down. Yep, yep.

And who else cannot believe the stupidity and audacity of Dal Nyeo to think that Pung Ho would let bygones be bygones? Sure, he’s forgiven her everything in the past, but his niece and grandnephew are dead (well we know the baby is alive, but he doesn’t) while the man responsible walked away scot free. There is not forgiveness for that sin. And just why can’t a woman be a chairman? I actually wanted to slap Dal Nyeo when she told Ji Hui that she will soon be a chairman’s wife. I get it. Men are the more viable option for whatever reason, but Ji Hui is smart. WHY can’t she inherit the company if Ji Seok refuses to? WHY must it go to her hubby instead? WAE?

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