Hakuba no Ouji-sama Episode 7 Recap

While the last episode of Ando Lloyd was a bit disappointing, I can’t say the same with this drama’s latest episode. I am curious of Kaori’s insecurities like always. Is it just the distance or is there some other reason she feels anxious about her and Ozu’s relationship. Is this all Kotomi’s doing since she reports everything back? And…if Kaori was there in the flesh…would Ozu still be pulled towards Hara? Who knows?

The morning after the goukon has Ozu still trying to figure out Hara’s actions while Hara tries to figure out if her next move should be to confess her feelings or not. Which is the right path? Ozu and Hara bump into each other and Hara apologizes for being drunk the other night and doing something like that. Before she can say anything else, a gaggle of students come up and begin teasing her and Ozu about being in love. Mori and another teacher come up and chastise the girls. Once the students leave, they then warn Ozu and Hara to be careful because if a rumor should start…one of them will be forced to leave the school.

After work, the girls meet up to discuss the men the are interested in. Poor Egawa is relegated to the uninteresting pile because he doesn’t talk much and has to travel often for work. The girls are relieved that no one has an overlap in who they like. They then turn to Hara. So who did she like? Well…no one really (since the one she liked came late and is technically spoken for). The other girls are horrified to hear this.

Meanwhile, the Imamura and Ozu grill Egawa about who he likes. Egawa doesn’t pick any of the girls. The one male teacher says he will happily act as a go between for Egawa and every other female teacher save Mori as he likes her. LOL. Too bad for him as right now Mori’s eyeing one of the businessman they met. During this time, however, Ozu is very quiet and not very happy as he keeps recalling seeing Egawa and Hara talking together quite jovially outside.

Later Kaori gives her fiancé a piece of her mind for him going on the group date against her wishes. Ozu apologizes, but states again that he did it all to help Egawa. And so has Egawa found a girl then? Ozu hedges a bit and this makes Kaori angrier. Egawa needs to hurry up and get a girlfriend as it’s all his fault that Kaori is feeling anxious. Ozu does not like to hear this and reluctantly admits to Egawa showing some interest in Hara. This makes Kaori very happy and she even has a plan!

At school, Ozu scolds his baby sister for reporting everything to Kaori. Kotomi reminds her brother that Kaori is way too good for him so he had better be careful and treat her well. Ozu replies he knows all of this and walks away. Kotomi turns the corner and there is Kurosawa. He promises to keep it a secret about her and Ozu-sensei being siblings. She then confesses about the divorce, her hatred of affairs, and how even if the people having affairs are in love…it’s the people around them who get hurt the most. That really makes Kurosawa start thinking (and perhaps feeling guilty, too).

Hara is over the moon when Ozu asks her to meet him for dinner. She shows up to the restaurant full of confidence to confess only to find Egawa. He tells her that it seems Ozu and Imamura are running late. Hara is disappointed that they weren’t meeting alone, but after an awkward start, she and Egawa really hit it off. They are close to the same age and have the same sort of tastes and thoughts. When they realize how late it is, Egawa tries calling Imamura, but no reply and Hara checks her phone and sees there is also nothing from Ozu. Egawa then apologizes saying that this is an immature ploy on the younger men’s part to get him a girlfriend. He tells Hara she is free to leave, but she does stay through dinner, but now without some bitter disappointment running through her veins.

At the same time, Imamura chortling over their plan which was all Kaori’s idea while Ozu is all depressed thinking about Hara and Egawa. Will they hit it off well? Will they start dating? He really does want Egawa to find someone new since it has been three years since Mai passed away, but he’s not so certain he wants that someone new to be Hara.

At the Kurosawa household, Kurosawa gets home and begins talking about red dragonflies to his wife. When he turns around he sees she is not listening to him at all. He finally asks her to show some interest in him and to actually try to listen to him. He knows that it’s not all her fault and that he doesn’t properly pay attention to or take care of things at home and he’s sorry for that, but he’d like things to change. His wife says she has no idea what he’s saying and send him out to fetch the children for supper, but her face shows her words are lies. She knows that there’s something up in the marriage.

At school the next day, Ozu apologizes for what he did and Hara angrily scolds him in her head for making her look pitiful and pathetic by arranging that date. Later she and Takemine-sensei were supposed to check out the venue for the fall trip, but Takemine caught a cold and pushes the job onto Ozu. He tells his class that they will be having a study period and his little sister look very unhappy. Two girls then sigh when they learn where the trip will be. This trip is their last chance before exams and burying themselves in books to study, so they are disappointed to be looking at fossils and going to caves. This speech and the kids calling it their “last chance” really seems to strike a chord with Ozu.

Hara and Ozu go and check out the place, take photos, try food, etc. for the guide book and to plan out the schedule properly. The whole day they are being mistaken for a couple. Hara talks about her desire to date, but how difficult it is being a teacher because it looks bad in front of parents and students especially if you date a fellow coworker. She talks about how she wished she could go out more freely and hold hands with her lover. But now…it’s too late for all of that, isn’t it?

The two go to the caves and Ozu begins quizzing her on her feelings towards Egawa and future plans. Hara doesn’t say much, but that’s mainly because Ozu doesn’t really give her the chance to. He tells her about Egawa’s last girlfriend Mai and how he’s really been hoping that Egawa finds a new match…however…he doesn’t want that woman to be Hara. She drops her flashlight in shock before telling him that is a very selfish thing to say. He knows that…but he can’t help it. Hara tries to leave and trips. Ozu catches her and tells her to wait until their eyes adjust to the darkness. Hara can feels his strength, his breath, and his hands squeezing tighter on her arms. He pulls her into a hug and Hara finally pushes herself away and rushes out.

Back at school, Takamine asks if everything is all set to go. Hara assures him everything is fine and tells both him and Ozu to go back home while she finishes things up. Takamine gladly takes off to finally get some rest while Ozu reluctantly leaves. Hara finishes up and waits at her usual bus stop. She eventually goes off on her own instead of getting on her bus. Meanwhile, Ozu rushes out of his apartment to the school to find her already gone. He calls her and she is standing at the bottom of a long, dark path in the woods. Ozu asks to know where she is because he needs to talk to her.

Ozu arrives where she is and asks Hara what she is doing there. She just wanted to see the ocean, but fears she chose the wrong path. Ozu tells her everything will be okay and holds out his hand. Hara hesitates, but does offer hers and he takes it. The two then walk to the beach hand in hand where they sit and talk. Ozu apologizes for everything that has happened and says he just really needs to know. Why did she touch his nose? What does it mean? She touched it simply because she wanted to. The two then touch each other’s noses. Ozu then cups her cheek in his hand and kisses her. Right at that moment the phone starts ringing and it’s the school!

Hell is going to break loose in the next episode. Kaori returns early, it looks like both Ozu and Hara get in trouble at school (for not answering their phones?) and Hara offers to leave while Ozu confesses his real feelings.


  • yay ~ things are finally moving along haha 😀

    btw, where do you usually watch the episodes so early? ^^

    • Yeah, I’m happy to finally see a bit more movement in the plot of this drama. I don’t believe I watch the episodes early, I tend to just watch them every Saturday morning. Raws are usually available sooner than that for this drama.

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