Hakuba no Ouji-sama Episode 6 Recap

Hmm. I still think it’s better for Hara to end up with Egawa if she ends up with anyone. Those two do have similar attitudes and tastes and I don’t think they’d be bad for each other. Kurosawa is automatically out since he’s married and I really don’t think he can drum up the courage to leave his family and Ozu is engaged. That doesn’t mean he’s not a possibility, but still. If he breaks things off with Kaori and hurts her…I think that will make Hara very unhappy since it has always been Ozu’s rule that he does not want to make his girl cry.

Okay. So Ozu doesn’t send his text message because he doesn’t want to interfere with Hara’s omiai. Little does he know her arranged date is over and that she’s with Kurosawa who has just confessed he wants to throw away his family and go back to where they once were. Hara immediately tells him that he’s being unfair in just springing this on her now as she’s spent the better part of a year trying to get over him and convince herself that she is all right. She then asks for time which Kurosawa gives her.

Back at her apartment, Hara scolds herself for overthinking things all the time and tamping down on her own impulses and urges. She knows now that she isn’t in love with Kurosawa because if she had still been, she would have happily jumped at his offer. No. She is not in love with him any longer. That being said…she can’t make choices on her future based on love alone, can she?

The next day her mother is talking to her about the omiai and how Hara’s date feared he offended her when he was just really interested and was having a great time. Hara says that was not the case at it—it’s her. She also knew she had no interest in him in that way and wanted to end things quickly. When her mother keeps harping on her, Hara has a meltdown. She’s always been the perfect child. She always did what her mother wanted, but she just can’t anymore. This is her life. She then reveals the affair she had with her fellow teacher before rushing out of the house leaving her mother behind in a state of shock.

At school Sano confronts her about the failed omiai and says it is a pity it didn’t work out as he would love to see Hara happy. Hara then realizes that Sano knows more about her affairs than she ever thought. The principal says that he knows nothing because if he did, then he’d have to do something about it. This makes Hara a little happy. She will do her best to seize her happiness if she can.

Ozu can’t keeps his eyes or mind off of Hara and she mistakenly thinks this is because of a student’s slipping grades. Hara promises to talk to the student and leaves. The student tells Hara that there is nothing in particular going on and leaves it at that, but Hara does say that she will always be willing to listen to the girl and her problems, which Hara also sees as ridiculous since she can’t even figure out her own. Hara then passes by Kurosawa who is tapping his pen. She flashes back to how that was their signal about being able to see each other freely.

While Hara is thinking about the past and her decision for the future, Ozu comes and says that the student has decided to talk. They sit down and the student explains that she was confessed to by a smart, good looking boy from her cram school. The problem is t hat she does not like him in that way and has been agonizing over just what the reason is. Hara gives her a standard reply saying to just be up front to the boy and if he gives the student trouble, to tell Hara and she will take care of it. This seems less than satisfactory to the student. As she leaves, Hara chastises herself and then apologizes for saying what she thought the girl wanted to hear. She tells the girl if she did not immediately feel welcoming to the relationship, then that means she does not like the boy and agonizing for an answer as to why, while understandable, is not going to help matters. This seems to comfort the girl who promises to concentrate on studying once more. She then smiles and says it was an unexpected answer from Takako-sama. Awww. Hopefully Hara’s students start liking her and stop thinking she’s an uppity, cold woman.

Later, Mori approaches Ozu about the group date again and he again hedges about it. That is until Hara is invited since the teachers know that her omiai failed. Hara agrees to go as she wishes to meet a nice man as well. Ozu then quickly springs into action to plan everything out. Although…he really doesn’t seem happy that Hara’s joining in.

Hara later calls Kurosawa over to her apartment where she talks about their past and how a year ago, his words would have made her very happy and she would have jumped at the opportunity, but now… It’s impossible to go back to the way they were. Kurosawa unhappily leaves and Hara looks like a great weight has been lifted off of her shoulders. She vows to herself that she will have no more unhappy and agonizing loves.

Ozu has drinks with Imamura and the two plot to use this opportunity to get Egawa-san a girlfriend since it has already been three years since Mai passed away. Imamura is also excited to see Hara-sensei as he’s been wondering about her for ages. He does tell Ozu not to worry as he will keep his trap shut about the things they discussed about Hara. Meanwhile, the girls are out drinking and Hara confesses her affair and apologizes for never telling her friends. She then talks about having ended it a year ago and after the initial shock, the girls begin trash talking Hara’s ex. Ah, catharsis.

At school, Ozu asks Hara about her opinions on the venue and food for the meeting. Hara just tells him to do as he wishes, but he really wants to know what Hara would like. Should they go to a fancy place like where Kurosawa took them? Or…how about the place where he and Hara had their chat? Hara agrees as the food there is tasty. Ozu then springs something shocking on…he tells her that night he had fun. He then takes his leave while Hara ponders why he said such a thing now of all times.

Back at his place, Ozu talks to Kaori about setting up the goukon and, obviously, his fiancée is less than pleased. She tells Ozu to not go and just let Imamura take care of Egawa. Meanwhile, Hara’s family is celebrating her niece’s birthday. Her mother goes into the kitchen and apologizes to Hara for probably harming her by telling Hara when she was young to not do things so Hara repressed herself too much. Hara’s mother then gives her a ring saying that the circle in the middle will help her find happiness. Hara promises to do her best and says she is going on a group date, surprising her mother.

The girls arrive and Imamura and Egawa are both shocked by Hara. Egawa is pleasantly surprised as Hara is the woman he met before and Imamura is in total shock as Hara is not at all what he pictured. Imamura then introduces himself and holds up his hand to show he is married and is just the host since Ozu was an idiot and told Kaori what was going on. The two sides are introduced and Imamura stares in horror as Egawa just stays quiet and doesn’t really interact with anyone. He quickly texts Ozu and tells him to get there pronto.

Meanwhile, Ozu is at home sitting depressed in front of his laptop. His sister then shows up. I really think it’s horrible how Kaori uses her sister-in-law-to-be as a watchdog. When his little sister goes to use the toilet, Ozu takes off on his bike. Back at the meeting, the trio of girlfriends take a break and discuss who they are interested in and what part of man that really attracts them. The two girls are surprised when Hara says if she had to choose…it would be the desire to touch a man’s nose. Well…that’s a new one. The girls then go back in and Hara spends a bit of time with Egawa.

Hara then goes outside for some fresh air just as Ozu arrives. She looks at the ring her mother gave her and turns and sees Egawa through the ring. He turns and is surprised to see her out there. Is she okay? Awww. Egawa is sooo nice. The two talk and they really do have similar tastes and personalities. I really don’t think they’d be a bad match, plus I think Hara is interested a wee bit…if only she can get over Ozu completely. We all know that Egawa seems rather interested as well.

Ozu then makes his appearance on the scene and his old work buddies warmly welcome him. I do say that Egawa doesn’t look 100% happy with his friend’s arrival. Egawa is a smart man and he’s been privy to Ozu’s confusions and musings about Hara, so I’m sure he knows that Ozu just might like Hara as a woman and not just a friend.

The night ends and Hara is tipsy. On her taxi ride home, the taxi stops behind Ozu who is biking home looking rather unhappy. He is shocked when Hara comes running out of the taxi. She goes up to him, touches his nose with the tip of her finger before telling him goodnight and running back into the taxi leaving Ozu completely baffled and herself content. She had been wanting to touch his nose for awhile now. Kawaii.

Scenes for the next episode look like things are heating up. Ozu doesn’t want to bring Egawa and Hara together because he has feelings for Hara himself?!

Overall, I am happy with this episode as Hara has now firmly put the past behind her and she is starting to come out of the shell she has been living in for practically her entire life. Learning more about her home life and her mother’s words of advice…like it’s wrong to date in school when you should be studying…really bring why she is the way she is to light. I mean, yeah, we already know she is more like her quiet and staid father, but at the same time, his kind of disposition under her mother’s guidance…harmed Hara a bit. I’m still rooting for Egawa even though I do like Ozu and find myself really disliking Kaori. If she has no faith or trust in him, then there is no sense of continuing their relationship.


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