Asian Music Recommendations from August 2013 Part 2

Part one of the August music post was covering Korean and Japanese releases. Part two covers Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, and technically some Malaysian and Hong Kong releases, but they are [mostly] in Mandarin/Chinese as well. I really love the ballads that have the traditional instruments and sounds woven in that you find in historical soundtracks.

There was nearly 200 songs on the previous list, this one is relatively small, only 66. But they are all really good and you should check them out! Just like the previous post, these are in order of “release” date (or rather their uploaded date).

#1/#3/#7 Justin Lo with 《很想很想說再見》 I had never heard of him, but he really does have a soulful voice. The song is about saying goodbye. Justin looks pretty dang cool sitting and playing the piano. I like how they mix a story in with shots of him.  “Tough” is another great ballad but in a different vein from the first. Both are great for their own reasons. The 3rd song by him is another great ballad. He’s a ballad king.

#2 In contrast, we have Ella Koon’s “So In Love” which is an infectious and happy pop song. The MV gets a little grating on the eyes with all that Pink Panther pink everywhere.

#4 Bevlyn Khoo [Qui Yi Lin] 《我認識過的人》 It’s a slow song, not really a ballad, but a very calm and soothing song. It almost borders on boring to me, but the chorus really saves it from that as it breaks up the monotony of the verses.

#6 Jiang Hui with “Emigrated” (not sure if that’s the album title or the song title actually). It mixes a more traditional sound in the song and it gives it more of a haunting ache to accompany the story.

#9 Cilla Kung “Just a Friend” a beautiful song with an MV that illustrates two friends and at least one yearning to be more.

#10 Pakho Chau “My Vow” – it’s my favorite song of his new album 8 😀

#11 Eason Chan 《主旋律》- creepy music video and a haunting and song with an epic sound behind it.

#12 Baobu Badulu “When I Was 18, or 19” – I don’t post a lot of straight instrumental tracks, but I’m in love with his guitar playing. It’s amazing how just one guitar can make such a full sound and watching his tricky playing is fun.

#13/#57/#62/#64 Diana Wang “Skinny Love” – A song that is soft and haunting and completely depressing. It’s all in English, too, and while most of it make sense…the word choices are interesting. Her album “Love Lesson” is really all good.

I told you to be patient and I told you to be fine and I told you to be balanced and I told you to be kind. Now all your love is wasted. Then now, who the hell was I? And now I’m breaking at the britches and at the end of all your lines.

#14 Cyndi Wang 《從未到過的地方》- I like Cyndi better as a singer than an actress. She plays a lot of the same roles and her acting is…well…it’s gotten better. I like her latest album.

#15 FS (Fuying & Sam) I’m not actually sure of the name of the song, but it is from the Backlight Lovers OST. It’s an explosive song when compared to the previous ballads. It makes you bop your head along and it makes you want to go watch the drama.

#16 Shimica “The Way We Dance” which is the official theme of the movie The Way We Dance. I’m not sure if the entire movie is in English or not because the clips where they talk are in English. Another movie that looks interesting. The dance moves are pretty cool. Wonder when the movie will be released as I think it hit theaters in Hong Kong in August.

#18 We have Jaki’s more laid back “Happy Hour” – It’ a very pretty song which explodes during the chorus from its softer start.

#19 Della’s contribution to the Lan Ling Wang OST is a gorgeous song with the traditional instruments blending nicely with the piano melody. Sigh, I need to watch this drama. I’m sure the straight up instrumentals will be amazing. Her dress in the video kind of reminds me of Sakura’s dress in Last Cinderella for some reason.

#20/#34/#59/#64/#66 Yay for Rainie! I love all of her albums and Angel Wings is no exception. It’s full of a great mix of songs. The MVs…well…some of them are kind of weird…and some not too bad.

#21 Mayday “Sad People Should Not Listen to Slow Songs (Stay Happy Through the End)” – The accompanying music video is great and goes well with the song. I really like the lyrics. And it’s true that sad people tend to listen to more depressing, slower songs. Maybe they’d snap out of a funk better with a song that’s got a beat…or maybe not…who knows? It’s worth a try, though.

So you’ve been listening to slow songs. Songs that are really, really slow and they are breaking your heart. Isn’t it about time to change the rhythm?

Don’t ask yourself who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s innocent, who’s to blame or who’s in whose debt. A mistake has been made, a game has been lost, at least you’ve got yourself to keep you happy.

I don’t care who you belong to or who belongs to you, I belong to me and no other. Let your heart beat along with the music and feel alive.

#22 Aaron Yan “Taipei Dreamin’” which is the concept song for his photobook. I do love the baby of Fahrenheit. He’s all grown up now. Hard to believe he’s only a year younger than I am, but he is.

#23 Luang Kai “Phi Luang Khon Doem” I do like the song and the music video that accompanies it. Again, love songs that have videos with stories attached

#24/#25 Zhan Yu Qi’s song “Come” from the drama Love Around. It’s a good song, but I still think Bii’s theme “Come Back to Me” is the best 😛 I prefer her song “Fog” from the What is Love OST.

#26 Wendy Zheng “Iron Lady” is a masterful and beautiful song.

#27 Julia “Jinzji li de wo” is another great ballad. She has a really beautiful voice.

#28 Another great ballad is Gao Lei Ya’s “Toutou” – I keep replaying this song over and over again.

#29/#31/#33 Li Wei Feng I just discovered this man and am in love with his voice and his songs! He released a string of singles in the month of August, some that belong to idol drama OSTs. I can’t just choose one to highlight.

#32 Mayday also contributed the them song for Lanling Wang. The song starts with a more traditional sound but goes into Mayday’s more upbeat rock. I’d be interested to see where they play this in the drama as it doesn’t really sound like a sound that belongs to a historical drama.

#35 A fun song and music video comes from  กรีน นิธิวัชร์ – “Whatever” I’m not a huge Jazz fan, but find the jazzy parts of this song quite good.

#36 I love the band (Well they only really showcase a vocalist and a guitarist…) Hua Yang Nianhua’s “Hua er” – it’s got the mix of traditional oriental music with more modern pop.

#37 Patcha’s “New World Without You” is a great song—somewhere between a rock sound and a ballad.

#38 Xu Jia Ying’s “On a Roadtrip” is a calm song with a cute MV in which our protagonist is…taking a trip. I really want that tree they feature that the show the artist working on—it’s amazing beautiful.

#39/#40 I have loved Van Ness Wu ever since I first saw him in Meteor Garden. Since I knew him first as an actor, I sometimes forget he’s also a singer. I love both songs and how the first MV features BTS scenes as Van Ness practiced for some diving competition, which it looks like he scored a medal. Good for him.

#41 New Folder’s รักเธอตัวเป็นเกลียว is an interesting song because besides the sounds of instruments being plaid, they also utlize other sounds from cups to a lawnmower during the song as well. I do like this quartet. They even have a piano like you see in Charlie Brown…who’s the kid who’s always playing that?

#42 นิว นภัสสร “Masked Heart” from the Lakorn Kaen Sanaeha [Furious Desire]. It’s a beautiful song and the clips from the drama make me wonder about it. Son Songpaisarn seems to be really active in Lakorns this year.

#43 “Missed Call” by จั๊ก ชวิน จิตรสมบูรณ์ is good partially because of the singer’s husky voice. It also has a cute MV with a young boy wooing a young girl.

#44 A sorrowful song from เต้น นรารักษ์ called ดีพอให้รอไหม. You know from the music that it’s a sad song and the MV hits that home depicting a broken marriage and suffering wife.

#46 เป๊ก ผลิตโชค “Do Not Force Me” is a song I fell in love with at first listen. It’s another song I play over and over again.

#47/#55 Claire Kuo’s “Ni yanzhong de wo” from the Second Life OST is another great song that you want to listen to over and over again. It was the ending theme of the drama. Cyndi Wang sang the opening theme. Not surprising since she starred in it. Claire’s second song, I absolute love the MV that goes with it.

#48 I think this list is a tad ballad heavy. We have Xian Zi with “Mistakes” off her latest album. It’s a great song. She has a beautiful voice.

#49  Nui Suweena’s song is a great song, not to sure of the title, but I love the MV which shows the strength of two girl’s friendship as one girl deals with an unfaithful, abusive lover.

#50 I love band Sunshine’s song คำฆ่าคน. If you watch the MV that goes with it, you have to feel bad for the guy, but how can he just let that woman take advantage of him like she does?

#53 ปนัดดา เรืองวุฒิ with the song “Love is not allowed”. It’s a beautiful song and I like watching the music video which is about an understudy yearning for the stage and the main actor.

#54 Freya’s heart aching ballad “Ni Hai Zai” from the drama Gentle Mercy. I have no idea what the drama is about, but it does have a pretty OST.

#56 The band Pancake’s song “Jai Hai” [stunned] is a great rock song and the MV tells an interesting story that has me wondering just what the song is about.

#59 Huang Siting’s “Only One” brings to mind BoA thanks to her song by the same name. However…the only thing that is similar is the names. This is nothing like that song. It’s a great song, though. I can sing along with the part where she goes “ai ni ai ni L. O. V. E. You are my only one.”

#60 Jiang Zhifeng “Actor” – this man has such a scary, stern face, you wouldn’t believe the beautiful, pure voice coming out of him. I’m in love with it.

#61 Yet another entry from the Lanling Wang OST. This time it’s a sorrowful ballad by JiaJia called “Fate”


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