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August Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Golf Mike

It’s the last official giveaway week of August already? Up for grabs is Thai music! If you’re not interested in Thai music, I can be persuaded to do a mix tap containing Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese/Taiwanese music. I was thinking of devoting a tape to Korean indie music at one time. But…Thai music is pretty awesome, so I hope someone

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New Discovery Nat-Tol


It’s been awhile since NeeNee had introduced a new discovery, hasn’t it? This time it isn’t Korean indie music which I think is what I’ve blogged about the most in my discoveries. This time I’m introducing you to Thai duo Nat-Tol. This duo has come together once more (I don’t think they are an actual permanent duo, but rather solo

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June Tunes 2014

Weibird - Journey Into the Night back cover

This is long overdue, I know. Everything kind of gets away from me in the summer. I guess it doesn’t help that I started a new hobby which takes a lot of time. But, at the same time, I’m on the computer more than I’m not, so I think it’s a good thing to finally have a hobby that takes

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Song of the Week – 2 June 2014

Empty Room poster

I was trying to figure out just which song to feature this week. Should it be Bluepaprika’s “Longest Night”? Should it be Wheesung’s “Night and Day”? So hard to choose. What song really speaks for the song of the week? I decided to go with a Thai song this week. The song is “Holding On” by Nui Nantakarn from the

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