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August Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

Golf Mike

It’s the last official giveaway week of August already? Up for grabs is Thai music! If you’re not interested in Thai music, I can be persuaded to do a mix tap containing Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese/Taiwanese music. I was thinking of devoting a tape to Korean indie music at one time. But…Thai music is pretty awesome, so I hope someone

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New Discovery Nat-Tol


It’s been awhile since NeeNee had introduced a new discovery, hasn’t it? This time it isn’t Korean indie music which I think is what I’ve blogged about the most in my discoveries. This time I’m introducing you to Thai duo Nat-Tol. This duo has come together once more (I don’t think they are an actual permanent duo, but rather solo

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June Tunes 2014

Weibird - Journey Into the Night back cover

This is long overdue, I know. Everything kind of gets away from me in the summer. I guess it doesn’t help that I started a new hobby which takes a lot of time. But, at the same time, I’m on the computer more than I’m not, so I think it’s a good thing to finally have a hobby that takes

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