30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 27

I have problems because I’m not sure about how popular certain dramas really are…

Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?

Since I really don’t know how undervalued dramas are…here is my uneducated opinion (based on popularity of posts actually :P):

ATARU banner

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Sure, there was some less than stellar parts of the plot, but for the most part, this was a little gem of a drama for me and while the main character was not properly displayed (or so I’m told), Nakai did a great job with the role and really gave Chokozai life. I also liked the growth of the characters throughout the drama.

  • Karamazov no Kyodai
Karamazov no Kyodai banner

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Wowza. This was the 2nd (this year that I know of) Japanese drama based on a Russian novel. The first was Tsumi no Batsu or something like that. This was a dark drama with very artsy cinematography and symbolism. The plot kept me guessing since I had not read an English translation of the Brother Karamazov. So it kept me  guessing and anticipating every week. The acting was phenomenal and I liked how they explored the meaning of family, brotherhood, love, and humanity. Light, this drama was not, but it was awesome and not overtly preachy in its exploration of good vs. evil and right vs. wrong.

  • Full House Take 2
Full House Take 2

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Park Ki Woong and No Min Woo did amazing jobs in this drama. It was equal parts silly and serious and it was just plain fun. I know people were prejudiced against this drama since it strayed so far from the original, but it really didn’t deserve that. Perhaps if they didn’t use Full House as part of the title, it would have had a better reception. I will forever love Tae Ik as played by No Min Woo. He was such an adorably arrogant man/boy.


  • I’m watching ATARU(ep 9). i just don’t feel it. This is from a person who sat through the entire Dirty Mama
    For me IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei was an underrated drama and Piece – Honda Tsubasa gave an amazing performance and the rest of the assembly was just perfect. More I loved the story. Btw I can’t feel Vampire Heaven even though Oomasa Aya is one of my fav jactresses
    Korea :
    Soulmate this was an wonderful drama
    Tree of Heaven : this is the single drama that Park Shin Hye looked at her costar like she meant her love for him. However she was underaged at that time and kisses were even more bleh than her later dramas (again her kisses let her in the category dead fish)

    • Will try Piece, had no interest in reading the manga for IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei so will have to pass on the drama.

      Tree of Heaven, you have to play the drinking game. It starts when she meets the brother . . . take a drink every time her character says “Yoon Suh oppa” you will be well drunk. But it’s a nice drama, so sweet and so sad.

      • I tend to get over annoying things and ignore them… no matter the drama. So I never heard of “Yoon Suh oppaaaahhh”(I did but I ignored it) . On the other hand her character was supposed to have the brain of Burt Simpson – THAT was the thing that really hurt that drama. Lee Wan is a better actor than his sister, but she gets the credits because she has a lot more exposure.

        I don’t read manga… therefore what looks good on paper maybe isn’t that good on screen or the opposite. It is easier for me to watch live action. I don’t find any satisfaction on reading comics. I get it that in the eyes of the readers the live action usually doesn’t have the space or the means to recreate exactly the same chars or exactly the same events. The most obvious is the age gaps between leads ( he is 30 something she is 15 – on paper looks so good and intriguing, on screen we can find lots of squeamish viewers), another one was IS – is kinda hard to find actors with exactly the same sex as the protagonists, therefore they used girls. If they would use boys then drama would be in another genre than manga was.

  • Karamazov no Kyodai…hmm…it kinda looks interesting. I like dark, if it’s done well. I think I’m gonna add it to my watch-list.

  • I would have to say, I’m not sure of whether these were popular but I know when I was watching them, they were not widely discussed as other dramas at the time, so I think they were underrated . . . .

    Korea – Evasive Inquiry Agency

    Japan – Unubore Deka

    Taiwan – Wish to See You Again

    Also, I will try ATARU or Karamazov no Kyodai (because you said their underrated). However, I will pass on Full House Take 2, your right, by any other name I may have given it a chance.

  • Yeah, i liked Full House 2, although I don’t think anyone in Korea actually watched it, lol.

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