30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 20

Yay for more music goodness! Seriously, I have an enormous music collection. It’s probably in the triple digits or more for digital and physical albums, records, tapes, etc. Anywho. On to my favorite number. Yes, 20 is my favoritest number in the whole world…maybe because I was born on that day?

Day 20: Your favorite drama OST (instrumental)?

I’m not sure I can just choose one. So…here be my top 2.


It has to be Damo. The music for that drama is just achingly beautiful. In fact, I find myself very attracted to the instrumentals for period dramas above modern dramas. That’s not to say modern dramas don’t have great instrumentals, they do. I just like the traditional instrumentals mixed with modern sounds as well. It just has that magical quality. For example:

Sadly, I can’t find the Damo OST anywhere any more. It’s out of print on YesAsia and isn’t available that I can see in the US iTunes store.


I totally fell in love with the instrumental music in the drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. It was phenomenal. I did manage to find an OST list for the drama, but have never found where I could acquire it as I would greatly love to have it. I can’t find an actual instrumental video, but here are the themes for the drama which are also very pretty.

**update May 18, 2014**

FINALLY!!!! I found the OST for Bu Bu Jing Xin! How exciting is that? You can now buy it on YesAsia! Although, it looks like there is only 2 songs plus 2 MVs, but I could be wrong about that.


  • I too totally agree with the instrumental for Bu Bu Jing Xin, everything about this drama was just so good.

    My choice for favorite drama OST (instrumental) however would have to be Sandglass.

    • Oooh. That’s very pretty! I have not watched Sandglass yet, but it has received rave reviews as being a classic and good drama.

  • Oh, I like the link showing up, very nice. 🙂

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