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Music of the Moment: My Sunshine OST

My Sunshine cdrama cast

So I started watching Chinese drama My Sunshine aka Silent Separation. Looking at the two titles…they are very…different. My Sunshine implies something bright and happy and loved while Silent Separation sounds angsty, dark, and pain-filled. This drama is a melodrama about a long-separated couple finding each other and trying to rebuild their broken relationship in all the wrong ways first.

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Album of the Month – Cruel Romance OST

Chen Qiao En, Huang Xiao Ming

Really, whenever NeeNee falls hard into a drama, I have a tendency to fall hard for the OST. Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rules, you know? But, I have to say that I love the OST for Chinese drama Cruel Romance. Oh…and before I forget, I’ll post more episode recaps/thoughts a bit more frequently instead of waiting until

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