Skyward Sword: Eldin Volcano and the Earth Temple

clip_image002Welcome again! Chani here to continue blogging on my experience playing “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”, which is an excellent game so far. I only have a few complaints at this point, but I’ll talk about those later.

I left off heading to the second dungeon challenge in the game, but before I could do that I had to (or had the option to) help a mother from Skyloft locate her missing daughter, Kukiel!

clip_image004clip_image006Pretty cute little kid, and I had a clue what might have happened to her as, before she went missing, when you went into her house while she was sleeping she would mutter something about ‘Uncle Bats’ . After following various clues I was ready to go find her with her ‘Uncle Bats’, an alleged demon some townsfolk claim appears at night in Skyloft. Getting to his residence was not as intuitive as I would have liked. You had to hit a glowing gravestone with your sword, but I assumed that you had to pull the gravestone as you do in most other Zelda games, but no, apparently they felt the need to change it up. Again with this particular game being obsessed with the “Swing Wii remote = Swing sword” gimmick, but whatever. I got in.

The “demon” is actually Batreaux:

clip_image008And he doesn’t usually look that scary. He’s actually a nice, misunderstood demon who wants to turn human. Side quest alert! I have to collect “Gratitude crystals” for helping folks out (and some are just laying around, too), and after I collect certain numbers I get prizes, and theoretically eventually I’ll have enough to turn him human and (hopefully) get a BIG prize!

clip_image009As expected, I got some crystals from Kukiel’s mother for finding her, and then I immediately had the opportunity to help someone else, a girl named Orielle whose Loftwing was injured. Boy, there seem to be a lot of opportunities for side quests in this game. But I LOVE side quests so I’m not complaining 🙂

clip_image010But eventually, yes, it was time for me to head to the next dungeon. This has me descending through the clouds down to the surface again to explore Eldin Volcano. I must say the areas in this game are very huge and sometimes hard to find your way around. That said, the volcano has so far been easier for me to navigate than the previous location, Faron Woods.

Shortly after entering, and making my way through the lava-filled landscape (if you catch on fire in this game you need to roll to put yourself out), I encounter these strange-but-fun folk!

clip_image012Yep, they’re mole-critters who tunnel around in the area, and they are called Mogmas. So far this game has seemed to dispense with the typical ‘races’ (save the single Goron I’ve encountered so far, Gorko) and create entirely new ones. I don’t really have any complaints – Kikwis are adorable and Mogmas are fun, but I do miss some of the more familiar critters. I wonder if there will be Zoras. I’m still waiting for a console game to feature the super-fun antlered race that has appeared in some of the handheld games so far, the Anoukis:

clip_image014Oh well, maybe one day. I can keep dreaming.

clip_image016My goal is still to use dowsing to locate Zelda. Along the way I am introduced to bomb flowers, but I can only use them where I find them to bomb nearby areas, as I can’t keep them in my inventory until I have a bomb bag. A common scenario in the Zelda series. I bet I’ll get one soon.

Following Zelda’s tracks leads me to a strange floating person that demands I follow them. I admit I had no idea who the heck this could be at first, though I found out later.

clip_image017I couldn’t follow her as Bokoblins, which are running rampant in this area…

clip_image018… broke the bridge! The alternate route was underground, through where the Mogmas live. Once I rid them of a pesky Bokoblin infestation they awarded me with the Mogma Mitts!

clip_image020These allow Link to dig in soft dirt, unearthing hearts, rupees, an occasional “Treasure” called Eldin Ore which you can exchange along with other treasures to upgrade your equipment… and air spouts which can shoot you up to higher levels, ultimately leading me up to the surface again so I could head into the temple.

This time, instead of finding Kikwis to help me get in, I had to dowse for the pieces of the temple key the Bokoblins had scattered about. Upon finding them, I entered the lava-filled (and fun-filled) Earth Temple!

clip_image022Yep, long story short I found this temple to be quite enjoyable. The music was pretty good, too, and music is a big deal to me in video games, especially ones in the Zelda and Final Fantasy series. There was even an ‘Indiana Jones’ moment towards the end with a big round stone ball rolling towards Link and you had to run or get squashed :-p

clip_image023And I got my bomb bag. And the boss, Scaldera, was a big eyeball thing! Always fun!

clip_image024Once I defeated Scaldera I finally caught up with Zelda! I wasn’t expecting to find her after this dungeon, but once I DID find her I figured something else would go wrong. Certainly Link couldn’t get close to her. And I was right! The mysterious woman from my way to the temple was there as well and turned out to be Impa, a character that has made many appearances in multiple Zelda games. They’re different Impas though, most of the time, as the games can be generations apart. I don’t think they’re necessarily reincarnations either, just similar-ish characters with the same names, but that’s up to individual gamer interpretation, in my opinion. Anyway, Impa chastised Link for being late to rescue Zelda, wouldn’t let Zelda touch him, and was generally being b*tchy and annoying. So Zelda sadly accepts that she must not go near Link just yet or taint the purity she had gained from the sacred spring or whatever, and tragically leaves into a tower of light. Poor Link. But hopefully things will look up later.

clip_image026My next guess is that we’ll run into Zelda again at the next spring! Once I head into the temple in the Lanayru Desert!


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  • lol yeah I think my response to her yelling at me for being late was something like “Well, excuse me I had to fight the giant lava eyeball thing first!” I like the side quests it just annoys me that in skyloft flying from island to island takes so freaking long even if you use boosts and fly through those speed things

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