Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 10 Recap

Epic. Epically funny!!!! Even though there is a lot of serious moments, there is also a lot of amusement to be had during these moments as well. Poor Zong Shi. He really got beat up in this episode. I felt so bad for him, and since its Zong Shi, he gets beat up and everybody forgets about him. I really felt for him in this episode as he got in the accident and chased after Xiao Fei only to have Night come out of nowhere and save the day. Well… if it had been Zong Shi instead, he might have gotten pulverized, so I suppose that is a good thing. And you know there won’t be many light moments left in this drama. We are about to enter major tearjerker territory soon.

So Xiao Fei heads off with Junshu. Okay, I know she wants to resolve things, but didn’t she think it might not be too safe to go with him after what happened the last time? ZS sees this and you know he’s worried. So ZS does what any rational person who is worried would do – he stalks XF and JS. At the restaurant, the unhappy XF wishes to end things clearly with JS, but he refuses to listen to her. This is their first breakfast together and he worked hard just to be with her. Worked hard? Is that what you call it? Also, JS comments on how he specifically ordered XF’s favorite foods. XF wonders how he even knew as no one at work knew she liked that. So just who is he? He can’t be just a random guy at the park can he? Good, XF is starting to put things together.

After breakfast, they head back out to the car where XF stops and asks if he is coming clean or not. JS refuses to say anything on that subject and asks her to get in as there is a place that he wants to  take her. XF is fed up and says she won’t waste any more time with him if he won’t tell her the truth. JS, of course, ignores her wishes and says he has some place he wishes to go with her and it will definitely cheer her up. Oh, Xiao Fei, you should have kicked him in the cocoa puffs and ran for it. ZS, being the good stalker he is, immediately takes off after them.

In the car, JS reveals he’s taking XF to the beach to catch fish. Doesn’t she love to catch fish? This freaks Xiao Fei out even more. She asks Junshu just who he is. Junshu doesn’t answer. Meanwhile, Zong Shi desperately tries to call Xiao Fei. Looks like his spidey senses are tingling. Xiao Fei notices the incoming call, but before she can take it, JS grabs the phone away as you shouldn’t talk and drive. Xiao Fei replies that is only for drivers and not passengers, but JS refuses to give the phone back. JS notices Zong Shi in mad pursuit, so he guns it and runs a red light. Xiao Fei is getting more and more freaked out by JS’s behavior. I can’t blame her, but JS ignores this and calmly goes on to tell her he became her boyfriend that night and he will put Night out of her head for good. Xiao Fei can’t believe this. Junshu is crazy! She gives him a very angry look. If looks could kill Mr. Psychopath Robot would be molten metal.

Zong Shi has also sped up and pulls alongside the speeding jeep (?). Xiao Fei sees him and calls out to him to help her. She demands Junshu pull the car over, but the robot just refuses to listen. Well, he’s never once listened to a word she said, so why should that change now? The chase gets more and more intense with weaving through traffic, sideswiping, cutting the other person off… Man, those stunt drivers are awesome! Because you just know that those dangerous driving scenes are NOT left up to the valuable lead actors. Unfortunately, the car chase ends when they hit road construction, or should I say when Zong Shi hits road construction – literally. Poor Zong Shi. He wrecks his car and gets hurt. But he doesn’t care for his own safety and quickly rushes out of the car and chases after Xiao Fei and Junshu. Oh, honey. Like that’s going to work.

And I will stop here and interject with this: cops anyone? We have multiple witnesses to reckless endangermentt with their driving, not to mention speeding, running lights, AND wrecking a car. But nary a cop in sight. Zong Shi even LEAVES the scene! His ass would be grass here. WHY was their no ambulance, no cops? Probably because that would interfere with the plot 😉

While all this drama is going on, Night is insisting that he go back to the company. Lei Wu Wu does not want this to happen for obvious reasons. The number one being his commission and how bad it will look on his performance. Wu Wu would also like Night to try again as he is certain Xiao Fei is not impartial to the robot. Night repeats that he has already been discarded and wants to do what is best for Xiao Fei. Night then describes this heavy, suffocating feeling in his chest. Um…robots shouldn’t be feeling painful feelings there, should they? Wu Wu says that is heartache and then does a double take. Wait. Night isn’t supposed to feel such a human emotion. Can Wu Wu deny any more that Night is fully evolving into AI (I guess this series was never to be AI in the strictest sense of the word and now Night is exhibiting signs of awareness). I did love how Night asked if he was programmed to feel heartache. The honest answer? OF COURSE NOT! That would be detrimental to the company, wouldn’t it?

Wu Wu then puts in a call to the company to take Night away. He asks Night if he is certain one more time. Night insists he is, but when he overhears Wu Wu talking about wiping Night’s memories, our robot becomes agitated. I knew when that memory scene took place, memories would become important. To Night, his memories of Xiao Fei are precious. He does not want to lose them. He also doesn’t want to lose Xiao Fei. So what does Night do? He takes off running to find Xiao Fei as he will forever be her perfect boyfriend. Okay. As much as I liked this scene… if we’re talking about REAL life, if Night had been honestly kicked to the curb, you would say that this scene right here showed a bit of unhealthy obsession. But then again, love is a mix of selfishness and selflessness and there is a very fine line into overstepping into dangerous territory. In Zong Shi’s case, he is TOO selfless. In Night’s case, he wages back and forth between being too selfless and being a little selfish on occasion (but not to the annoying extreme). Junshu (any one have ANY idea why I want to call him Jong Shi? :-P) is TOTALLY a selfish jerk who SAYS one thing, but his actions are the exact opposite.

Wu Wu’s boss then comes and tells him to leave Night go and if you hadn’t guessed it already, Junshu is really another Kronos boyfriend. He’s been programmed with XF’s specs and it is now the ultimate race to see which lover provides the intimate results. Okay. This coming from a kid. It’s so wrong. It really is. I mean WHY on earth would KIDS be developing robotic partners for people? Okay, okay. I get the societal message. I really do, but I always found it absurd and, well disturbing. Even when I read the manga (which I will never probably like since the setting was high school).

Before you know it, Night has already caught up to Zong Shi who is still running after Xiao Fei. This shocks ZS. How is it that Night is there. Does he know where Xiao Fei is? ZS doesn’t have too much time to spend on this and just tries to follow Night. You know, in the Japanese version, Mokomichi was running like that in almost EVERY episode. Here, this is really the first time to see the superhero run. I knida like it 😛

In the car, Xiao Fei wonders how JS can say he likes her when he is constantly hurting her and the people around her. JS’s answer? Junshu only has eyes for Xiao Fei and can’t be bothered to be concerned about anyone else (unless they get in his way, that is). If you were to peg his personality, he’s a domineering control freak who would more than likely abuse his girlfriend (in real life). Xiao Fei laughs at this so-called love. That is NOT love at all. She then insists JS stop the car, but he refuses as they are almost there. XF tries to grab the wheel and get him to pull over, but he easily twists her wrist. Yep, an abuser. Xiao Fei’s getting more and more worried. Can’t say I blame her.

Then enter Night into the picture. He has managed to get AHEAD of the car. He rushes out in front of it and JS smiles and guns it. Xiao Fei freaks out. Night puts out his hand and easily stops the car. Then starts this tug of war (or pushing war?). Night does a pretty good job of keeping JS from moving on. When JS swerves, Night goes flying, but before JS can make a clean getaway, Night grabs the rear axel. JS stops and gets out while Night asks if Xiao Fei’s okay. JS then comes and shoves Night and he goes flying. Junshu then grabs Xiao Fei and drags her to, where else, an abandoned factory.

Okay, so what ensues is JS’s identity is revealed and Night and Junshu fight over Xiao Fei. Night would have given up Xiao Fei if he thought JS could make her happy, but he knows that’s impossible. Of course, ZS arrives at the scene, too, and he witnesses the super human fight scene. He then gets a karate chop to the back of the neck knocking him out. Poor, poor Zong Shi. He’s soooo abused, There comes a moment during the fight when Junshu pushes Xiao Fei out of the way, sending her flying towards a wall. Night, being Night, quickly throws JS and quickly puts himself between the wall and Xiao Fei. Oh, and the great thing about this fight scene? JS says he doesn’t need a ring to tell him how XF feels as she can read her thoughts. Um…WHEN has he EVER correctly read her mind? Okay, so Night looks like he’s ready to collapse, but he quickly picks himself up and he starts wailing on JS (who is supposed to 10,000 times stronger). Notice the robot sweat in this scene? I remember Jiro saying he got a lot of NGs because robots aren’t supposed to sweat.

Before Night and Junshu can rip each other apart even more, enter in the COO (I am not 100% certain as to just WHAT that stands for) comes in and says his random string of numbers to make Junshu stop. He comments that it failed. Xiao Fei is shocked to see Junshu’s little brother. Boy does she get a bigger shock when she learns that little boy is Wu Wu’s boss. Since she can’t beat a child, she hits Wu Wu for all the hell she and Night were put through. So funny. Poor Wu Wu. Taking the brunt of Xiao Fei’s anger. Jiang Baoqui apologizes even when he learns that Xiao Fei was drugged. Looks like they made one of JS’s features a little TOO strong. You don’t say? Xiao Fei does learn some great news in all of this – she didn’t do “that” with JS. Looks like it was just a setup. Phew. That’s a relief. Although Kronos Heaven playing with her life wasn’t. I do think she forgave their meddling too easily, though. Poor Zong Shi. He wakes up. All alone in the empty warehouse. The boy needs a hug. Or better yet, immediately medical attention. How could they just leave him there?

At Xiao Fei’s, she is told that the maintenance fee is waived and Wu Wu tells her to finally do “that” with Night before returning Night’s ring and running off. Oh, and he also warned Xiao Fei about the fee if anyone finds out Night’s true identity once again. Xiao Fei is happy that the nightmare is finally over as she almost lost Night. She holds him and he apologizes for not getting there sooner. Meanwhile, Zong Shi finally manages to get home. He sees Xiao Fei’s made it home and rushes up. He sees her and Night still in the doorway. Xiao Fei touches his bruise and asks if he’s in pain, but Night says he doesn’t feel pain and goes off to make dinner. Xiao Fei then says (out loud) she almost forgot Night wasn’t human. Whoops. Zong Shi overheard that.

The next morning Xiao Fei hasn’t slept a wink. She recalls Night ripping off Junshu’s arm and wonders if Night is okay, she recalls him being repaired and how he seemed fine. So everything is okay, right? Wrong.  Xiao Fei goes out for breakfast and is greeted by Night. Speaking English. Say what? Xiao Fei comments on this and Night’s processor ticks and he then switches to Japanese. Mandarin. Speak Mandarin. Night is surprised. Isn’t he speaking Chinese? Xiao Fei thinks it’s a joke – a very unfunny one – but Night has no idea he’s speaking in different languages. That means that Night is sick! Xiao Fei wants him to stay home, but Night refuses as he wants to be with Xiao Fei. So she tells him he must remain silent at all times while at work.

They leave and run into Zong Shi. At last Xiao Fei has recalled the accident. Zong Shi, a bit miffed by this (he should be a LOT miffed) says that he is fine. Xiao Fei then says he has insurance to take care of the car. Ouch. True, but insensitive. Night then greets Zong Shi in Japanese. Zong Shi replies, confused and Xiao Fei quickly drags night off leaving a bewildered Zong Shi.

At work, Night keeps silent until Sky and Zhi Xi hand off work to him. He then speaks in Japanese. Sky compliments this and Night all of a sudden switches to Italian. This confuses Everyone and catches Zong Shi’s attention. You know his brain is going and recalling what was said earlier. He didn’t get a chance to ask Xiao Fei about it yet. Xiao Fei quickly steps in and rescues Night by saying she is going to the GM’s office, too. While walking, Xiao Fei reminds him to keep his mouth shut otherwise people will notice something up. Night then stops and falls to his knees. Oh no!

So Xiao Fei takes leave and takes Night home. Night is sorry that Xiao Fei is taking care of him when he’s supposed to be taking care of her. I think he’s now switched to Korean (LOL, GHS native tongue). Night stops again. Oh no, he’s really bad. Off. Heck, he’s walking like an old man AND not speaking the right language. Xiao Fei calls Wu Wu and tells him Night is sick. Wu Wu changes that to “malfunctioning” as Night isn’t human. But Xiao Fei can’t think of Night as a robot. Not anymore. Wu Wu then says he’ll meet her at the apartment.

At the apartment, Xiao Fei is going through Night’s instructions. But she can’t do any of the things it says to do. Why? Because, again, Night is no longer a robot. He’s too much like a human for her to “force shutdown” or open up his head. What to do? Night nearly collapses and in that moment, he says (in Korean) that it doesn’t matter if he can’t talk to her, because he can always say he loves her. He repeats “sarangheyo” over and over and kisses Xiao Fei. Such a sweet and tender kiss! At the weirdest moment 😉 Xiao Fei then hugs Night and he completely passes out. Uh-oh.

Wu Wu is baffled. Night’s diagnostic reports all say that he is fine. He will have to take Night into the company for further inspection to see if he can be fixed. Xiao Fei begs Wu Wu to cure him. Wu Wu, surprised again by Xiao Fei’s humanizing Night, nods at her seriousness an takes Night away. Zong Shi returns and sees this and goes up to visit Xiao Fei. She tells him Night was taken back home since he was feeling unwell. When she goes into the kitchen to pour drinks, Zong Shi notices the mess on her desk and goes to clean it up. Unfortunately that mess is Night’s manual. Whoops. Xiao Fei quickly snatches it away, but it’s too late. Zong Shi knows now.

And his reaction? It isn’t disgust or anger at Xiao Fei. It’s…remorse. Zong Shi seems to think its his fault that Xiao Fei resulted to buying a robot. He has liked her for so long, if only he had confessed earlier, then this would have never happened. Actually, as much as Xiao Fei likes Zong Shi, she can’t seem to get him out of the “friend” category. Even if he had confessed earlier, it doesn’t necessarily mean Xiao Fei would have agreed to date him. Ah, Zong Shi. You are opening yourself to an even bigger heartache. I actually would have thought he would be angry. Xiao Fei chose a robot over him. But instead he blames himself. This man. Shakes head.

Well, with this news, Zong Shi is all gung-ho about pursuing Xiao Fei again. He wants her to give him a chance. Why? Because he’s a human. Surely Xiao Fei hasn’t been able to tell Night that she loves him because deep down she knows there is no future for a human and a robot. While they are grocery shopping for dinner, Xiao Fei asks him how he knows that she would ultimately reject Night. Zong Shi points out an older couple. Xiao Fei says she had actually thought of that already, too. Forever is different for robots and humans. Well…truthfully…EVERYTHING has an expiration date. Some just a lot later than others. I really loved the green pepper scene. Zong Shi says he knows Xiao Fei doesn’t like them, but he will still cook with them as they are good for her. Even if she doesn’t like it, he will do what is good for her. He walks away and Xiao Fei thinks about his words. This kind of simple caring is a happiness, too, isn’t it. Should she give him a chance after all?

Zong Shi then takes her hand and they continue down the aisles only to run into Wu Wu. Who happens to have a miniature Night hologram who scolds Zong Shi for trying to take Xiao Fei away when Night is gone. Zong Shi reveals he knows the truth and Wu Wu reminds her of the fee. That’s right. She owes mega moolah if Night’s being a robot is known. Oh, and just why is there a hologram miniature of Night? He didn’t want to stay at the company and be away from her. He would only agree to treatment after they said he could do this. Silly Night. Ah, how cute when he motioned her closer to tell her something and gave her a virtual kiss. Zong Shi says he will keep the secret so Xiao Fei doesn’t have to pay. He then says that he will move in with the two. Great. Well, he’s determined to make Xiao Fei see that a human is better than a robot.

We then cut to a very weird scene. I call this weird because this is the first time outside of Mei Jia’s storyline (and since she was there from the beginning that wasn’t much of a deviation) that we focus on Xiao Fei’s coworkers. Sky, Zhi Xi and the boss are out drinking. The younger two shove the drunk manager into a cab. Sky sits down and pulls Zhi Xi with him. He complains about wanting a girlfriend like Xiao Fei who would take time off when he was sick. He doesn’t want to go home where he will be all alone. Zhi Xi points out that he should say boyfriend and Sky replies that it doesn’t matter, which is true. Zhi Xi then says her stock advice is never wrong, so Sky needs to believe her when she says he will find the person he is looking for that will treasure him. Sky’s expression changes and next thing you know he kisses her!!!!!!!!!!! Well, that was unexpected.

The next morning the alarm goes off and Xiao Fei turns on Night’s hologram when blindly trying to shut the alarm off. He greets her and tells her how cute she is even when she doesn’t want to get out of bed. Zong Shi then comes in and sees the little Night asking for a morning kiss. He grabs him and that’s where we end.

Next episode spoilers ahead. Read if you want to know what the previews had to say.


So, if Night really can’t be fixed, I wonder if the wedding scene promotions are more like Rooftop Prince where they get married knowing they don’t have much time left to be together. Kind of like A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, as well. And, I’m not saying Xiao Fei won’t love Zong Shi if they do get together…but I’d feel badly as you know he isn’t her true love.


  • I absolutely hate the whole two-timing!! LOL. She’s so confusing. she doesn’t want to let night go, but she “already knows” they cant be together. Like guurrl, you need to make up yo mind.

    • Well, it’s pretty typical for this wishy-washyness in dramas as they can never seem to make up their mind to let go and move on. Yes, they know they can’t be together, but they can’t let go either.

  • just wow I mean I loved this movie so much I would love to see its continuation too.

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