Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 5 Recap

Hmmm. A lot of cute and funny moments in this episode, and yet, at times I feel the plot really is kind of dragging. Ah, Zong Shi, Zong Shi. He really needs to learn to assert himself better. I can’t honestly recall the manga too well anymore (I actually was NOT a fan of it. This is actually my LEAST favorite story by Watase Yuu – no offense to the people who love it) as I read it like 5 years ago, but I want to say that the character of Zong Shi wasn’t quite so…passive and a wee bit more proactive. And Xiao Fei. She needs to grow a brain. Or at least stop being willfully ignorant at times. I do like how we are now really getting to the part where Night is going outside of his own programming by doing things HIS way and not going by his presets and Xiao Fei’s orders.

We open with Sky asking Xiao Fei if she’s on a diet and Xiao Fei insisting she is a light eater and then changing tact to say that she just doesn’t have much of an appetite today [because EVERYONE knows just how good of an eater Xiao Fei is]. Night gets concerned and decides to check Xiao Fei’s temperature in a very unique way – forehead to forehead. I was shocked. Normally you see one person putting one hand on the ill person’s forehead while putting their other hand on their own to compare. I guess this way might be more effective, but WAY more embarrassing. Although, I probably wouldn’t mind be THAT close to Jiro Wang. 😛 This garners attention everywhere, shocking everyone and annoying Zong Shi. Just keep rubbing it in his face. He’s adorkable and you feel bad for him and want to hug him.

The embarrassed Xiao Fei quickly excuses herself and Night rushes after her since she did not finishing eating. Night is really worried that she’s sick as her face is still really warm. Sigh. Night needs to pick up on the fact that his actions at work make her REALLY uncomfortable and embarrassed, hence the “overheated” face. Xiao Fei leaves the clueless Night and accidentally runs into the cold girl from GA as she is silently bemoaning her current financial state. Xiao Fei apologizes and hands the files back to the girl. Xiao Fei then notices a bank book on the floor and is shocked to see that the girl has NT3 million in her account. Xiao Fei quickly pleads for financial advice, but cannot comprehend the other girl’s talk of stocks and bonds (can’t say I blame Xiao Fei’s general lack of intelligence here as the stock market, speculating, and all that stuff makes NO sense to me whatsoever). Xiao Fei then asks for a quick workaround and the girl offers to pay Xiao Fei NT$30,000 if she helps out at a business luncheon for some French business people since the cold girl (what is her name – is it Zhi Xi?) has to attend to a different matter. Xiao Fei quickly agrees to this.

Ok. Problem. What on earth makes Zhi Xi [I’m calling her this now regardless if that’s really her name or not] think Xiao Fei can handle a business lunch with FOREIGNERS!? Xiao Fei has enough problems managing her daily tasks without screwing up. But, whatever. I was shocked that she offered to do this.

That night Zong Shi’s little brother is happily tucking away the food and encourages Zong Shi to hurry up before its all gone. Zong Shi comes over with a tupperware container and begins filling it. Qing Shi reminds Zong Shi that if he’s preparing food for Xiao Fei, then his older brother needs to prepare some for Night, too. Zong Shi, caught, immediately replies that he was making a bento for his brother and stalks off. Qing Shi mutters under his breath that he never takes bentos. He then gets up and goes over to Zong Shi who is cleaning all the tupperware containers out of the cupboard and does an interesting little philosophical talk. I was totally laughing at Qing Shi schooling his brother on emotions. Wouldn’t it be great if humans had containers for their emotions and can put friends, lovers, and families in separate ones? This way feelings don’t get confused and if one container breaks, it won’t effect the others. Translation: If a friend confesses and is rejected then they would stay as a friend and not have both friendship and lover relationships/feelings destroyed. Zong Shi, not liking the lecture tells his brother to put the tupperware all back in the cupboard in the exact same places they were before and stalks off yet again. Qing Shi curses himself for opening up his mouth and getting into trouble and also shakes his head at his brother not being clear nor honest with his emotions.

Lin Kun Da

The next day, Night wants to go on a date with Xiao Fei, but Xiao Fei has to work. Instead of telling Night the truth (because she’s afraid he’ll ruin things like the other time she tried part-time work), Xiao Fei lies and says that she is going out with Zhi Xi for a girl’s day in which Night cannot intrude. There comes a time when a person needs personal space. Does Night understand? Night smiles and says he does and he hopes that Xiao Fei has a good time. When she leaves, Night cocks his head to the side and wonders why Xiao Fei is lying. Does anyone else think its weird that Night could pick up on this when he couldn’t pick up on Yun Fei’s lies and schemes (and Mei Jia’s at first?).

At the restaurant, Xiao Fei acts like she knows what she’s doing, but I find it highly amusing because it is OBVIOUS that she has no real clue. The restaurant manager seems to understand this, too as whenever he asks Xiao Fei a question, she asks him to wait and tries to find the answer in the file she was give. Seriously not very good preparation at all. In comes Zong Shi to the rescue. Sort of. He isn’t there to help Xiao Fei, it just turns out that he is the one who is actually conducting the luncheon that I guess the GA department was in charge of organizing. The manger, who is quite familiar with Zong Shi tells him that everything is under control as he knows how Zong Shi likes things. He goes off and Zong Shi wonders what Xiao Fei is doing there. Xiao Fei waves her badge at him. Why would a pig who likes to sleep give up her day off for work? Xiao Fei hints at a financial problem, but doesn’t explain because how can she?

The lunch starts and things go smoothly at first as Xiao Fei translated the English menu into Chinese with pictures. The problem comes when she gets to the last person who refuses to order what’s on the menu. Xiao Fei tries talking in English, but the man is French and will only speak French (does that mean he doesn’t know English at all, or was he just being pompous and refused to speak English since he was French?). Of course, Xiao Fei doesn’t understand French and tries to get his order by pointing at each dish and asking if he wants “this.” He rejects everything and the other people at the luncheon are starting to look annoyed at Xiao Fei’s lack of skills. The man then requests “vegetarian,” but apparently Xiao Fei doesn’t understand that word and just makes eating motions with her pen. How embarrassing. The man is highly annoyed when Night comes in speaking French like a pro (I wonder how much difficulty Kun Da and Jiro had with doing the lines in French?). This saves Xiao Fei’s bacon as Night translates and Xiao Fei looks at the man and says okay. The man is still obviously annoyed, but at least he’s getting his vegetarian meal.

Xiao Fei then drags Night outside and thanks him for helping her, but how is it that he knows French. Apparently that was a skill Xiao Fei wanted him to have. Random. Really random. Xiao Fei then asks why he’s there. Night replies that he wanted to know why Xiao Fei lied to him so he followed her. Xiao Fei then confesses about the problem with paying for Night’s maintenance fee. This actually makes Night happy (seriously? you’re girlfriend is having a financial crisis thanks to the cost of your body and that makes you happy?) and he hugs Xiao Fei. Zong Shi catches this last bit and Xiao Fei quickly pushes Night away. The angry Zong Shi points out this is work, not romance time. He then asks the two to move and he walks in between. He’s like a little kid at times with his actions. Ah, love Zong Shi. He’s actually my favorite character surprisingly enough.

The lunch goes well for Zong Shi. Who knew that the man could actually be sociable? Given his attitude, it’s actually hard to believe he can be such a good schmoozer. He gets a call and excuses himself and goes outside to take it. Xiao Fei is heading back in with printouts and calls out his name, but Zong Shi ignores her and goes to head back in. This angers Xiao Fei and she quickly rushes after Zong Shi only to run into a man, spilling his wine all over his shirt. This makes the man angry (who wouldn’t be?) and he gesticulates wildly while yelling. Night processes this as a threat and shoves the man away from Xiao Fei exacerbating the situation. Night demands an apology, making things even worse. Thus Zong Shi comes to the rescue, sincerely apologizes and says he will cover all costs for a new suit or dry cleaning. This appeases the man’s anger and he goes off. Zong Shi shoots a death glare at Night for trying to help Xiao Fei in such a way. Xiao Fei places herself between the two boys as tension mounts. Zong Shi goes to leave and Xiao Fei tries to go after him only to wince in pain. She has cut her leg yet again on breaking glass. And, like always, Zong Shi swoops to her rescue before Night even has a chance to move.

While Zong Shi patches Xiao Fei up, we get a nice cute bickering scene between friends. Zong Shi isn’t happy to see Xiao Fei working herself to the bone for Night (he misunderstands what the money talk was about, but who would really guess that it’s because Night is, in fact, a robot?). These moments are getting harder and harder to find thanks to Zong Shi’s jealousy and Night’s presence. It was a really cute scene until Xiao Fei ruined it by wondering about Night. It hurts Zong Shi that she wants Night by her side instead of him. He tells Xiao Fei to quickly go home and leave the rest of the work to him. I do wonder if people really go to hospitals over such things. He tells Xiao Fei to have Night take her in for a check up. The cut didn’t look all that bad and since first aid was applied (provided you head a tetanus shot I guess), does that really warrant going to get it looked at? And earlier, why was she hobbling? I fail to see how she could have twisted her ankle, but maybe when she collided with the man earlier because if that little cut made her limp… that’s just wrong.

Oh, and while Xiao Fei was being all buddy-buddy and happily talking to Zong Shi like old times, Night looks at his ring mystified. It was showing that Xiao Fei was happy with Zong Shi. Night, still unable to truly comprehend human emotions wonders if Xiao Fei is better off with a human.

Anywho, back on topic. Xiao Fei quickly tries to sneak out of the restaurant when she overhears the manager talking about the wine incident, but he catches her. She broke really expensive Austrian crystal. Xiao Fei wonders if there is a way she can escape without paying as she doesn’t have the money. Of course. How? Xiao Fei gets put on dish duty in the kitchen. She’s horrified by the large amount of dishes, but puts on the rubber gloves and gets ready to dig in when Zong Shi comes in to help. Um. Isn’t he supposed to be working? Is the luncheon over already? Xiao Fei is happy to have his help until thinks get really awkward between them. How so? While Zong Shi announces that he’s jealous of her and Night. Xiao Fei at first takes this to mean he wants to have a girlfriend. So there must be a girl he likes, right? Zong Shi says there is and then describes Xiao Fei to a “T.” And before continuing, I just want to point out that GHS’s facial expressions in this scene actually did NOT fit it well in my opinion. She can be quite expressive with her face, but here she just had on this silly little smile that actually made it look like she WASN’T listening to a word that Zong Shi/Kun Da was saying. But maybe that’s just me.

Ok. Really getting off topic tonight. So with the aforementioned problem above, imagine my shock when Xiao Fei says that the girl Zong Shi likes sounds a lot like her. DUH! Well, this brings on more awkwardness because Zong Shi’s expression makes Xiao Fei understand that he WAS talking about her. Xiao Fei tries to pass this off, but Zong Shi tries not to lose the chance once again and grabs her hand, which Xiao Fei slips out of the glove. She tells him to leave as she will finish the mountain of dishes herself. Zong Shi then grabs her in a hug like he did when she cut her leg in his apartment. Before Zong Shi can “officially” confess. The manager bursts in and the two spring apart. The manager apologizes for interrupting and Xiao Fei replies that it isn’t what he thinks. She was just supporting the dizzy Zong Shi. The manager, obviously not believing this, leaves the two alone so they can continue to be “dizzy.” LMAO. That’s a new one. Zong Shi then says he will do the dishes himself and Xiao Fei happily scurries off and runs away from the situation. Running away won’t change the fact that Zong Shi has quite obviously made his feelings none (even if he didn’t get to outright confess his emotions).

On the way home, Xiao Fei basically ignores Night as she is lost in thoughts about what happened in the kitchen. Does Zong Shi really like her? Oy. How obtuse can the girl get? Night wonders what she’s thinking about, but Xiao Fei says its nothing. It can’t be nothing as she was lost in thought ever since they left the restaurant. Night then, out of the blue, demands to know if she likes Zong Shi. This throws Xiao Fei, but she quickly replies that it’s just the liking between best friends [after Night explains that his ring showed she was happy when she was with Zong Shi].

When the two get home, Lei WuWu is there and he is the LAST person Xiao Fei wants to see. This hurts WuWu’s feelings. Xiao Fei ignores him and goes into her room. Night, knowing Xiao Fei’s dour mood, tells WuWu to just go. But WuWu can’t, he’s there to perform Night’s checkup. Night gets a clean bill of health, but Night says there’s a problem. What problem, his system is fine? Night just cannot seem to grasp Xiao Fei. How can he be her perfect lover if he can’t understand her? He needs to be able to gather as much data as he can in order to become her true ideal lover. When WuWu is less than forthcoming in offering help, Night gets his corporation by basically threatening to throw him off the roof. LMAO. I was actually thinking of Isaac Asimov here, believe it or not. In Asimov’s stories, robots where programmed so they would be physically incapable of hurting humans (one of the 10 laws or robotics).

Xiao Fei wakes up late the next morning and scolds Night for not waking her earlier, but there is no reply. Xiao Fei then desperately looks for the new clothes she ordered [if you can call randomly opening draws and throwing clothes without even glancing at them looking]. She asks Night where they are but Night is no where to be seen. Just where is he? Xiao Fei is surprised when he comes in the door. Where was he? Night refuses to tell Xiao Fei. He was just out as there was something he needed to do. He then tells Xiao Fei she will be late for work. This sends Xiao Fei rushing once again, but not before she wonders just why Night seems to be acting differently.

When they arrive at the company, Xiao Fei rushes into an elevator that was just about to close its doors. Wouldn’t you know that Zong Shi was in that elevator. Awkwardness fills the tiny room. The doors close and Night points out that the elevator is not moving. Xiao Fei realizes she forgot to push the button (as did Zong Shi) and the two reach to push them at the same time and their fingers touch. After the initial shock, the two spring back and individually push their floor numbers. Night, sensing something, quickly puts himself between Xiao Fei and Zong Shi. Talk about making an awkward moment even more awkward. Mr. Computer just cannot read situations well still. Although, he is picking up on things a little more.

While working, Xiao Fei hands off a package to Night, only to have him ask where it goes and immediately set off. This puzzles Xiao Fei. Usually Night would take the opportunity to do something rash and embarrass her in front of the whole office. Sky notices the difference and starts tormenting Xiao Fei by saying that Night’s feelings are obviously changing. He then goes chasing after Night. Ah, Sky, always the opportunist. Later, Xiao Fei is asked to work overtime. This makes her unhappy until her boss assures her that she’ll be paid for it. Xiao Fei tells Night to go home first and shockingly enough, he does. Xiao Fei isn’t aware of this as she is used to Night hanging around so she is still lecturing him. Zhi Xi taps her shoulder and Xiao Fei insists that Night can go home first, but when she turns, she is shocked to see the older woman. Where did Night go? Zhi Xi hands off a document and says that Night left a long time ago. This shocks Xiao Fei. Something isn’t right.

Xiao Fei is working hard when Zong Shi shows up and brings her a drink. Xiao Fei immediately jumps up to go buy staples. Of all the pathetic excuses! If she was going to act that way, she should have tried something a little more convincing. Zong Shi points this out and then asks if Xiao Fei thinks that he likes her. Xiao Fei points out her faults and Zong Shi agrees with all of them, angering Xiao Fei. He goes to say something more, but stops himself. He asks Xiao Fei to go home with him, but she says Night is probably waiting for her so she’ll finish up what she needs to do and go home with him. Poor Zong Shi, always denied. He knows he’s been rejected without confessing and he tells this to Xiao Fei who looks uncomfortable. Zong Shi leaves and finishes his sentence. Even with all of Xiao Fei’s faults, he likes her just the way she is. Awww. Meanwhile, Xiao Fei sits frustrated. Does he or doesn’t he like her? She knows the truth, she’s just very unwilling to face it.

When Xiao Fei knocks off work, she is unhappy to see WuWu instead of Night waiting for her. She doesn’t want to talk to him at all as he only brings her unpleasantness. She goes to walk away, but she turns back and tells WuWu that something is wrong with Night. WuWu replies that Night’s maintenance check up showed that he was working perfectly fine. Xiao Fei explains that Night’s supreme clinginess has stopped. Isn’t that wrong? WuWu then spills the beans and takes Xiao Fei to where Night is working as a host. Xiao Fei is unhappy and pulls Night out of the club to talk. Night says he wants to help ease his burden for her and gather data as quickly as possible, thus he won’t listen to Xiao Fei’s request to quit the club. He walks off and Xiao Fei is shocked that he’s ignoring her plea. WuWu comes and talks about how sweet Night is to do all that for her and goes to tell her about an important function of Night’s, but Xiao Fei just ignores him and chases Night back into the club. Sigh. Xiao Fei really should have listened to the “reset” function that WuWu was trying to warn her about.

Xiao Fei squishes herself in between Night and his client. When the client protests, Xiao Fei introduces herself as Night’s cousin. The girl want Xiao Fei gone as she has bought Night for the night (how awkwardly redundant to say that). Xiao Fei then hugs the girl’s arm and says that she can stay with her. O.M.G. Wow. I know Xiao Fei is jealous and doesn’t want Night be clung onto by another girl even for work, but to actually offer herself up like that? LMAO. What is that girl thinking? Victoria [the client] replies that she doesn’t like girls and gets the club owner over there. Xiao Fei has no choice but to move away from the couple and sit at the bar. Adam [the owner] tells Xiao Fei to either order something or choose a host as she can be thrown out for not spending money. Thus Xiao Fei orders one glass of alcohol which she nurses as she stares at Night and his client. Awkward, awkward, awkward.

This continues night after night and Zong Shi becomes really worried about Xiao Fei’s tired appearance at work. Xiao Fei insists she’s fine as how can she tell him that she’s been staying up to the wee hours in the morning to watch Night act as a host? Finally, there comes a night when Victoria tries to kiss Night and Xiao Fei quickly moves in [the older woman’s eyes were closed] and shoves fruit in her mouth instead. This angers Victoria and Night apologizes saying he wishes to take things slow. Crisis averted for now. But when Xiao Fei interrupts Victoria’s fun once again, she woman yells for Adam and Xiao Fei goes scurrying off. This time, Xiao Fei is thrown out of the club. But don’t count her out. She sneaks back in dressed in a leather jacket and baseball cap and settles in between Victoria and Night. Sigh. Subtle. And this is where the episode ends.

Previews show that Night’s resetting is coming up! I can’t wait to see how this drama will handle Night’s resetting and how he goes back to Xiao Fei.


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