Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 4 Recap

Okay. I know, I know. NeeNee is rather late with this recap this week. Lots of stuff going on, plus I had to wait to find a raw video and then I think some things just got lost in translation. But, anywho, here it is after a slight delay. Enjoy!

So Mei Jia had chosen red wine and Xiao Fei had chosen white wine. Mei Jia and the secretarial smile thinking that Xiao Fei has made a grave mistake, but don’t count the girl out yet. The general manager asks her if she knows that red wine goes with red meat. Xiao Fei replies that she does, but her online research pointed out that the GM’s menu consists of a young lamb which is considered white meat, not red. She also mentions an interview that she had read online of the GM complaining about how asparagus makes red wine astringent and it just so happens the chef will be serving asparagus as a side with the lamb. That means that white wine should be correct. I am slightly surprised that Xiao Fei knew and processed all of this as she still seemed rather baffled just before the end of the last episode. The GM smiles and says that Xiao Fei is correct. Mei Jia looks unhappy while Night and Zong Shi look pleased. GM then gives Xiao Fei the order to take the wine into the kitchen for him. He leaves and XIao Fei’s coworkers congratulate her.

As Xiao Fei happily heads off to deliver the wine, Mei Jia comes running up and asks her to stop. Now what is that vixen planning? Mei Jia says that her monthly friend [if you’re a girl, you’ll get it] has come and she is completely unprepared. Mei Jia then says she remembers that Xiao Fei’s comes at around the same time, so did Xiao Fei bring anything? Xiao Fei smiles and says she does have what Mei Jia needs back in the room. Mei Jia asks Xiao Fei to get them. Xiao Fei looks at the wine in her hands and asks Mei Jia to hang on until she quickly delivers the wine, but Mei Jia can’t wait, it’s URGENT! So Xiao Fei hands her the wine and runs back to the room telling Mei Jia to wait for her.

Now, before I go farther, let me point something out. Mei Jia and Xiao Fei are currently sharing the SAME room after the Yun Fei bus incident. So WHY on earth wouldn’t Xiao Fei get the teeniest bit suspicious when Mei Jia asks her to fetch the pads? I mean, c’mon. The two are supposed to be best friends, so why couldn’t Mei Jia go and look through Xiao Fei’s luggage for what she needed since they are both in the same room? And ANOTHER thing. Why would Mei Jia stay put instead of accompanying Xiao Fei back to the room to get the feminine product she so desperately needed? True, you might not think anything about it, but if a friend asked me something like that, I would have to wonder why they were asking a relatively UNREASONABLE request. And one more thing. Do women’s bathrooms in Taiwan not have feminine napkins in dispensers like in the US? Although, I usually find myself without the change when I need it… Ok, end rant.

Mei Jia, however, does not stay put. Night sees her coming out of a room and wonders why she’s doing. Mei Jia doesn’t answer this and asks how come Night is there. Night replies that he bumped into Xiao Fei who said she was getting something for Mei Jia so Night came to see her. Mei Jia quickly replies that she went to the ladies room, but Night doesn’t seem to believe her. His computer quickly analyzes Mei Jia’s appearance. Heck, even I could tell she was visibly flustered. She kept herself from meeting Night’s gave and always looked around when she was answering him. Plus, she got really upset when Night insisted that she was nervous and not telling the truth. I have to say that Night keeps giving away hints to his real identity. He says that his “database” has been updated and tells him that she is lying. When Night persists, Mei Jia keeps insisting she isn’t lying and tries to get away, but Night blocks her retreat. Mei Jia then sees Zong Shi and Xiao Fei coming down the hall. She quickly whirls, fakes an ankle collapse, dropping the wine. Night quickly reacts by shoving Mei Jia against the wall in order to save the wine bottles from breaking. Mei Jia collapses to the floor and gets brained by a falling picture.

Xiao Fei and Zong Shi immediately run to the rescue and poor Night gets all the blame. Well, he did shove Mei Jia rather hard into the wall causing the picture to fall, but it was the girl’s own machinations that led to the incident. Of course, this means that Night is now on Xiao Fei’s shit list. How could he hurt her best friend? Night tries to explain what was happening with Mei Jia earlier, but Xiao Fei doesn’t want to listen. When Night offers his help, Xiao Fei yells at him to stay away and not touch Mei Jia. That girl really doesn’t deserve such loyalty. Zong Shi calls for an ambulance and there is nothing to do to wait for it to arrive. Night casts a look down at his ring and it is glowing orange. Why is Xiao Fei angry? Um…I know he’s a robot, but he should be able to easily figure out why.

At the hospital, Xiao Fei asks how Mei JIa is doing. Mei Jia ignores her and stares off to the side. Xiao Fei then apologizes as Night hurt Mei Jia on Xiao Fei’s behalf. Mei Jia finally opens her mouth about the situation and congratulates Xiao Fei on having such a boyfriend. He kept insisting Mei Jia was nervous and hiding something and even pushed her to the ground! Is Night a violent person? Xiao Fei can only keep apologizing. Xiao Fei then sends Zong Shi back to the hotel as she will stay with Mei Jia. As he leaves, Zong Shi notices that Mei Jia’s friendship bracelet had turned black. That look is back in his eye. Looks like Zong Shi is concerned about Mei Jia for an entirely different reason. I wonder since he’s so sensitive to certain things if he’s picked up on Mei Jia not being the friend Xiao Fei thinks she is… or maybe, like always, I am reading too much into his actions.

Back at the hotel, the GM’s special dinner is underway. He talks about how the night’s dish is paired with the white wine that he especially brought for the occasion. After gloating about it, everyone (save him) takes a drink and their looks aren’t happy at all. The GM notices this and asks what’s wrong. The white male says that there is something wrong with the wine. How can that be? The GM quickly takes a drink and spits it back in his glass. The wine is spoilt. The GM is livid and calls Xiao Fei into the dinner. Xiao Fei says she doesn’t know what happened, she just delivered the wine to the kitchen. The GM says that the kitchen staff had already confirmed their fridge was working properly, so it must have been a problem with the delivery. Xiao Fei insists that nothing in particular happened. The GM is really angry now. Night bursts in and says that it isn’t Xiao Fei’s fault as it looks like Mei Jia had taken the wine elsewhere. It’s entirely possible the other girl sabotaged Xiao Fei. The GM asks if there is proof. Well, no, it’s just one possibility. Regardless of Mei Jia’s actions, it was Xiao Fei’s reponsibility to look after the wine. Why did she give it to someone else? Good question. Night wishes to keep defending Xiao Fei, but the girl shuts her robot boyfriend up and takes full blame. Well, you have to admit she is at fault for handing off the wine she was supposed to quickly deliver to the kitchen staff. The GM then tells Xiao Fei he was seriously considering moving her to the secretarial department, but not anymore. She needs more grooming.

Xiao Fei leaves depressed and Night asks if she’s okay. Xiao Fei shakes off his arm and asks why he must hurt her friends. What does Xiao Fei mean? Xiao Fei explains that Night broke through Zong Shi’s wall and hurt him and now he has hurt Mei Jia. Is this because she made him jealous and possessive? Night happily smiles and replies that’s correct. He then says he will forever be on Xiao Fei’s side. Um… yeah, that didn’t help the situation one bit. Xiao Fei walks off visibly upset. Night looks down at his ring. It’s orange again. Why is she upset. DUH! I mean, I know he’s a robot, but should Night be this clueless?

Xiao Fei sits by the fountain and Zong Shi comes over and waves his hand in front of her face. Xiao Fei slowly comes back to reality and wonders why Zong Shi is still up. He replies that he is a night owl, but he wonders why a sleepy-head like Xiao Fei would still be up and not sleeping. Xiao Fei just hangs her head and doesn’t reply. This makes Zong Shi worried. Oh, totally off track, but I finally realized why Mr. Zong Shi looked a tad familiar. At first I said I want to see more of Kun Da’s dramas as I love him as a newly discovered actor, but then I realized I recognized him. He’s from K.O. 3an Guo! Ok, back on track. Xiao Fei says she doesn’t have the energy to give him a retort like normal. He asks if this is because of getting scolded by the GM over the wine incident. Xiao Fei says that doesn’t really matter as she’s kind of over it already even though why the wine went bad is still a mystery, and then tries to explain about Night (without explaining about Night). She asks what would happen if Zong Shi had a new fridge that short circuited. Zong Shi glibly says that if his little brother got shocked, he’d say he deserved it. He wouldn’t be mad? This surprises Zong Shi. Why would he be mad at a fridge? But, since it has malfunctioned, the thing would be to return it, right?

The next day comes and Night sits next to Xiao Fei on the ride home. It’s quiet and awkward and everyone’s eyes seem to be on the newly outed couple. When they reach the office, Zong Shi offers to share a taxi home with Xiao Fei, but she refuses as she has to talk with Night first. They go to the docks and Night wonders why they are they. Xiao Fei tells him that they are meeting WuWu so that he can take Night back. Night doesn’t get it. Why would Xiao Fei return him? Especially before they experienced his main function [LOL] or even bought the popped rice cakes. Xiao Fei then explains how she can return him without having to pay more than the shipping fee [literally, I guess] since Night has hurt humans. Xiao Fei also explains how it isn’t right that he can’t tell what she is feeling unless he looks at his ring. And on top of that, he can’t understand why she’s upset because he is just a robot after all. A normal human wouldn’t be happy and compliant if the girlfriend dumps him. Xiao Fei tells Night to stay and wait for WuWu and goes off in a taxi.

Night initially gives chase, but he stops himself and WuWu [who mysteriously appears like always] wonders why Night isn’t chasing after Xiao Fei as he can easily get the taxi. Besides, WuWu programmed Night to always give chase. Night says he understands this, but the ring turned black as he was running after Xiao Fei. Him chasing her, made her more unhappy. WuWu notes that humans are complex beings and generally hurt after breaking up. Night then says he was first and foremost programmed to make Xiao Fei happy. Thus, he won’t chase after her if that makes her miserable. This shocks WuWu. Night has used reason and come to his own conclusion?! Isn’t that outside what the robot’s capabilities should be? Phew. I was really worried that Night would stay acting as just a robot, but he is finally starting to exhibit signs of the ghost in the machine! Yay!

Meanwhile, Xiao Fei gets a montage of all her moments together with Night. Even though she is upset over the Mei Jia incident and Night unintentionally hurting Zong Shi as well, she likes Night too much to simply just have him taken away. We can especially thank this turn of events to the fact that the taxi stopped outside a rice cake popper stand that was ready to go off. She has the taxi turn around and rushes back the docks. She looks around frantically [and the way this scene is shot makes a person sick from all the turning in circles – the camera’s not the actress’s]. She yells for Night and begs him to come back to her. It turns out he isn’t just an appliance to Xiao Fei. She has come to genuinely care for him. As time passes and there is no Night, Xiao Fei begins to cry. Then Night pops up. He was heading off to her house to drop off the puffed rice cakes [there first and last promise to each other was to eat them together] he had just bought when he got the feeling that Xiao Fei would be back at the docks. Xiao Fei happily hugs him, glad that he isn’t gone. Night is happy that Xiao Fei’s mood has improved and says he will go back with WuWu when they finish the cakes. Xiao Fei smiles and calls him an idiot. He’s not going anywhere. The two then head off back home together.

Zong Shi meets with the GM who invites him out. Zong Shi declines and then asks the GM for a favor. We all know that it involves Xiao fei and how she got into trouble earlier. Why? Because Zong Shi’s cool like that and does things in the background. That’s why he’ll be the perpetual second lead [well, if you know the manga story, you kind of have to feel bad for his character…even if he gets the girl in the end].

The next morning Xiao Fei wakes to find Night staring at her yet again. She then panics and wonders if they did “that.” Now, I wouldn’t know, but you’d think Xiao Fei would have felt some aftereffects if they had done “that.” But in dramas, girls always have to look at their clothes to see if anything happened. Seriously? Night says that they didn’t even though that had 750 mL of wine. Um…so…how much wine is that exactly? Accursed metric system. Give me ounces, I know ounces. Well, let’s see. There are a 1000 mL in a liter right? So I roughly know a liter…that doesn’t seem like too much wine to be consumed in one setting… Anywho, back on topic. Night says that he came into the room because Xiao Fei kept talking in her sleep. She kept saying Mei Jia’s name and clinging to her phone. Xiao Fei admits that she wants to call Mei Jia badly, but thinks its too early to do so. Night wishes to tell Xiao Fei his suspicions about her very important best friend, but he has been programmed to not do such things, so he can only look at Xiao Fei with puppy eyes and tell her that Mei Jia may not be the friend she thinks she is.

At work, Mei Jia gets slapped by Shi Guan’s ex Vivian. Looks like Vivian has found out that Mei Jia seduced Shi Guan. Xiao Fei quickly rushes in to protect Mei Jia from more bodily harm and insists that a mistake must have been made. Mei Jia says nothing and just walks away. Looks like she’s going to have a huge fall from grace again at the company. Yun Fei and her sidekicks come up and tell Xiao Fei exactly what kind of girl Mei Jia is [from Mei Jia sending the picture to Yun Fei to blatantly asking the secretarial department for help with the wine question], but Xiao Fei doesn’t believe this. How much more proof does the girl need? Seriously.

Back in the GA department, Xiao Fei sits depressed. Night and her coworkers all worry about Xiao Fei. They also can’t believe Mei Jia was that underhanded. Xiao Fei then speaks up and say that Yun Fei and her gang must be lying. Everyone else cannot believe that Xiao Fei is still believing in Mei Jia at this moment. Enter Zong Shi who says that Mei Jia definitely stabbed Xiao Fei in the back. He then reveals what his favor from the GM was. When Zong Shi noticed the change in Mei Jia’s bracelet color, he began to have suspicions that Mei Jia had plotted against Xiao Fei. So he asked to be able to see security camera footage and they found video of Mei Jia taking the both bottles of wine into the female baths. She sealed them in a plastic bag and put them in the hot water in order to spoil them. Since the water has natural minerals, it turned the silver black. Hearing this, Xiao Fei jumps up and runs off. Night goes to follow, but Zong Shi stops him. This is something Xiao Fei needs to do on her own.

Xiao Fei finds Mei Jia who finally confesses everything she did with Shi Guan. When Xiao Fei asks why, Mei Jia responds that she hates Xiao Fei. Why? Mei Jia relates the story about Xiao Fei and the lost document which cost Mei Jia her shut at being in the secretarial pool by now. Seriously? It was Mei Jia’s fault for misplacing the document. True, Xiao Fei might have used a bit more tact when talking about where they discovered it, but still, the blame rests mostly on Mei Jia. The girl then says that if only they were in different companies, then Mei Jia would have succeeded already. Xiao Fei replies that they are best friends an Mei Jia says they haven’t been friends since that day as she considers it as Xiao Fei stabbing her in the back. That’s why she did that stunt with Shi Guan. So Xiao Fei can understand what it feels like to be stabbed in the back for no apparent reason.

Mei Jia then takes Xiao Fei’s arm and complains about the matching bracelets. Mei Jia then rips hers off and throws it on the floor. Xiao Fei bends down to pick it up as Mei Jia begs her to finally leave her alone. She goes to leave, but Xiao Fei grabs her arm. Mei Jia asks to be let go and Xiao Fei just says her name. Mei Jia keeps talking and asks Xiao Fei if she plans on begging [I think she means to stay friends]. This earns Mei Jia a loud slap [the sound doesn’t not really seem to go with the actual strength used]. This shocks Mei Jia. Xiao Fei tells her that they are no longer friends, but the bracelet is hers. Xiao Fei then bids her goodbye.

That evening, Zong Shi waits for Xiao Fei outside. When she comes out with Night, he tells her not to worry about losing Mei Jia as Night will always be there for her. Zong Shi then steps up and asks Xiao Fei out to eat. Night says that his biodata shows he cares for Xiao Fei a lot. Zong Shi, picking up on Night’s odd choice of words, looks confused. Xiao Fei quickly throws her arm around Zong Shi’s neck and tells Night that Zong Shi is her best friend. Is Night jealous? Night smiles and says he wishes to be friends with Zong Shi as well. So the three go out to eat and poor Zong Shi is the consummate third wheel. Xiao Fei should have been more considerate. Romantic feelings aside, Zong Shi is her best friend from childhood. How she could basically completely annoy him and have fun with her boyfriend was just plain rude.

The next morning, Night makes breakfast for Xiao Fei. It’s very healthy to make up for Xiao Fei’s eating binge the night before [she didn’t want to lose to Zong Shi]. This makes Xiao Fei happy, but her good mood is dispersed when she looks at the friendship bracelet she still wears. She recalls giving it to Mei Jia and their breakup the day before. Night notices Xiao Fei’s sudden change of mood and confirms that she’s feeling sad by looking down at his ring. Xiao Fei smiles and says that she is all right. This doesn’t make sense to Night as Xiao Fei obviously doesn’t feel happy. Xiao Fei then explains that it is courtesy to smile and say such things in order to make the person you care about not worry. Night understands what Xiao Fei means, but says that he is her boyfriend and he wishes to share all her emotions as he likes the real Xiao Fei best.

Night looks down and notices that Xiao Fei’s mood is turning white, which is good. He jumps up thinking that they can finally do “that” today. He quickly disrobes and Xiao Fei quickly averts her eyes. How come he is so quick to take his clothes off? Xiao Fei does pause when Night reveals he was only wearing a shirt and pants. That means that Night has been going commando the entire time [chafing – that’s all I can think about *shudders*]. Thus Xiao Fei takes Night an undergarment store so that he can buy some underwear. Xiao Fei stands outside happy to be shopping with her boyfriend, but too embarrassed to go in with him. The sales girls are immediately enamored with Night who thinks he’s shopping for Xiao Fei and not himself. When she begins to wonder why he’s not out yet, she goes into the store to find him surrounded by girls. The one sales girl offers to try on the underwear to show Night who is having trouble picking something out. Xiao Fei immediately intervenes and takes Night away, but when she hears them bad mouthing her and Night’s relationship, she gets angry, takes Night’s hand and hauls him back to the store girls saying that Night will only even love her and they will never break up. Night’s got a goofy happy face this entire time.

Back at the apartment, Night leans in close to Xiao Fei and she backs off thinking he wants “that,” but Night just tells her how happy he is over what she said in the store. He then reveals he’s wearing the underwear Xiao Fei bought for him. So…does she want to do “that” now? Xiao Fei quickly throws herself off the coach and refuses. Night doesn’t get it. Doesn’t Xiao Fei want to do it? His ring shows pink. Xiao Fei’s face turns red and she hotly denies this and quickly shut herself in the bathroom. Night says that her words say one thing while her body and emotions say another. So in this case…no means yes? Night gives a big smiles.

Gu Hye Sun, Jiro WangWhile Xiao Fei is bathing, she curses that her heart started thumping for the robot. The doorbell rings and Xiao Fei, thinking it’s the pizza arriving, tells Night to get the door. Night is happily reading and gets up to answer the door – naked!? It turns out its Zong Shi who looks quite shocked when he looks Night up and down. Night, not picking up that something is wrong, happily shouts to Xiao Fei that Zong Shi is there. Zong Shi reluctantly comes in when Night invites him. The poor boy looks like he’s at a loss for words. Xiao Fei comes out and is shocked when she notices Night’s appearance. Zong Shi looks at her and looks back at Night who proudly puts his hands on his hips and tells Xiao Fei that he’s wearing the boxers of love she bought for him. Xiao Fei immediately turns to Zong Shi and says that she and Night aren’t in “that” type of relationship. LMAO. She asks him not to get the wrong idea and Zong Shi asks just what her relationship is. Xiao Fei can’t explain that Night is a robot lover she purchased online, so she just insists that its not what Zong Shi thinks. Zong Shi tells her its okay as since she is living with Night, she must like him a lot and it seems Night likes her a lot, too. Zong Shi really needed to stop talking in this scene. I mean, it’s great that he’s supporting her [even though it tears his heart out], but why can’t he make a move or say something? But maybe he feel’s its too late now. I don’t know. Zong Shi then gives Xiao Fei cocoa he made for her and heads out after congratulating her for finding someone to land at her airport.

Later, Zong Shi is standing out on his terrace and thinking back to a time [high school?] when the long-haired Xiao Fei begged him to wake her up in time for something. Zong Shi refused as he had asked Xiao Fei to move in when her parents moved to China as he thought that would make taking care of her easier. Xiao Fei insisted she would never live with him as she didn’t like him in “that” way. She will get a boyfriend she loves and live with him. Ouch. What a way to slap down a man’s pride. Zong Shi’s flashback is broken by Night coming out to hang up Xiao Fei’s laundry.

When Xiao Fei comes into work, Sky immediately silences her greeting as Mei Jia is asking their boss for a transfer to a different branch of the company. He insists there are no openings, but Mei Jia pleads for his help and he breaks down and says he will make inquiries. This saddens Xiao Fei and she looks at her bracelet and wonders if Mei Jia is leaving because of her. Later, she runs into WuWu who is there for Night’s monthly maintenance fee. How much is it? NT$100,000. How is that really any cheaper than the money she would have had to pay for Night? Xiao Fei freaks out and WuWu says it is already the lowest price he can get for her. When Xiao Fei freaks out, WuWu then says she only has to pay that fee for 3 months which is only NT$300,000. Isn’t that great? Xiao Fei makes her puckered face and falls backwards. I guess not.

At lunch, Xiao Fei can only afford a salad as she no longer has any money for the month thanks to WuWu and the maintenance fees. She unhappily tucks into her lettuce when Mei Jia comes in. Xiao Fei goes to call her over, but Mei Jia immediately heads over to a different table. Xiao Fei is soon joined by Sky and Night. Sky comments on Xiao Fei eating a salad and wonders if she’s on a diet to lose weight to match with Night. This worries Night as Xiao Fei doesn’t need to lose weight. Xiao Fei insists that she isn’t dieting, she just doesn’t have much of an appetite. This causes Night to wonder if she’s sick and he causes quite the stir when he presses his forehead to hers to check her temperature. This makes Zong Shi very unhappy. Then he shouldn’t have said he was okay with Xiao Fei being with Night. Silly man.

Can’t wait for episode 5! The previews look like Zong Shi might actually be making a move.


  • Absolute boyfriend is starting to grow in me especially Jiro he really suits Night. But what bothers me is that in the manga or jap. version, does it mention about Night being a human before? Just like in ep 1, Xiao Fei really met Night but still a human. I’m so curious

    • It’s been awhile since I read the manga and watched the jdrama, but I think this I’d something unique to the Taiwan version.

  • erm. no.. bathrooms in asia.. seldom have sanitary dispensers.. for me.. i usually walk to the convenience store to buy an entire pack.. yeah..

    it’s weird that way. actually i speak chinese.. natively.. (i think.. anyway).. if u ever need help with anything, feel free to ask. 🙂

    i used to sub for viikii/viki. but life got to me after.

    • Thanks!

      I know that when my sister was in mexico she had to make sure she had some on her along with toilet paper As bathrooms there seldom had either, too, but I wasn’t sure that applied for Asia, too.

  • I think the initial amount Wu Wu asked Xiao Fei for Night was 一亿元 which translates to 1 billion instead of a million?

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