Absolute Boyfriend Live Action Episode 2 Recap

Jiro Wang in drag playing a hostess in a club where the hostesses are cross dressers and the waitresses are females wearing bunny/kitty outfits? Well, that’s a new one. While the ill-fitting dress and Jiro’s muscular frame make it difficult for him to pass as female, dang was his makeup pretty.

Anywho, Xiao Fei is amazed that two days have sped by already. She is a little sad to think of Night leaving as she is starting to like him and grow accustomed to him. She asks if he will be mad of she returns him. Night says that he won’t be as he knows that it’s something that she has given a lot of thought to. Xiao Fei asked if that was one of the programs she had input and Night replies that it is his own thoughts. Should a robot be having those? That night, she invites him to sleep in bed with her. Just sleep. Nothing else. [I really thought the camera angle when they did the two looking at each other was really kind of awkward.]  That night, Xiao Fei dreams of the older brother who taught her the ring finger trick and she puts Night’s face in place of the blurry one from her memory. I wonder if we’ll ever learn about that past memory in full or not? The next morning, Xiao Fei awakens wondering why she dreamt of that and then jumps when she finds Night staring at her. He’d been doing that for the last 8 hours. That’s just a little creepy. He then gets up to make a sumptuous breakfast of French toast.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Now, doesn’t Xiao Fei’s ideal “boyfriend” seem more like a servant cum knight in shining armor rather than a boyfriend? You have to love how she complains about how unrealistic his actions are [silently to herself] when she is the one who had him programmed that way.

Lei Wu Wu then pops in for a maintenance call and to collect the payment for Night. This shocks Xiao Fei. What does he mean by payment? Night was delivered at 6:58 AM two days ago and was activated at 7:31 AM. That is when his free two-day trial started. Wu Wu tells Xiao Fei to look at the time. It is 7:35 AM. She had failed to return Night by the specified time and now owes Kronos Heaven NT$1,000,000. Say what! Xiao Fei begs him to take Night back as she doesn’t have the money. Wu Wu says that he wouldn’t want Night back anyways since he has already been “used.” Both Xiao Fei and Night say that they have not had any of “that” type of relations just yet. Wu Wu then says that Xiao Fei should be happy with a 70% discount as the original cost was 3771 [her amount of customizations] times NT$100,000. She is not happy nor does she have the money. Looks like she will have to take on side jobs in order to make monthly payments of NT$166,000.

Na Wei Xun, Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Totally thrown for a loop, Xiao Fei sleeps the day away and is called out to dinner. When she goes out, she is happy to see the thoughtful meal that Night prepared, but tells him to be more frugal and not have so much food. Night asks her to eat, but Xiao Fei refuses, she isn’t really hungry thanks to the big blow she was dealt that morning. Xiao Fei then asks where Night got the money for the feast and she is horrified to learn that he took money out of her purse to buy the food. Whoops.

Gu Hye Sun, Jiro Wang

Xiao Fei uses spare moments at work to look for a part-time job. Her friend Mei Jia catches her and is shocked to find Xiao Fei looking for extra work. Xiao Fei lies and says she is in desperate need of money after buy a bag that exceeds her budget [well, it’s a bit difficult to say that your robot lover exceeded your budget]. Mei Jia promises to help and gives Xiao Fei goes about work happily trusting in her friend. She bumps into Zong Shi who asks after her [he recalls her café embarrassment and Night rushing to her rescue]. Xiao Fei says her parents didn’t say to spy on her and that she rushes off as she is busy. Later, Mei Jia hands her a business card for a hostess bar. What friend would honestly tell their friend to do such work?

Lin Kun Da, Gu Hye Sun

Xiao Fei goes to the club in short black dress and acts all sweet and cutesy. She is so fake. The owner tells her that he’s looking for a waitress and not a hostess. Xiao Fei believes she’ll earn more money and insists on being a hostess. The man says its impossible and then Night shows up. He wants to help pay off the debt she owes because of him. The owner perks up and says that if Night cross-dresses, he will pay him double the going rate. Wowza! So that’s why he wouldn’t hire Xiao Fei. The hostesses are cross dressers. Xiao Fei insists on being hired as well. You know this won’t go well. Xiao Fei is stunned by a male client putting his hand on Night’s thigh and spills a drink she was pouring for another customer at the same table. This makes the customer angry, but he shakes it off and asks Xiao Fei to sit with him and smacks her rear. This causes Night to jump up and push the client. Xiao Fei apologizes to the owner and the two go back to work again only to have a fight break out this time as another [or is it the same one?] client tries to pick Xiao Fei up. Xiao Fei tells Night not to hit so he kicks the crap out of the guys instead. Xiao Fei apologizes to the owner once more and she grabs Night and leaves.Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Jiro Wang

Xiao Fei and Night leave and Xiao Fei complains about all the work they did for no pay [she worked? I must have missed that as all she did was look awkward and not actually do her job as a waitress]. Night apologizes and wonders how Xiao Fei will get the money. Xiao Fei spreads her arms wide and says she will just have to resort to robbery. Night takes this to heart and targets a man who is passing by. Xiao Fei quickly rushes in to stop him saying it was just a joke. Night tells her to say that next time as he is willing to do anything for her. The two sit on a bench and Night begs her to return him so she won’t be going through so much trouble. Xiao Fei has decided to go through with the purchase, however. Just as the two are about to share their first real kiss [a boot-up kiss doesn’t count], Wu Wu pops in to tell them that he has a solution to their problem!

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye SunGu Hye Sun, Na Wei Xun, Jiro Wang

What is the solution? They go to the café where Xiao Fei had her first meeting with Wu Wu and he explains that if she  helps provide data for the company to perfect their next models, then the one million will be waived. Xiao Fei will have to pay Night’s maintenance fees, but if she provides sufficient emotional, psychological, and physiological data, then she won’t owe that exorbitant fee. Xiao Fei doesn’t really wish to be the guinea pig to supply data. What if she can’t do it? Then she must pay the one million all at once in cash! Xiao Fei reluctantly agrees to keep Night for three months to help supply the company with sufficient data to improve the models. Wu Wu then warns her to keep Night’s identity a secret or else he’ll have her and her entire family killed [that was a joke, but Night took it seriously and got really angry]. Wu Wu takes back his words and beats a hasty retreat. I had to love in this scene where Night kept agreeing with and protecting Xiao Fei. This annoyed Wu Wu as Night is his product, yet he is taking Xiao Fei’s side and even going so far as to physically threaten Wu Wu for hurting and threatening Xiao Fei. Well, wouldn’t Night be less than ideal if he were to only be on the company’s side versus his girlfriend’s?

Na Wei Xun, Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

The two go back the apartment and Night childishly shouts his joy at being able to stay together with Xiao Fei without her having to worry about paying for him [for the moment at least]. Xiao Fei hushes him just as Zong Shi comes up. Xiao Fei turns to greet her friend, but he coldly ignores her. The man is jealous. He gets back to his apartment to have Qing Shi beg for dinner. Zong Shi angrily starts getting things ready and then snaps at his little brother’s complaining. He goes over, knife in hand, and starts yelling about all the things he does for his “brother.” This totally confuses Qing Shi. Just what is wrong with his ge? Poor boy, he gets all Zong Shi’s anger and jealousy [that’s why Zong Shi complains about cooking and cleaning while the parents are away]. Zong Shi calms down a bit and goes back to cooking only to have Qing Shi tell him that he should hook up with Xiao Fei. Zong Shi breaks an egg on his little brother and tells him to never say that again as Xiao Fei is “spoken” for.

Lin Kun Da

So what does little brother Qing Shi do? He secretly calls up Xiao Fei jie. Night picks up the phone and takes it to Xiao Fei who is currently taking a bubble bath and wondering over Zong Shi’s distant attitude. Xiao Fei freaks out and throws a towel over Night’s head before getting into her robe and taking Qing Shi’s call. Qing Shi says that Zong Shi has made a big dinner and that she should come over. Xiao Fei agrees and hangs up. She wonders why Zong Shi would act so cold and then do this. She then tells Night to wait in the apartment for her as she won’t be long, she is just going over to Zong Shi’s for dinner. Night asks who that is and Xiao Fei explains he is her classmate, friend, and… never mind. Night asks to meet him, but Xiao Fei says no and again tells him to wait quietly at home while she goes over to eat.

Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun DaQing Shi tells Zong Shi the news and Zong Shi doesn’t have time to be angry. He only has 9 minutes left to prepare a nice meal for Xiao Fei. And he does it. How, I don’t know, but he manages. Xiao Fei gets there only to have Qing Shi lie about having to do a Skype conversation with a friend for a school project. What follows is a very awkward meal. Xiao Fei tries to tell Zong Shi about Night, but recalls Wu Wu’s words and clams up. This infuriates Zong Shi when she says that it has nothing to do with him. He says to leave her dishes and he will wash up. Xiao Fei refuses and gets up to wash her own. A struggle over the bowl ensues and it falls to the floor, shattering. A shard cuts Xiao Fei’s leg. Night’s ring picks up on Xiao Fei being in pain and he immediately perks up and gets ready to ride to the rescue. Meanwhile, Xiao Fei refuses Zong Shi’s first aid. Zong Shi hugs her from behind. Talk abut even more awkwardness. Qing Shi watches this with glee. At last his brother is making a move!

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun Da

Gu Hye Sun, Lin Kun Da

Before Zong Shi can say or do anything, Night comes crashing through the wall shocking the three next door. He quickly assesses the situation. Xiao Fei shakes her head, but Night ignores this signal and quickly gets Zong Shi shoved out of the way. He then scoops up Xiao Fei and takes her back to her apartment through the hole he made. Zong Shi and Qing Shi stare in shock. What just happened? They get an even bigger shock when they find Wu Wu and team in their apartment. The team quickly patches the wall, cleans up the broken glass and wall pieces and puts a plaster on Zong Shi’s injured arm. Wu Wu then flashes a device [reminiscent of the Men in Black pen thingy] which freezes the brothers. They come to screaming and wondering why. What just happened? They don’t remember, but they feel something isn’t right. Zong Shi does the dishes and wonders why a bowl is missing. He looks around and finds a missed piece of glass. Uh-oh.

Jiro Wang

Lin Kun Da, Na Wei Xun

Night quickly takes care of Xiao Fei’s injured leg and she tries to go next door to talk to Zong Shi. Night wonders why as Zong Shi was bullying her. Wu Wu then pops in and says everything has been taken care of and Xiao Fei will have to owe for the repairs down to the walls. Wu Wu then explains that the brothers’ memories of that night have been completely erased so Night’s identity is still safe. Xiao Fei then instructs Night to curb his actions otherwise he will be discovered in no time. Wu Wu agrees with this. While Xiao Fei is getting angry at Wu Wu for mentioning a maintenance [repair cost if Night hurt himself while pulling such a stunt] Night asks if Zong Shi is a classmate and colleague. Xiao Fei says yes before returning to Wu Wu. does anyone else think its kind of cute that Jiro always raises his hand to ask a question? Although, why would they program a robot to do that when that isn’t a normal thing for adults to do?

Na Wei Xun, Jiro Wang, Gu Hye Sun

The next day at work Xiao Fei runs late and bumps into Zong Shi. She asks if he was okay the night before and he asks why. Xiao Fei lies and says she was just making conversation and Zong Shi rushes off to a meeting. Xiao Fei wonders how she can ask why he held her when his memories have been erased. Mei Jia then rushes by reminding her that she’s late. Later, a new employee is introduced to Xiao Fei’s division. The new employee’s name? Night!

Gu Hye SunJiro Wang

What workplace hijinks will ensue?

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