Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 7 Recap

Yay! This is me getting the recap up early in the week versus at the end. I am really enjoying this series. My main complaint is wanting it to be longer – an hour instead of half. There is so many good stories in the manga that you know will never get to see light in the drama realm and a live action movie only has so much time and can’t tell them all. I wonder which storyline they will do for it? I do have to say this is a great episode. The actor playing Mr. Fujioka, AKA Renka, is awesome. He can be a believable female one moment and the hard as nails dad the next flawlessly. Bravo!

This episode begins with Tamaki following Nekozawa into the Black Magic clubroom. It’s dark and freaky with everyone wearing getups like Nekozawa – there’s even a “vampire.” Just why is Tamaki there when he always appears frightened of Nekozawa? To have his fortune read. Before the fortune-telling begins, Tamaki, unconvincingly says that he believes more in science than in this stuff. Tamaki reiterates this statement when his fortune does not turn out to be all that good. And just what is he seeking a reading on? He wants to know how things will go with Haruhi’s father when he goes to visit. Poor Tamaki is told that Haruhi’s dad and he will just not get along. In fact, Tamaki will encounter bad luck with the cross-dresser. This bad fortune sends Tamaki fleeing from the room. I have to say, seeing Nekozawa so happy telling Tamaki his bad news is cute. I kind of really liked him in this episode.

Ryusei Ryo, Yamamto Yusuke

We then cut to a scene where a stretch Hummer [not 100% certain, though] pulls up in a typical neighborhood. This sends the kids running to ogle it and wonder just what is going on and who is in side. As they crowd around, a chauffer gets out and goes to the end of the car and opens the door. Out pops Tamaki. He is soon followed by the rest of the club. They look around and say they cannot believe Haruhi’s house is so big with so many windows. Kyoya states that it is not all Haruhi’s family’s, but it is an apartment complex where many different families live.

Ouran episode 7

**Begin Rant**
Are rich people really this dumb and clueless? First with the commoner’s coffee and commoner’s ramen and now with apartment complexes. You would think that even if they have lived luxurious and pampered existences, they would know a tad more about the real world than these people do [save Kyoya]. This is something that got me in the manga every time as well. Just how stupid they were about the “normal” world. To me, its just unbelievable how ignorant they are.
**End Rant**

Tamaki then warns the gang not to do anything to make Haruhi feel uncomfortable – namely commenting on the appearance and size of the house. Tamaki particularly warns the twins to curb their tongues as they are the worst. He also warns them that Haruhi’s father might be inside so they have to be on their utmost good behavior as he doesn’t want to offend Fujioka and get kicked out of the house. At this point Haruhi shows up and is less than thrilled to find the entire host club in front of her apartment building attracting a lot of attention. Haruhi tells them all to go home as she absolutely will not allow them into her house.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Tamaki rushes after her and asks why they aren’t allowed in since they were invited last week. Haruhi, continuing onto her apartment said that the sempais were not invited. Hikaru and Kaoru [back to normal again hairwise] complain saying that the rest of the club followed them. Despite Haruhi’s protests, the gang all follow her straight up to her apartment. Tamaki then pulls the 2nd father card and Haruhi turns and says that she will definitely NEVER let them in. But then out cute little Honey brings out some cake and Haruhi just can’t resist – she has a weakness for food, go figure. Thus Haruhi allows them in just for cake and then they must go home.

Ouran episode 7

Haruhi opens the door and the gang looks around in wonder. Kyoya comments on how one small space has been converted to a living, dining, and study room and one of the twins complain about the smallness. Poor Tamaki tries to get them to mind their manners, but to no avail. A twin goes over to a door and opens it causing Haruhi to fly to shut it since it is there storage closet, but Tamaki stops her as he has spotted a kotatsu [a low, wooden table from covered by a futon or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits]. Tamaki wants to take it out, but Haruhi tries to keep it in the closet. But then Kyoya and the twins start poking around more causing Haruhi to leave Tamaki [who succeeds in taking out the kotatsu] to stop them. We then have Honey come running into Mori’s arm, frightened by the tiny bathroom. Needless to say this all grates on Haruhi’s nerves.

Ouran episode 7

Haruhi then notices Tamaki has taken out the kotatsu and rushes over to get him to put it back since it takes up so much space. Tamaki then jumps up and tells everyone to be aware of their positions since it is so cramped. He then sits down with his knees drawn up to his chest to show the commoner “space saver” technique. The club members clap at this and then follow Tamaki’s suit [except for Kyoya who is still looking around]. Haruhi then complains saying that she really shouldn’t have let them in.

Ouran 7

Meanwhile, her father is on his way home. The gang then sits down to eat the cake. Haruhi bites into it and is in seventh heaven. The boys watch on, enamored. They think she is very cute and watch her happily as she enjoys the food. Kyoya asks where her father is and Haruhi tells him that he went to work to care for his sick boss. Tamaki then warns the boys not to embarrass themselves if the transvestite father comes home. The boys agree and Tamaki jumps up and says that they must make a good first impression, which usually means Tamaki’s going to leave a bad one.

Ouran 7

As Haruhi cleans up the cake dishes, Honey says that he wants to eat Haruhi’s home cooking. The other boys agree to that they wish to eat Haruhi’s cooking as well. Haruhi then asks if they will leave after lunch. They all promise to and Haruhi grabs her purse to go out grocery shopping. The boys all jump up as they wish to see a commoner’s supermarket as well. As the other boys head out the door, Tamaki catches sight of something and goes into a different room.

Ouran 7

Haruhi wonders what Tamaki is going and asks if he is not going. Tamaki says that he is going to go, but wanted to pay respects to her mother first. Haruhi thanks him for his kindness. Tamaki picks up her mother’s picture and says that she takes after her mother. Haruhi then talks about how her mother was a lawyer who fought for the weak. Tamaki says she must have been a wonderful mother. Haruhi kneels down beside him with a warm and affectionate look and says that her mom was a wonderful mother. Tamaki, seeing this expression, is quite touched.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Meanwhile, the other boys are waiting outside when they notice a woman go up the stairs. Inside, Tamaki gets a little uncomfortable and says that they should join the others. When he tries to get up, he trips and falls on top of Haruhi. This doesn’t seem to affect Haruhi at all, but poor Tamaki is all flustered. He apologizes and Haruhi says that it is okay, but he is heavy. At this time, Haruhi’s father comes in and needless to say is not thrilled to find a boy on top of his daughter. Tamaki begins freaking out, but tries to calm himself down by saying that since Haruhi’s father is a guy, surely he’ll understand the accident. Haruhi’s father just comes up and swats Tamaki away like he was a bug.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Fujioka’s strength impresses Haruhi. And thus we have a nice fun, time brewing. I loved this in the manga because Renka [Haruhi’s father’s drag name] is great at ignoring Tamaki. He keeps on talking to Haruhi like Tamaki doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, Tamaki is listening to every word and tries to overcome the initial bad impression by catering to Renka’s wants [tea, sleep, etc]. When Tamaki goes to lay out the blankets, Renka gets up and knocks him down, pinning him underneath his foot. Poor, poor Tamaki. Renka smiles and says that he found a giant insect. Renka steps down harder and scolds Tamaki for calling Haruhi informally.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

At this moment, the twins come back to the apartment. Tamaki begs for their help, but they just step on him on their way to greet Haruhi’s father. Now, if they really were putting their entire weight on Yamamoto – the poor guy, that had to hurt. Hikaru and Kaoru then paint Tamaki as a womanizer to Renka.  Tamaki gets up and hotly denies this. He then tries to stammer out how he feels towards Haruhi. The twins are shocked – could Tamaki finally be confessing his feelings in front of Haruhi’s father no less. Even Haruhi seems to be wondering as well, but no. Tamaki is not confessing his love. Instead he hits his knees and bows saying that he regards Haruhi as his own daughter. Baka.

Ouran 7

Soon all the club members have returned to the apartment and are sitting down with Haruhi’s dad and happily chatting while Tamaki sits depressed in the storage closet morosely growing mushrooms. Renka then goes and names everyone and says that he’s heard stories. This excites the boys, but they are deflated to learn that it was not Haruhi telling the stories, but Kyoya who is Renka’s email buddy. Kyoya then thanks Renka for all his information on Haruhi. Tamaki turns around and wonders why Kyoya didn’t tell him. Kyoya said that since Haruhi joined the host club, of course they had to have her father’s approval, so it should have been Tamaki doing the contacting. What a useless president. Tamaki is shot with arrows while Renka and Kyoya complain about him.

Daito Shunsuke, Yamamoto Yusuke

Haruhi is shocked to learn that her father and Kyoya have been communicating. She asks why she didn’t know and Renka says this way he at least gets to know what is going on at school since Haruhi never talks about it. Haruhi then turns to Tamaki and tells him to stop growing mushrooms. Renka then calls Tamaki the worst for not even knowing Haruhi was a girl til the end. This is a fatal blow to Tamaki. He cries and says the is the slowest and runs out of the apartment. Haruhi then follows him out and asks if he wants to go to the supermarket with her while her dad stays with the others. This brightens Tamaki up. Haruhi asks what he wants and he says hot pot with lots of shrimp and crabs. Haruhi agrees and the two set off for the market together with Tamaki holding the bottom of Haruhi’s shirt like a little kid. Kawaii. You get to see Haruhi acting like a mother to Tamaki instead of him being the father for once.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Meanwhile, the boys are not happy to stay at home since they wanted to go to the market as well. Renka tells them it is no use since Haruhi has made up her mind already. He then says how depressed he is by Haruhi not liking to dress up. Renka then pulls off photo albums and begins to show them little girl Haruhi, much to the boys’ delight. Renka then talks about how unhappy he was when Haruhi cut off her long hair. The boys sympathize with him. Renka then says how happy he is that Haruhi is having a happy school life and is being cared for by the host club, even if she has to pretend to be male. This makes the boys happy. Renka then slams the album shut and asks if they would like to play a game with “onee-san” [big sister].

Ouran 7

So, we then have the supermarket scenes. Obviously Tamaki is like a kid in the candy store. He is in heaven at all the new sights and sounds. He finds it as remarkable as Haruhi finds it commonplace. The two set out for the ingredients for hotpot, but Tamaki keeps getting sidetracked so Haruhi holds his hand through the store while her father and twins watch on – that was Renka’s “game.” They do attract a lot of attention, though. The twins are unhappy that Haruhi and Tamaki are holding hands and cut between them. Tamaki looks around and begins noticing the rest of the members. Haruhi had already noticed that her father had brought them all along.

Ouran 7Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Tamaki then worriedly keeps an eye out for Renka and ends up getting run into by a little girl out shopping by herself. Tamaki turns into his usual charming self and treats the girl kindly. She walks off with him admiring her. Renka then comes up and asks what he thinks. Tamaki says he thinks it is quite remarkable how the little girl is shopping on her own. Renka then explains how Haruhi has been doing such things since she was small as well. He then talks about her getting teased by neighborhood boys for her father’s cross dressing. Renka even relates how he followed Haruhi to make sure she was okay when she went shopping. When he was found out [after protecting her from a spill of fruit], he laughs it off saying he wants to hold the basket.

Yamamoto Yusuke

After this touching story, Renka complains about how Haruhi never complains. She also never asks for help. This Tamaki says he can relate to. Instead of feeling more reassured, you feel you must watch over her more to make sure she doesn’t end up hurt. This surprises and touches Renka, although you can tell that he doesn’t want to be impressed. Renka then pinches Tamaki’s cheeks saying that he is the protector. Tamaki then notices the same girl knock into some cans right where Haruhi is. Renka screams and the cans fall, but Tamaki managed to get there just in time to save her. Haruhi thanks him and then comforts the little girl. Seeing this, Renka tearily says that his days are numbered as Haruhi’s protector.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Back at the Fujioka apartment, the gang are all gathered around the tokatsu and the hotpot is ready. haruhi asks if they can turn the kotatsu off since it is so hot, but Tamaki refuses since it has always been his dream to sit around a kotatsu eating hotpot with a family. The boys dig in and Renka goes to serve Tamaki as thanks for helping Haruhi. However, Tamaki ruins the goodwill by saying how he treats Haruhi has his own daughter. Renka says that he isn’t ready to  give Haruhi to everyone and serves Tamaki up the mushrooms he grew earlier.

Ouran 7

Scenes I liked in the manga that was missing in this episode:

  • Haruhi trying to find enough slippers for the crew to wear only to have them walk a few steps and hit the tatami mats so that meant they had to take shoes off – it’s not necessary, but it was funny
  • During the time when they are eating cake, Mori gives his strawberries to Haruhi. This surprises her and Mori asks if she likes strawberries. Haruhi says she does and is very happy to have gotten his. It was a cute Mori moment. Mori has some, but not nearly as much as the other members since his character his usually so silent and stoic.
  • In the manga, Renka gave Tamaki nothing but cabbage out of the hotpot when Tamaki really wanted meat. I kind of liked that better than the depressing mushrooms.

Things I really want to see before the end of the series [11 or 12 episodes – so 4 or 5 left]:

  • Tamaki’s backstory – which explains his obsession with a family gathered around a kotatsu
  • Kyoya’s backstory – really, I do love it, I also love how the anime ends with Kyoya’s and Tamaki’s dad fighting over Haruhi as the perfect partner for their sons
  • My beloved yankee – the clueless, harsh-looking softy. I just loved that storyline
  • Obviously, the realization of the two “leads” about their feelings
  • The rival girl school who wants Haruhi for themselves


  • I was thinking about the girl’s school. I don’t think that’s a necessary addition to the show so I doubt they’ll put it in. It would be good to see though. I really want to see Tamaki’s life story though! I am so with you about the boys knowing nothing about ‘commoners’. So unrealistic, although with Ouran I guess ‘realism’ never really came into it. But even Kyoya! Kyoya would not be as stupid as they are, and yet there he is in the background, dropping the alfoil/tinfoil (which was, contradictorily, actually my favourite thing of the entire episode just cuz it was such a cute background scene). Second favourite scene was Tamaki growing mushrooms. Every episode just makes me love him even more, and by extension, Yamamoto. When he fell on Haruhi and the dad caught them, he stayed on top of her the entire time he was thinking of what he would do and whether Haruhi’s dad would understand him. Dude, get off her first! lol

    • I know its not necessary for the girl school, but it was fun when the boys thought Haruhi would be taken away from them. Oh well, I can live without it. I know realism never played into Ouran, but it is a little frustrating with how naive/ignorant they are of the real world. Kyoya was better than the others, but had his moments, too. I did like the tinfoil bit as well, but have to say my favorite background scene was in the store where he was loading up on commoner’s coffee. Ah, poor, idiot Tamaki. He should have just shot off of Haruhi right away, but just kept panicking. I can’t believe he thought he might be able to reason with her father when he is on top of Haruhi. Silly.

  • This is episode have a my fav scene,honey senpai wink scene!!!!!!!:-)
    Why honey senpai is cute but cool?

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