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Jdrama Review: Akagi

Hongo Kanata as Akagi

Akagi is a 10 episode Japanese drama that aired this past summer. This is a live action based off a manga (Akagi ~ Yami ni Oritatta Tensai) by Fukumoto Nobuyuki. After the manga came the 26 episode anime series followed by two live action movies in the 90s. The drama follows genius gambler Akagi Shigeru as he sets out to

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Jdrama Review: Tohai Season 1

Maeda Goki as K/Kei

Tohai [凍牌] is a 2013 Japanese drama that revolves around high school student K [Maeda Goki] who is a gifted mahjong player. When his family ends up leaving Japan (I think his mom, dad, and sister leave for his father’s work), he remains in an apartment by himself and unwittingly gets sucked into the dangerous world of underground mahjong. At

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