Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 5 Recap

Yamamoto Yusuke

Yay!!! I was so happy to see how much they stuck to the overall original plot for this episode, including the bed scene!!! I know it diverges from the manga plot somewhat in regards to Kyoya, but I have to say that the manga [to the point where I stopped reading at least] and anime kind of hinted at what this episode so obviously shows. And I must say that what made me even happier this episode what the previews for the next episode. They are doing the twins’ story!! Although, I think the ordering may be a little off, but that’s okay.

The episode opens with Tamaki sitting on a rock with a girl while staring out across the water. It is a very romantic scene, but it is ruined when Kyoya comes and announces that the girl’s private time with Tamaki is over. We then cut to see a huge line of girls all waiting their turn. Poor Haruhi is all depressed that she is spending her summer break this way. A  group of girls come up and ask Haruhi to go swimming with them, but Haruhi declines [swimming would show her girlish figure]. The girls go to sit out with Haruhi, but she tells them that it would be a waste since they wore such cute suits. This causes the girls to all swoon for Haruhi.

Kawaguchi Haruna

Tamaki overhears this and thinks about how Haruhi would be the cutest in a bathing suit while the twins watch Haruhi with amazement again at her charm. Honey then runs about and asks if Haruhi wants to collect shellfish that they had finished “scattering.” He then pulls Haruhi after him to a beach where there are all sorts of shellfish and other aquatic life scattered haphazardly over the beach. Haruhi picks up a lobster and smiles at the thought of food. Then Mori comes up with something else and asks if Haruhi likes it. Haruhi replies that she does and soon all the boys are crowding around offering her various sea creatures to the point that Haruhi yells enough. Poor girl. The boys always go overboard.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke, Takagi-kun

Later, the twins lounge around and complain about how they wanted to see Haruhi in a bathing suit, but can’t since they are servicing customers. Kyoya comes and says that it can’t be helped since Haruhi must appear as a boy. Tamaki then joins in and says that he won’t just let anyone sees his daughter in a bathing suit. He then fantasizes about a long haired Haruhi in a cute one-piece. In his fantasies, Tamaki always images Haruhi with a completely different attitude than reality.

Yamamoto Yusuke

His fantasy is cut short by the arrival of Nekozawa [armed against the sun with an umbrella]. This freaks Tamaki out. Apparently they are on Nekozawa’s private beach. The twins wonder why and Kyoya says it is because Haruhi asked for something closer to home as she doesn’t have money to travel nor a passport [all the boys’ private beaches are overseas]. This makes the twins pout. I love the twins. They seem to be embodying Hikaru and Kaoru more and more as the show progresses. It leaves me high hopes for episode 6.

Daito Shunsuke, Takagi Shinpei, Tagaki Manpei

Screams are soon heard and the boys go running. A gaggle of girls are screaming because there is a bug on a crab. Tamaki tells Haruhi not to worry as they are there, but Haruhi just goes up and takes the bug off the crab and flings it into the sea, shocking the boys and awing the girls. They exclaim of Haruhi’s gentleness and manliness while the boys wonder just what Haruhi is afraid of. Thus the twins propose a game to Tamaki about discovering Haruhi’s weakness. Tamaki initially refuses, but the twins goad him into it by insinuating that Haruhi and Tamaki are not all that close. Kyoya then offers middle school pictures of Haruhi to sweeten the deal. The others excitedly examine the pictures and wonder where Kyoya got them, but the devil won’t reveal his source.

Daito Shunsuke, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei

Thus the game commences. During a tour of a cave, the twins try to scare Haruhi with skeletal remains [they put two skeleton hands on her shoulder], but Haruhi is unaffected. This surprises the twins. Plus, when bats go by, Haruhi doesn’t even flinch! Honey then takes Haruhi to a high place to see if she is scared of heights, but Haruhi proves that she is not. Mori then runs up with a spear and flashes it in front of Haruhi who isn’t frightened at all. She just thinks that it is a joke Mori-sempai is holding a mori [spear]. This deflates poor Mori who was testing her fear of sharp objects.

Ouran 5

Later, girls asks if there really is nothing Haruhi is afraid of. As they walk away, Haruhi thinks about it and recalls hiding under a table as a little girl. This begins to scare her and she shakes herself from the memory. At this time a trio of guys begin bother the girls. Haruhi sees this and throws a bucket of the collected sea creatures at them. This annoys the guys who then approach Haruhi. One of the girls runs away and tells Tamaki and the others and they go running to help. As Tamaki reaches the cliff, Haruhi is pushed over the edge and Tamaki rushes and dives in while the rest of the club stops the ruffians from leaving.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto YusukeChiba Yudai, Takgai Shinpei, Takgai Manpei, Nakamura Masaya

We then cut to Tamaki holding Haruhi on his lap as she comes to. The others have all reached the bottom of the cliff as well at this time. Tamaki asks if she is okay and Haruhi sits up and asks about the other guys. Kyoya says that they collected their ids and sent the girls back to the hotel. Honey asks if Haruhi is okay and Haruhi gets up and says that she is just fine. Tamaki then grabs her and asks if she knows karate like Honey. Haruhi smiles and says that’s impossible and Tamaki then shakes her and asks her why she didn’t call for them since they were nearby. Haruhi defends her actions and won’t apologize, angering Tamaki who says he refuses to talk to her until she realizes her mistake.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

That night at dinner, Tamaki sits on the floor eating a handkerchief, totally miserable with his decision and even more miserable because Haruhi isn’t talking to him. Nekozawa then comes down and Kyoya thanks him for letting them stay for free. Trust Kyoya to take what he can get and use it to his advantage. Nekozawa then asks if he should tell fortunes and tells Tamaki that something good will happen when the lights come on, scaring Nekozawa so he accidentally hits Tamaki as he runs away.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Ryusei Ryo

Down comes Haruhi in a cute dress, shocking the boys. Haruhi explains that her father repacked her bags without her knowledge. The boys thank Haruhi’s dad for doing such a thing. When Tamaki lowers his hands from his hit nose, the others notice that it is bleeding and automatically jump to the conclusion that he is thinking perverted thoughts. Tamaki insists that isn’t the case and then asks if Haruhi has realized her mistake yet. Haruhi says she didn’t do anything wrong and the two angrily sit next to each other.

Ouran 5

Haruhi stuffs her face with crab while Tamaki sits next to her in silence. He gets momentarily excited when she offers him a crab leg, but becomes angry when he realizes it is empty. He jumps up and demands to be shown his room by Kyoya who agrees. The two leave and the other boys scold Haruhi for making them worry. Honey explains that is why Tamaki is so angry. This makes Haruhi finally realize her mistake and she feels bad for making the boys worry about her.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamto Yusuke

Haruhi heads upstairs thinking about how she should apologize to both Kyoya and Tamaki when she suddenly feels ill. She runs into the first room she comes to and uses that bathroom. It turns out it was Kyoya’s room! He is shirtless and glasses-less. He asks if she is feeling better now and she apologizes for what happened earlier. Kyoya then grabs her and throws her on the bed saying they should do something men and women do. No matter how hard Haruhi can struggle, there is no way she could ever overpower him. Haruhi flexes her wrists and calmly states that there is that much of a difference. She then says that Kyoya is a very warm person who is showing how he cares for her. This throws Kyoya for a loop, especially when Haruhi states that she isn’t worried about him doing anything unseemly towards her as there is no benefit for him.

Daito Shunsuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Kyoya laughs and gets off the bed. Tamaki then enters the room to ask for some lotion for his sunburn and is floored to see a half naked Kyoya with Haruhi sitting on his bed. Kyoya gives Tamaki the ointment and walks out of his room, taking his broken glasses from his pocket. We then get a flashback of how Kyoya was right behind Tamaki and threw off his glass, breaking them, as he jumped in after the falling Haruhi. We then also get to see a frantic Kyoya shaking Haruhi to wake her up. He then wonders why he is bothered by a girl like that who can be of no use to him.

Daito Shunsuke

Tamaki, alone with Haruhi, demands to know what happened that she was sitting on a mussed up bed while Kyoya was half naked. Haruhi goes to tell him its not what he thinks as the irritated Tamaki turns to leave when thunder crashes. This startles Haruhi. She starts panicking and then says she has to go take care of something and promptly heads into Kyoya’s wardrobe. Tamaki wonders what is going on and asks her to come out. Haruhi refuses and Tamaki realizes that she is terrified of thunder. Haruhi says that she will be okay as she always has been alone. Tamaki when he hears this begins to realize just why Haruhi is the way she is and doesn’t think to ask for help.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

He finally gets her to come out of the closet and wraps her in a hug. He says that he understands and he is defeated by her, thus he will always keep an eye out to try to curb her reckless habits. Haruhi doesn’t know how she feels about that, but before she can say more, there is another crash of thunder, making her hug Tamaki once more.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

The other club members go to find Haruhi only to see Tamaki has her blindfolded and putting earmuffs on her. The immediately wonder if Tamaki is into S & M. Poor Tamaki, always misunderstood. When they return to school, the other members keep up the teasing and even Haruhi joins in. Tamaki wants to defend himself, but won’t reveal Haruhi’s weakness to the others. And thus ends the episode.

Ouran 5

Can’t wait until episode 6! The twins storyline is one of my absolute favorites!


  • This episode firmly put me on the Kyoya bandwagon. Previously, I was indifferent. But this episode, he was happy a lot of the time. And when he wasn’t smiling, he was being ‘caring but not wanting to admit that he cares’ serious Kyoya, which is always good. I found it hilarious that the girls were happy to hold a crab but when the crab had a bug on it, they couldn’t handle it. So ridiculous. I do like seeing serious Tamaki, but he’s so funny when he’s being his usual self with the whole ‘moping in the corner because Haruhi won’t speak to him’ stupidity. The twins are still my favourite characters, they really are doing a great job with it. The scene at the end, with all of the characters in S&M gear, Honey riding Mori on a chain! Hilarious!

    • It’s too bad you can’t actually have more than one Haruhi. If there was, she’d end up with Kyoya, Tamaki, and the twins. Although, with the twins and her relationship as it is, I guess its not a bad thing that she doesn’t end up with one of them since they are really close and more like siblings [even though both twins fall for their adopted “brother”]. There are apparently a lot of people [thanks to the manga and anime] that would like to see Haruhi and Kyoya together. After learning about Kyoya’s family life and everything and getting to understand him more, you know that Haruhi and he are probably a very good match, but it’s Tamaki in the end…unless the manga does something completely different further down the road. Kind of like in Fruits Basket, I wanted Tohru to end up with Kyo [which she did], but the way the manga was done at first you’d think she’d end up with Yuki.

      Yes, love serious Tamaki, but child-like Tamaki is really good as well and the whole ending – I was totally laughing my butt off it was so silly.

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