Ouran High School Host Club Live Action

Wow!!! I was completely surprised and totally geeked when I read the article announcing that TBS has gotten the green light to make one of my all time favorite mangas into a live action drama!!! I mean, during my college days when the local borders in the mall had their by 3 get one free manga deals, I picked up the first four volumes on a whim and then was completely in love with the series so I kept buying more. I think I have the first 9-10 volumes now.

That being said, I do wonder, like with Hana Kimi (which is getting a 2nd season by the way – and without the original cast it sounds like. AKB48 Maeda Atsuko will be the new lead) and HanDan how they will condense such a long manga series. Though, mangas do tend to draw things out from volume to volume (like some dramas can from episode to episode) and they throw in little subplots or digressions. I do hope that they can do this comedy series justice. I am a little worried as they have casted Yamomoto Yusuke as Tamaki. Out of all the Japanese actors I know, I would not have picked him. LOVE him. Not sure he actually fits what I envisioned Tamaki as. The girl playing Haruhi is Kawaguchi Haruna. I know her as the little sister with a bum leg in Nakanai to Kimeta Hi. Can she really pull off the girl disguised as boy well?

For those wondering about the plot. We have the poor Fujioka Haruhi who manages to get into a prestigious high school on a scholarship. Up until middle school she looked like a normal girl with long, flowing hair. Then she butchers her hair while trying to get gum out of it, making her look more boyish. Add in the fact that she has really no figure and that doesn’t help – oh and on her first day of school she also wears boyish clothes (though I can’t remember the reason why). While trying to find a place to study, she happens up the Host Club. She accidentally breaks a vase worth a lot of money. When Host Club president Tamaki sees some good looks under the baggy clothes and wild bad haircut, he says she can work off the price of the vase. As time goes on, Haruhi becomes a very popular host (and all the host club members realize that she is really a girl). The club must protect her identity so that others won’t find out the truth.

Of course, not all all, but several of the host club members fall for Haruhi. President Tamaki who just denies his feelings and says he is Haruhi’s “father” and it looks like the geeky vice-president Ootori Kyoya might, but he is a hard character to understand at times with his underhand plots and schemes. Also, the twins Kaoru and Hikaru. Their schtick is forbidden love between brothers and they live in a very closed off world and have fun tricking people into thinking that they are each other. Haruhi, however, can easily tell the twins apart, astounding them and the other members. That’s about it. The oldest members Honey and Takashi just like to watch over the antics of the younger ones without really joining in.

Looking forward to it, but with caution as I always due when a book I love is made into a movie or series. For more info, check out Anime News Network.


Romanized title: Gekijoban Oran Koko Hosutobu
English title:
Ouran High School Host Club
Episodes 11
Broadcast station:

Broadcast dates: 22 July – 30 September 2011
Based on the manga Ouran High School Host Club by Hatori Bisco
Theme song: “FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC” by miwa

Main Cast:

Yamamoto Yusuke as Suoh Tamaki

Kawaguchi Haruna as Fujioka HaruhiKawaguchi Haruna

Daito Shunsuke as Ootori KyoyaDaito Shunsuke

Ryusei Ryo as Nekozawa UmehitoRyusei Ryo

Chiba Yudai as Haninozuka “Honey” MitsukuniChiba Yudai

Nakamura Masaya as Morinozuki “Mori” TakashiNakamura Masaya

Takagi Shinpei as Hitachiin HikaruTakagi Shinpei

Takagi Manpei as Hitachiin KaoruTakagi Manpei


w/DVD by miwa [21 Sept 2011]
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
2. 始まりは終わりじゃない [Hajimari ha Owari Janai]
3. つよくなりたい 〜from live tour 2011″guitarissimo”〜 [Tsuyoku Naritai]
4. FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC 〜instrumental〜

miwa FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC Limited Edition
FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC [Regular Edition] by miwa [21 Sept 2011]
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
2. 始まりは終わりじゃない [Hajimari ha Owari Janai]
3. つよくなりたい 〜from live tour 2011″guitarissimo”〜 [Tsuyoku Naritai]
4. FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC 〜instrumental〜


Ouran High School Host Club complete series DVD
Available from CDJapan
Release: 8 February 2011


  • i’ve been wanting to read “host club” for awhile now, but it got lost on the list after my “nana” addiction and my determination to actually *finish* the series i’ve *been* working on before starting *new* ones…!

    also: the manga selection around town is getting more and more abysmal, so i never think of it ’cause i never see it. :p

    • I am so willing to lend you what I have…but mailing manga back in forth is a little crazy. Ah nichan, we should find time to get together.

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