Love Buffet Episode 5 Recap

So what makes the perfect couple? Da Ye and Xiao Feng are so similar it’s crazy. They are both a little on the slow side, both easy going and fun loving and get along well with children while Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng are polar opposites. Yi Cheng is super smart, popular, mature (yet childish at times), quiet, and outwardly cold while being inwardly warm while Xiao Feng is ditzy, childish (at times mature), and she is warm outwardly and inwardly. So what do you think? Will opposites attract and stick together or will the eerily alike be the best match?

Xiao Feng has declared things won’t go back to the way they were – she was hurt too much. Even though Da Ye did the rejecting, she also forgot that rejecting someone’s feelings hurts him deeply. So who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Xiao Feng realizes that she means more to Da Ye than she originally thought after being rejected and decides to try her best to become friends once again. And with that, Yi Cheng steps up to the plate and begins to show Xiao Feng just how much he cares.

Xiao Feng runs away when she sees Da Ye and the upperclassman, but Da Ye runs after her. He tells her that there is nothing between he and the other girl and Xiao Feng cries and says that has nothing to do with her anymore. She doesn’t care what he does or with who and this just  stuns Da Ye who can’t believe that his good friend is saying this. Later when she is eating with her two friends, Xiao Feng complains about Da Ye’s behavior with girls and how his rejecting her hasn’t seemed to effect him at all. Her two friends disagree with this and say they believe that Da Ye is sincerely hurting over rejecting Xiao Feng and her running away from him and treating him so coldly.

Back at the Hu apartment, Xiao Feng thinks this over sitting on her windowsill looking up at the Xing apartment. Is Da Ye really broken up about rejecting her? Is she really being inconsiderate of his feelings? Yi Cheng comes and asks what she is doing peeping and Xiao Feng nearly falls out of the window. Yi Cheng catches her and complains about how heavy her empty head is before helping her sit up. Xiao Feng tries to defend herself, but can’t think of anything and we get to see a rare Yi Cheng smile as he says her inability to think of a comeback proves how empty her head really is. Xiao Feng notices the bag in his hand and changes the subject. Yi Cheng replies that the bento is his dinner and Xiao Feng asks why isn’t Da Ye cooking. Yi Cheng then tells her that Da Ye hasn’t cooked or cleaned in a long time. He just comes straight home from school and locks himself in his room. Xiao Feng then recalls what her friends were telling her about Da Ye always looking at her since the rejection with a sad expression. So Da Ye is really hurting and regretting it. Duh, anyone with eyes can see that.

While Da Ye sits morosely in his room, Xiao Feng takes out her Da Ye stalking book and goes over all of the good memories they had. All of the good really does trump the bad and she comes to realize that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to try to go back to how things were. It won’t be easy, but she doesn’t want to hurt and doesn’t want Da Ye to hurt either anymore. So the next day at school, Xiao Feng throws open the curtains she kept closed for so long and calls out to Da Ye to meet her. They go up to the roof and Xiao Feng asks if he was upset when he thought she liked Ah Ji. Da Ye replies yes. Did he try to go out with other girls to forget the hurt of rejecting her – yes. So Xiao Feng calls him an idiot for rejecting her and then says that she wants to be friends again. She then borrows his shoulder (more like his chest in this case) like he borrowed hers when they went to the beach after he rejected Qiu Ying.

Later, Yi Cheng goes back to the classroom to find Xiao Feng sleeping. Does she ever do anything in school that actually revolves around learning? The first few episodes she either sleeps or stares at Da Ye. Seriously. Yi Cheng smiles and goes to touch her to wake her up, but she then says Da Ye’s name in her sleep. Poor Yi Cheng. So instead of waking her gently he kicks her desk. That’s the usual Yi Cheng for you being the meanest when he wishes to be the nicest. Xiao Feng immediately jumps up and yells “earthquake!” Yi Cheng says yes it was an earthquake in his sarcastic glory and then tells her everyone else is already gone so they should leave to. Yi Cheng then starts out the door with Xiao Feng yelling at him to wait for her (which he does outside the classroom) so they can walk home together. On their walk, Yi Cheng asks her if going back to the way things were with Da Ye means she’s giving up. Xiao Feng says she thinks that will be best given the situation and Yi Cheng then brings up how her dictionary didn’t have such a word in it before. Xiao Feng then says her dictionary has been revised. Give up is now in it, but it isn’t the hopeless “give up” but rather the good kind. At least Xiao Feng has learned to let go instead of pining and scheming to get someone like what happens in a lot of dramas.

Xiao Feng also promises to work hard during their school break and Yi Cheng says her break sounds very lonely. Xiao Feng asks how she will be lonely when she has her friends Da Lin and Xiao Sen and if all else fails, she has Yi Cheng to play with. Yi Cheng doesn’t say anything and Xiao Feng asks if she can’t still find him to hang out with and Yi Cheng finally answers and says that she can. He will accompany her wherever she wants to go. Again, another cheesy line, but that is almost verbatim from the manga as well. Cheesiness in shoujo drama and manga? Not so much of a surprise. Just like the main couple (not that this drama technically has an official main couple as it is Xiao Feng’s fate to be bounced back and forth between the cousins) can never have peace and must go through trial after trial. Xiao Feng seems a little uncomfortable with Yi Cheng’s declaration. It looks like she is finally understanding more and more that he does like her.

As they continue walking, Yi Cheng asks very offhandedly if Xiao Feng wishes to go with him to see a live band performance (Ah Ji is performing). When she doesn’t answer right away, Yi Cheng immediately says she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to. Xiao Feng immediately says she will go and Yi Cheng arranges to meet her outside her door at 7. Awww, it’s like a date! Yi Cheng is prompt and waits for Xiao Feng who shows up looking rather cute and the two smile at each other. But Yi Cheng’s smile fades when he notices that Xiao Feng isn’t wearing his hair clip that he bought her in the last episode. Xiao Feng asks if she looks weird and Yi Cheng replies that she doesn’t. Xiao Feng then understands that he’s looking for the clip. She tells him that she was afraid it was too expensive and she didn’t want to lose it. Goes to show she isn’t quite ready to accept his feelings yet.

As they get ready to head out, Xiao Feng then says she invited another person along – who? Qiu Ying jie. Why? She felt weird being alone with Yi Cheng, plus Qiu Ying wants to see Ah Ji perform. Needless to say Yi Cheng is less than thrilled. Qiu Ying tries to diffuse the situation and asks if Yi Cheng remembers her and he says he can’t forget such a fake person. Burn! Xiao Feng scolds him, but Qiu Ying doesn’t take it to heart. The three continue on to the performance where Yi Cheng stands isolated from the two girls looking unhappy. Qiu Ying wants to know why she was told to come along and Xiao Feng confesses she feels awkward around Yi Cheng now. Qiu Ying then encourages Xiao Feng to go for Yi  Cheng because he seems to like Xiao Feng and is not a bad person once you get past his cold exterior and his barbed comments. Qiu Ying then excuses herself and leaves the two alone. When Xiao Feng slides up next to him, Yi Cheng notices her wince and asks what is wrong. She tells him that she is wearing high heels so her feet hurt. Yi Cheng calls her a dummy. Which actually seems to be a favorite comment for Aaron Yan. He called Lucifer a dummy all the time in Pi Li MIT. Actually, Aaron Yan, like fellow bandmate Jiro, seems to be typecast in a certain role he can’t escape from. His role? Playing the strong, cold, silent type who is usually a jerk to everyone around him. Gotta love it.

The two go outside where Yi Cheng checks out Xiao Feng’s feet. For a girl who felt awkward to be along with him, she dressed up a little cutely and even wore new shoes – isn’t that sending a mixed message even if she didn’t wear his hair clip? Yi Cheng says he will go and get bandaids to take care of her rubbed off skin and runs off, her shoe in hand. Xiao Feng watches him run with a smile as she can’t believe he’s in such a hurry that he even took her shoe. Of course the moment Yi Cheng leaves, Da Ye shows up with a friend to the live as well. Da Ye spots Xiao Feng and goes over. Xiao Feng freaks out and covers her hurt feet with her bag.  Da Ye asks what is wrong with her foot and Xiao Feng says that it is cold and tells him to hurry up and go in as the live has already started. Da Ye then asks if she came along. Xiao Feng, for whatever reason, did not want to tell him she was there with Yi Cheng and lied that she came with a group of friends. She tells him to not keep his friend waiting any longer and Da Ye bids her goodbye, but you can tell he seems a little hurt and confused as he knew she was just trying to get rid of him. After he joins his friend, Yi Cheng rushes back with the bandaids. To make matters worse, Da Ye sees this. Poor guy.

Yi Cheng tends to her feet and Xiao Feng says it looks like she will have to go home as she won’t be able to do anything with the state her feet are in. Yi Cheng says it looks like that is all they can do and then he kneels down and tells Xiao Feng to get on his back. How cute! Xiao Feng is reluctant, but she puts on his backpack and takes her purse and climbs on. The two then start the walk home. Xiao Feng asks if he is angry and Yi Cheng says that he isn’t. Xiao Feng calls him a liar as she knows he is angry. She then asks if he is angry because she invited Qiu Ying. Yi Cheng then says that if she didn’t want to come, she could have just said so instead of asking a third person along. Xiao Feng then says it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go with him, just that she felt it was weird to go with him alone. Yi Cheng asks why that would be weird and Xiao Feng says it isn’t because he’s weird, but because it has to do with her, but she just can’t explain it well at all. Yi Cheng laughs and Xiao Feng demands to know what is so funny. Yi Cheng says her trying so hard to explain is amusing. Xiao Feng asks how it can be when she is being serious and Yi Cheng then asks what it is that she can’t tell him. Xiao Feng clams up and says it is nothing and Yi Cheng says that if she wishes for him to forgive her then she has to promise him something. Xiao Feng readily agrees and asks what and he just cryptically says she’ll find out the next day. Xiao Feng then asks if he will tell Da Ye about their “date” and Yi Cheng’s good mood is gone again and he says that he doesn’t report to his cousin. This reassures Xiao Feng. Dense girl! Can’t she see how she’s crushing Yi Cheng’s feelings with her thoughtlessness (not to mention Da Ye as well).

The next day Yi Cheng brings Xiao Feng to the okonomiyaki shop where he works. Xiao Feng wants to know what is going on and he  tells her that they need extra help during the break. Xiao Feng asks if he thinks she can really do the job (she is such a klutz) and then says that if Yi Cheng can do it, then she can as well. True, Yi Cheng was a little clumsy at first. When his boss comes in he asks if Xiao Feng can take the opening and his boss wants to say yes, but she already agreed to interview someone else who called about the job. That someone else? Da Ye. Talk about awkward. I believe Yi Cheng’s thinking was that this job would get Xiao Feng away from Da Ye and then they could be together more often as well.  The boss gives the two a trial day of work and whoever does the best will get the position. Needless to say, Da Ye is actually the better worker as Xiao Feng constantly forgets who orders what and the like. She despairs of being able to keep her promise to Yi Cheng. After a dismal serving performance, Xiao Feng throws out the trash and has pretty much given up hope of the job. When Yi Cheng comes out with more trash she immediately apologizes for making him lose face. He assures her that she didn’t and says that they will have to wait and see how the boss liked her performance, so she shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Xiao Feng then brings up the promise and apologizes as she doesn’t know if she can keep it if she doesn’t get the job. Yi Cheng is happy that she remembered she promised him something. Then out comes Da Ye who complains that the two are slacking off while he works diligently. Yi Cheng immediately starts bickering with his cousin and Xiao Feng is relieved to see that their relationship has gone back to normal again.

Xiao Feng goes back inside where she gets a tablefull of  troublesome young mothers who keep asking for things not on the menu. They finally order and Xiao Feng says that she will have the cook handle it as the moms shouldn’t want the hotplate on with the kids there. The moms assure her that they’ll keep a close watch and that their kids are obedient. Xiao Feng reluctantly turns on the table’s heat and leaves. When she looks over again, on of the children is about to touch the hot plate. She quickly rushes to the kid and grabs him away to safety, causing him to cry. The women immediately jump up and begin arguing with Xiao Feng. Enter and angry Da Ye and Yi Cheng to her rescue and the angry customers leave and the three face the boss. Fearing the worst, they try to explain, but she shuts them up and applauds their unity. Customers aren’t always right and they were in the wrong this time for not keeping an eye on the children. What does this mean? It means that both Xiao Feng and Da Ye are hired! There goes Xiao Feng’s hopes to spend time away from Da Ye.

After work, Da Ye and Xiao Feng leave first as Yi Cheng still wasn’t finished cleaning the hot plates. After they leave, Yi Cheng gets a call from Zhi Ying and this time he ignores it. Is he finally getting over her? Meanwhile, Da Ye asks Xiao Feng about the concert. She tells him she left early and he says he saw her with Yi Cheng who also didn’t bother telling Da Ye he was out with Xiao Feng. Da Ye wants to know why they are keeping things from him. Xiao Feng immediately says she did it because he had just rejected her not long ago and she doesn’t want him to think she’s out with another guy so soon afterward. Da Ye tells her not to worry as he doesn’t think that she’s that kind of girl. Xiao Feng then realizes that she made a mistake and hurt both Yi Cheng and Da Ye. Took her long enough.

Feeling bad about making others suffer because of her, Xiao Feng’s thoughts are interrupted by water dripping down. She looks up at the ceiling and wonders what is going on. Shes goes up to the Xing apartment and notices that the door is open. She goes in and the entire floor is covered in water. She calls out for the cousins, but gets no answer. She then goes into the bathroom where Da Ye is lying in the tub unconscious. The worried Xiao Feng is afraid that something might have happened to him and rushes to check on him only to slip and fall into the tub (ah, the infamous tub scene – it’s worthy quite a few laughs, it would be even funnier if they put in the inane banter they had in the manga). Needless to say Da Ye wakes up when Xiao Feng lands on him and he asks what she is doing there. Xiao Feng apologizes and says that the water was left running and had dripped into the Hu house. Da Ye then says he fell asleep and didn’t turn it off and apologizes. Xiao Feng tells him its all right and goes to get up, but she slips back down on to him. Da Ye asks if she is okay and she says she is fine and she then asks if he’s okay and he replies that he is fine as well. Xiao Feng then tells him not to fall asleep again and finally manages to get up saying that she is going home. Da Ye goes to get up and says how can she go home like that, but Xiao Feng quickly puts out her hand and tells him not to get up (he forgot he was stark naked).

Xiao Feng didn’t go home to dry off and change and instead helped Da Ye clean up all the water and dry her clothes. It is still a rather awkward atmosphere, but falling into someone else’s bath can tend to make things awkward. The two are using blow dryers to dry the clothes. Da Ye gets up and gets drinks for them, which Xiao Feng spills on his lap and while trying to clean that off, Yi Cheng comes in. Definitely not a good thing. All he can see is Xiao Feng wearing Da Ye’s clothes and the fact that her hands were in a not good place a few moments earlier. He asks what they were doing and they both tell him not to misunderstand – Xiao Feng just accidentally spilled Coke on Da Ye. Yi Cheng then looks straight at Xiao Feng and tells her to never come to their place again. Ouch. Da Ye doesn’t like this and Yi Cheng says that Xiao Feng is a girl and shouldn’t be alone in a male’s apartment. True. Da Ye tries to diffuse the situation, but an angry and hurt Xiao Feng grabs her clothes and storms out of the apartment. That went over well.

The next day, both cousins are waiting outside for Xiao Feng when she opens her door. A nice awkward walk to work follows. Xiao Feng sits outside the cafe and when Yi Cheng comes out she tells him that his words really hurt her the other day. Yi Cheng doesn’t believe that he said anything wrong and Xiao Feng concedes that what he said may be right, but she has never once thought that either Yi Cheng or Da Ye are the king of guys who would try to take advantage of her. Yi Cheng then says that it’s all Xiao Feng’s fault for wearing Da Ye’s clothes. Yi Cheng then heads back into the restaurant. Aiyo, they are all at fault in this situation. Yi Cheng’s jealousy, Da Ye’s naivety, and Xiao Feng’s thoughtlessness.

Back at the Hu apartment, Xiao Feng has cleaned Da Ye’s clothes but is now afraid to return them as she doesn’t want to face Yi Cheng. She goes up to the Xing apartment, rings the bell, puts the shirt on the bench by the door and runs off. How mature. Yi Cheng opens the door and sees the shirt. He brings it inside and Da Ye asks who was there. Yi Cheng says he doesn’t know and then throws the shirt at Da Ye’s head saying that he won’t be eating. Yi Cheng then goes into his room to sulk leaving Da Ye mystified like always.

Meanwhile, back at the Hu place, Xiao Feng is asking advice of her sister about Da Ye and Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng is afraid that she will be seen as fickle if after being rejected by Da Ye she goes after Yi Cheng. Her sister tells her that it is good for her to get over Da Ye, plus Yi Cheng is a good man. Xiao Feng is upset to think that if you can’t get the one you really want in love then you go to the next one and so on and so on. Her sister says that isn’t necessarily the case and things are different with everyone and their individual relationships. Looks like Xiao Feng is starting to open up to the possibility of accepting Yi Cheng’s feelings. Her sister then gives her Da Ye’s pictures back. She rescued them after they got thrown away. Xiao Feng can’t throw them away again and decides to keep them. She goes to put them in her drawer, but drops some in her bag. You know they will cause trouble later.

At tennis practice the next day, Da Ye tells Xiao Feng not to worry too much about Yi Cheng’s attitude. He then reaches to take some dirt off of her face when Yi Cheng shows up. Of course he is jealous and angry again and yells at Da Ye to get to work as it is his day and then leaves. Xiao Feng goes to change and while she does, she sees a man looking over the top of the stall. She screams and in runs Yi Cheng (looks like he was waiting nearby the locker rooms for Xiao Cheng. She tells him about the pervert, and he immediately rushes to find him. He doesn’t and he comes back in and comforts a half naked Xiao Feng who is beginning to realize just how warm and kind Yi Cheng really is. He tells her to finish dressing and goes to leave when he notices Da Ye’s pictures. Great. Now he’ll continue to have the wrong idea.

Later that night Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng watch a movie on the rooftop and Xiao Feng is happy and excited to do something she hasn’t done before. This makes Yi Cheng happy. He then apologizes for the way he acted earlier. He goes to say something, but Xiao Feng cuts him off saying that she is happy the way things are and she wants them to continue being good friends. She then recalls how hurt she felt when Da Ye said the same thing to her after his rejection. And now she is inflicting that pain on Yi Cheng. He then confesses how he is willing to accept all of her, even the part that still likes Da Ye. Yi Cheng also says that he hopes that she will notices that he is always by her side as well. Meaning he is not asking for an immediate return to his confession or feelings. He takes Xiao Feng’s hand who uncomfortable withdraws her hands and asks him what she is supposed to say to that. Awkward. But you can tells he is getting closer and closer to accepting Yi Cheng.

Back at her house, Xiao Feng’s parents fight over which boy is actually better for their daughter. Her mother prefers Da Ye even though he hurt and rejected Xiao Feng and her father prefers the more stable Yi Cheng. More bickering from her parents. Xiao Feng goes back to her room and thinks about what Yi Cheng said. Can he really accept her even though she confessed to Da Ye? Xiao Feng tries to forget about these confusing thoughts, but can’t get them out of her head so she has a sleepless night. The next day a weary Xiao Feng is greeted by Da Ye. He finds out that she and Yi Cheng watched a movie together the other night. Xiao Feng says they did and that she didn’t really understand what was going on. Da Ye says it was an art film, definitely not something he or Xiao Feng would ever understand. He then notices her dark circles and comments on them. Xiao Feng looks away and thinks about how it is all his and Yi Cheng’s fault that she looks like a panda.

The two go to practices where Qiu Ying invites Xiao Feng on a vacation to heal their broken hearts. Xiao Feng, thinking on all her problems and deciding she needs distance from Yi Cheng to think things through, readily agrees. Da Ye overhears about the trip and asks if he can come. Qiu Ying tells him the purpose and asks if he still dares to come. Da Ye says he does and Qiu Ying says she has a condition. Xiao Feng doesn’t get to hear what it is, but up pops Ah Ji asking about the trip as well. When Xiao Feng goes to the station the day of the trip she is shocked to see Ah Ji and her two friends along with Qiu Ying. Xiao Feng asked what happened and Qiu Ying replies that it was Ah Ji’s big mouth. Enter the two cousins. So much for Xiao Feng trying to gain perspective away from Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng asks Da Ye why Yi Cheng is there and Da Ye replies that was Qiu Ying’s condition. Yi Cheng then tells Xiao Feng not to ignore him. He is basically only there so that Xiao Feng and Da Ye can’t have any alone time. How funny.

The group starts their vacation with a mixture of merriment and anxiety. At the barbecue, Ah Ji tries to get closer to Qiu Ying. How cute, he’s found a new crush. Qiu Ying sends him off to feed the others and tries to get Xiao Feng to feed Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng then confesses about Yi Cheng’s non-confession and this excites Qiu Ying who wants her friend to be happy and to find new love. Later, the group plays rock, paper scissors to decide on teams and Xiao Feng is in a team with Ah Ji and Yi Cheng while poor Da Ye isn’t in a team at all. Da Ye asks to trade places with Yi Cheng who refuses. Xiao Feng then changes the teams up herself. She takes Ah Ji and forms a team with Qiu Ying and forces her two friends to be a team with Yi Cheng. The straw bale rolling competition starts and Xiao Feng falls down. End episode.

Disasters never cease for Xiao Feng. What will happen next?

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