V6 Releases Only Dreaming

So I love V6. And it’s all thanks to the anime Inuyasha as they did the opening theme “Change the World.” They have just celebrated their 15th anniversary (it seems like only yesterday they celebrated a decade and now here they are celebrating 15 years – how time flies) as a group making them a pretty long running boy group (can’t honestly say band as they only sing and dance and do not play instruments). Actually, man group? They have definitely surpassed the teeny-bopper boy group ages (I think they are all in their 30s now).

Because I love Inuyasha I highly recommend checking out the Best Song album released this past March which also includes “Change the World” in it (first song!).

The song “Only Dreaming” is the theme for member Inohara’s drama and is said to express heartbreak. One of the first times V6 is actually doing a song about the topic. I love the new song, but must say that the tempo for most of the song seems entirely too upbeat to express heartache. There are times it comes across, but it’s really hard to say that it is expressed in totality in the music. Members were asked to cry and to express great sorrow in the PV. The facial expressions don’t go with the music and the dancing… well I guess there can be dancing, but I was just expecting something a little more soulful and melodic, but that might be a bit too much to expect from a Johnny’s jpop idol group, ne?

Check out the song for yourself. It is a great song. I just wish iTunes had V6 available for download.


only dreaming / Catch / V6
Release date: 1 September 2010
01 Only Dreaming
02 Catch
03 Crank It Up!
04 Ok
05 Only Dreaming (instrumental)
06 Catch (instrumenetal)
07 Crank It Up! (instrumental)
08 Ok (instrumental)

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