Cinderella’s Sister Epsiode 5 Recap

I must admit to a vague feeling of disappointment in this series. The plot is spinning to places I never dreamed it would necessarily go and I am getting fed up with the characters. ALL of the characters to be exact (except for the adult version of Jung Woo – he hasn’t annoyed me yet), but I should stop griping. Although, watching this episode, I have to admit I don’t see where people get off calling Hyo Sun a good person. She isn’t. She is a spoiled, needy, whiny child who hasn’t grown up after all this time. She pretends to be an angel when she is a devious little fox.

Hyo Sun is in trouble for going over the limit of her credit card so she goes looking to bring Eun Jo home so that Eun Jo could stick up for her. She sees Eun Jo going to the art exhibit where she tells Eun Jo that she is dating Ki Hoon (which actually does turn out to be a lie). Eun Jo refuses to respond. On the way home she pretends to be asleep, annoying Hyo Sun who would tell Eun Jo everything if she just asked.

Hyo Sun brakes hard, throwing Eun Jo forward. She asks for Eun Jo’s help with Dae Sung and the credit card problems. Eun Jo say she won’t do it and gets out of the car to stop walking. Hyo Sun goes to stop her and Eun Jo turns on her asking her what her dream is. Is it ballet? Hyo Sun fails every audition and her feet are in pristine condition (normally dancer’s feet aren’t the prettiest looking).  Hyo Sun starts tearing up and Eun Jo says that crying doesn’t work on her and then walks away.

Kim Gab Soo, Moon Geun Young

Hyo Sun gets home where Dae Sung has her immediately go to have her calves hit for being so irresponsible with her credit card. She gets hit once and cries saying she’s wrong and will never do it again. This time, Dae Sung wasn’t going to let her get away this easy, but Kang Sook interferes saying that him beating Hyo Sun proves that he doesn’t believe Kang Sook is her mother (eyeroll). While this is going on, Eun Jo flashes back to just after Ki Hoon left. She was sneaking out of the house when Dae Sung stops her. He tells her that he was always afraid that she would fly away without a trace someday. He then says that he will now become the reason Eun Jo will stay. He promises Eun Jo that he will look after her and when he thinks she’s ready, he will let her go. Until then, Eun Jo has to believe in Dae Sung and trust him.

Chun Jung Myung

Ki Hoon arrives back in Korea from New York where he goes to visit his father. Ki Hoon’s dad tells him that Ki Seong has gained popularity and now there is no one on Mr. Hong’s side. Ki Hoon gives his father what he’s been working on and Mr. Hong replies he has a more important job (we don’t know what it is yet). Ki Hoon then calls up Dae Sung who curses at him for not staying in touch these past eight years.

Seo Woo

Hyo Sun is at a ballet audition. She starts off well, but falls. This girl is always falling while dancing. She remembers Eun Jo’s words and begins to break down. The judging panel don’t know what to make of Hyo Sun who doesn’t even have the rudimentary basics of ballet down. When they tell her to leave, she asks for another chance, stumbles, and then begs for another one where she falls again. After the audition, Kang Sook takes Hyo Sun home.


An adult Jung Woo arrives at the wine factory to start work. He can’t wait to see his precious noona after all of these years. He has just finished his military service as a marine and has come to Eun Jo to fulfill the promise he made to her eight years ago that he would take care of her. He still has the baseball bat that says Eun Jo is his woman (really, he’s a cute guy). He sees Eun Jo from a distance while she is giving a tour of the wine-making process. She passes right by him without seemingly recognizing him (well you have to admit the kid has changed from the pudgy, short Jung Woo to the lithe, athletic young man).

At dinner, Eun Jo and Dae Sung talk shop, making Hyo Sun jealous and annoying Kang Sook who can’t stand all of the business talk. Eun Jo is currently working on ways to expand Dae Sung’s wine business while he doesn’t care about expanding as much as Eun Jo talks about. Eun Jo asks him why he had her study microbiology if he didn’t want to expand the business. Apparently she is doing research on yeast to help the business grow even more.

Moon Guen Young, Taecyeon

The next day Ki Hoon shows up at the Goo residence. Hyo Sun is ecstatic to see him return and yet she feels guilty because she never got a chance to tell Eun Jo the truth that she wasn’t really dating Ki Hoon. While Hyo Sun is greeting Ki Hoon, Jung Woo makes his presence known to Eun Jo. Unfortunately for Jung Woo, Eun Jo doesn’t recognize him. He then tells her his name and she acts like she has no idea who he is. I am not sure if she is just pretending, or if it just hasn’t clicked in her brain yet. While Jung Woo is trying to get her remember, Hyo Sun arm-in-arm with Ki Hoon go towards the factory. Eun Jo is shocked to see Ki Hoon who seems happy to see his Eun Jo after all these years.

Leads of Cinderella's Sister

Eun Jo says nothing, confusing and hurting Ki Hoon. Hyo Sun asks if Eun Jo remembers him or not. Eun Jo still says nothing. After a long, uncomfortable silence, she finally says a very cold hello and walks away saying she needs to get to the other factory to check things out. Ki Hoon says hello as well, surprised at Eun Jo’s attitude. Hyo Sun knows that it is partially due to what she told her.

The next day Eun Jo was holding interviews for a marketing position within the company, but none of the interviewees ended up showing up, leaving Ki Hoon as the only candidate. Eun Jo reluctantly hires him on. Like in the past, she never lets the poor boy finish speaking, always cutting him off and telling him what she wants and what to do (some things never change).

Hyo Sun finds out that she didn’t make the audition (no surprise as her performance sucked). Ki Hoon comes to comfort her. She tells him that she has no plans or goals. He says they will come eventually. Hyo Sun takes to addressing him as hers. That girl claiming ownership of Ki Hoon gets annoying fast. Eun Jo spies them sitting together on the beach. This makes her even more unhappy. When Ki Hoon proposes a new marketing scheme, Eun Jo has him redo everything as she has an idea percolating in her mind.

Chun Jung Myung, Seo Woo

Eun Jo asks Hyo Sun to pose for her. Hyo Sun does and Eun Jo snaps a lot of pictures before telling Hyo Sun that she is pretty. This shocks Hyo Sun who rushes down to confirm that Eun Jo actually said she was pretty. Eun Jo says that Hyo Sun hears it all the time, so there is no need to be so flustered by it. While this is going on, Kang Sook is meeting Jang who she has apparently been meeting with every month for the past eight years. As far as we know, she only meets him for drinks, but who knows if anything else happened in all that time. She tells him this is their last meeting as Hyo Sun will be working at the wine company now that her latest audition failed.

Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung

Kang Sook gets home only to be met by Dae Sung. Thinking he knows about her meeting Jang, she asks him what’s wrong. He says Ki Hoon and Eun Jo went to pick up a passed out Hyo Sun (that girls is quite the little lush). This makes Kang Sook relieved and she goes in to talk to him about Hyo Sun. Ki Hoon tries to get Eun Jo to talk to him but she pretends to be asleep. Ki Hoon takes Hyo Sun and lays her on her bed and leaves the room. Eun Jo actually tucks Hyo Sun into bed. Ki Hoon then drags her out of the house to talk. Eun Jo doesn’t wish to talk to him. He says that his feelings are hers and she calls him horrible names because she still thinks he and Hyo Sun are a couple. She turns to leave and he calls out “Eun Jo yah” which stops her in her tracks.

My thoughts: Hyo Sun is getting on my nerves. She still has some of that innocence she started with, but she seems to be quite a devious little manipulator now. Yes, her life isn’t easy, but she can’t blame Eun Jo for that. If Eun Jo had her way, she would never have even come to live at the Goo household. Yet Hyo Sun sees Eun Jo as an enemy who as maliciously took everything from her. In this episode we learn about Hyo Sun’s drinking and partying. With all the guys she plays around with, why should Ki Hoon matter as much.

I do admit some surprise to Eun Jo. There are little hints of her softening towards Dae Sung and Hyo Sun, but she is still as frozen as ever. Will she ever be able to open herself up to love and affection that Dae Sung, Ki Hoon, and Jung Woo have to offer? I expected her to be different from the beginning, but oh well.

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