Coming Soon to Netflix: December 2019

Can you believe it is already December? Where did 2019 go? I have had tons of plans and ideas and as always didn’t accomplish anything.

Take a gander at the announced Asian dramas, movies, and anime due to hit Netflix US in December 2019.

December 1


  • Dead Kids [Philippines, 2019] – Based on true events, this movie follows a socially awkward teen who bonds with other misfits and plots to kidnap the school’s arrogant rich kid only to have things take a deadly turn.
  • Jindua [India, 2017] – An Indian man living in Canada marries a local citizen to legalize his status…much to his girlfriend’s dislike.


  • Space Jungle Season 2 [South Korea, Anime, 2016] – When a broken spaceship strands four tiny aliens on Earth, an adventure and strange dangers never imagined ensues.
  • Suits [South Korea, 2018] – A Korean remake of the hit US series.

December 4


December 6


  • No Game No Life: Zero [Japan, Anime, 2017] – A young warrior joins forces with an ex machina to stop a global war and save humanity from extinction.


  • Triad Princess [Taiwan, 2019] – Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu unite in this drama which follows the boisterous daughter of a triad boss who becomes the bodyguard of a TV star.

December 8


  • Saaho [India, 2019] – This thriller follows an enigmatic cop who is hot on the trail of gangsters who are struggling for power after an underworld theft.

December 11


  • Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 2 [Japan, Anime, 2019] – Constantly teased by a fellow student, a middle-schooler tries to give her a dose of her own medicine.


  • The Sky is Pink [India, 2019] – Based on a true story, this movie sees a teenager who succumbs to a terminal illness narrating her parents’ relationship posthumously.

December 13


  • The 9th Precinct [Taiwan, 2019] – This supernatural thriller follows an idealistic cop who joins an underground police unit which battles ghoulish forces.

December 14


  • Crash Landing On You [South Korea, 2019] – When a paragliding mishap lands a wealthy South Korean heiress in North Korea, she comes into contact with an office willing to help her hide.

December 15


  • Cinderella & the Four Knights [South Korea, 2016] – A young woman who lives independent of her father, stepmother, and stepsister dreams of being a teacher and works hard at a variety of part-time jobs. She becomes the fake fiancee of a wealthy man which leads her to a job of being a butler to three cousins with attitudes.
  • Coco Mong [South Korea, Anime] – Multiple seasons are coming to Netflix! This show follows everyday ingredients which transform in to animal friends who love to go on adventures.
  • Girls Und Panzer Season 1 [Japan, Anime]


  • Bangistan [India, 2015] – Two men from rival religious factions are on the same deadly mission only to find themselves hilariously thrown off course.
  • Dil Dhadakne Do [India, 2015] – While on holiday aboard a ship a dysfunctional family with a flawless facade must confront the ugly truth.
  • Game [India, 2011] – When a tycoon accuses three strangers of killing his daughter, he dies before he can expose them. This leads to a hunt to expose the real culprits.
  • Karthik Calling Karthik [India, 2010] – An office drone’s dead-end life is transformed by mysterious calls from himself.

December 24


  • Carole & Tuesday Part 2 [Japan, Anime, 2019] – The story of Carole & Tuesday as they progress on their musical journey together continues.
  • Terrace House Tokyo Part 2 [Japan, Reality, 2019] – The second part of this edition of six strangers living together to find love will start streaming.

December 25


  • Fireworks [Japan, Anime, 2017] – A middle school student desperately wants to run away with a classmate who somehow manages to turn back time.

December 28


  • Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy [Japan, 2019] – One of my favorite manga series even though the lead male is one of the typical, forceful jerks. In company-owned apartments, a young girl finds her life shaken up by three different boys. Can she find true love?

December 30


December 31


  • ARASHI’s Diary Voyage [Japan, 2019] – Shocking that anything Johnny’s related is coming to Netflix in the US. This docuseries follows ultimate jpop group ARASHI as they celebrate 20 years together and go on an indefinite hiatus after 2020.
  • Pucca Season 1 [South Korea, Anime, 2018] – This show follows around a young noodle delivery girl who falls in love with a traveling ninja who does his best to avoid her to concentrate on his training.
  • Robot Trains [South Korea, Anime, 2017] – In a world inhabited by trains, their are five trains that can transform into robots to take on dark forces.
  • Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures [China, 2018] – A young woman enters the palace as a maid to discover the truth behind her older sister’s death. Can she surprise palace intrigue and falling in love with the emperor? The more commonly known English title is Story of Yanxi Palace.


  • Adrishya [India, 2018] – A family is thrown in disarray when their young son begins showing signs of anxiety linked to disturbing happenings at home.
  • Ahista Ahista [India, 2006] – After being stood up at the altar, a young woman begins to move on and heal thanks to another man only to have her runaway groom return to win her back.
  • Anwar [India, 2007] – A Muslim youth seeks refuge in a Hindu temple after losing the woman he loves only to be caught by police who mistake him for an enemy.
  • Barah Aana [India, 2009] – Three broke friends, after struggling to better their lives, resort to kidnapping.
  • Bawarchi [India, 1972] – A dysfunctional family transforms thanks to their new chef, but things take an unexpected turn when he goes missing along with the family jewels.
  • Bhagam Bhag [India, 2006] – When a new actress takes her life, two members of a theater group are framed for murder.
  • Bhoot [India, 2003] – A married couple moves into a haunted flat which drives the wife mad and her husband must find a way to save her and their marriage.
  • Chal Mere Bhai [India, 2000] – After a secretary saves her boss’s life, his family tries to matchmake them. The only problem is she’s in love with his younger brother.
  • Chupke Chupke [India, 1975] – When a man becomes jealous of the way his wife holds her brother-in-law in high regard, he stages a prank to even the score.
  • Deewangee [India, 2002] – A formidable lawyer is hired by a singer to defend her friend from a murder charge that he just might be guilty of.
  • Dhamaal [India, 2007] – Four friends learn of buried money in Goa and set out to find it only to be chased by a police officer who wants the money for himself.
  • Ghost Stories [India, 2019] – A quartet of thrillers from the directors of Lust Stories.
  • Golmaal Fun Unlimited [India, 2006] – Four friends find themselves in over their heads when they trick their way into a couple’s bungalow.
  • Jaan-E-Mann [India, 2006] – An aspiring actor tries to avoid alimony payments by matchmaking his ex-wife only to find out he may not be over her after all.
  • John Day [India, 2013] – A bank manager loses his daughter in a fire. While consumed by grief, he and his wife become pawns in a bank heist.
  • Judwaa [India, 1997] – Identical twins who were separated at birth reunite to take on a common enemy from their past.
  • Khubsoorat [India, 1980] – A strict household is turned upside down with the arrival of a feisty relative who challenges the rules.
  • Koshish [India, 1972] – A man and woman with speech and hearing impediments do their best to persist through unforgiving obstacles to be excepted by society.
  • Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya [India, 2005] – An orthopedic surgeon must come up with a pretend wife after he lies to his girlfriend.
  • Masoom [India, 1983] – A happy family is shaken up with the discovery that the father has a young son from a past affair.
  • Satte Pe Satta [India, 1982] – When the oldest brother out of seven marries a pretty nurse, his brothers are inspired to follow his example.
  • Veerey Ki Wedding [India, 2018] – A man with a quick temper and quick fists must learn to reign in his temper in order to impress the father of the woman he wants to marry.


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