Coming Soon to Netflix: November 2019

October is almost behind us and November is looming. Check out the latest in Asian dramas, movies, and anime coming to Netflix in November 2019.

November 1


  • Akame ga Kill! Season 1 [Japan, Anime, 2014] – When a man sets out on a journey to help his poor village he is rescued by a band of assassins and joins them in their fight against a corrupt government.
  • Girls und Panzer Season 1 [Japan, Anime, 2012-13] – A girl trying to run away from her family’s tradition of tankery finds herself pulled back into the sport at her new high school.
  • Haikyu!! Seasons [Japan, Anime, 2014-Present] – A short high schooler joins his school’s volleyball club after being inspired by a championship match on TV.
  • Love, Chunyibo & Other Delusions [Japan, Anime, 2012-14] – Multiple seasons of this drama following a high schooler trying to leave his past s a delusional weirdo behind is coming.
  • Maid Sama! [Japan, Anime, 2010] – Based on manga Kaicho wa Meido-sama!, this anime follows a student president who has a side job as a maid which is discovered by a playboy student.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans [Japan, Anime, 2015-17] – A group of children security agents rebels against the adults who oppress them on a terra-formed post-disaster Mars.


  • Drive [India, 2019] – This Indian heist film revolves around the manhunt for an infamous “King” who stole 300 kilograms of gold.

November 4


  • Oththa Seruppu Size 7 [India, 2019] – Parthiban stars as the only character in this Tamil crime movie following a murder suspect’s theatrical explanations of his modus operandi.

November 5


  • Tune in for Love [South Korea, 2019] – Two people struggle to reconnect over the years as fate conspires to keep them apart.
  • Voice [Thailand, 2019] – This remake of a kdrama by the same name follows an esteemed detective who joins forces with a talented cop to nail a killer who took the lives of their loved ones.

November 6


  • Scams [Japan, 2019] – A young man who graduated from an elite university fines himself embroiled in a phone scam when he is hit hard by the Lehman shock.


  • Shadow [China, 2019] – Set during China’s Three Kingdom era, this movie follows a struggle to control a walled city by a figure with rare power who spins a web of intrigue, entangling a king’s court.

November 8


  • Busted Season 2 [South Korea, 2019] – A variety show where seven sleuths must tackle different mysteries.

November 9


  • Little Things Season 3 [India, 2019] – The story of a cohabitating couple in their 20s continues.

November 11


  • Chief of Staff Season 2 [South Korea, 2019] – A chief of staff at the National Assembly influences power behind the scenes while pursuing his own ambitious rise to the top.
  • Put Your Head on My Should [China, 2019] – A young woman majoring in accounting is on the verge of graduation, but wants to get a job in advertising. She ends up cohabitating with a genius from the physics department and love blooms.

November 12


  • My Dear Warrior [Thailand, 2019] – When Sky receives a special gift from her amnesiac aunt for her birthday, she wishes to get love from a man like her favorite comic character and suddenly he and other characters drop into her world.

November 14


  • The Stranded [Thailand, 2019] – When a tsunami strands dozens of students on an island, they must rely on themselves when no rescue is imminent.

November 15


  • At the Dolphin Bay [Taiwan, 2003] – A boy and girl meet at an orphanage and form an immediate bond. The boy is later adopted and begs his family to adopt his friend, only to find out she’s already been adopted. They reunite years later. Can they fulfill their promise despite all obstacles?
  • K-ON! [Japan, Anime, 2009-10] – Snack-loving teenage girls crank out catchy tunes as members of the Light Music Club.
  • Westside Story [Taiwan, 2003] – Wallace Huo and Tony Sun star in this drama following students in their third year of high school as they learn to cherish those around them and become responsible adults.


  • The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa) [Japan, Anime, 2013] – An aspiring shoemaker skip class to sketch designs. He meets a mysterious older woman and they begin to bond. Their relationship is put to the test as the rainy season comes to an end.
  • K-ON! The Movie [Japan, Anime, 2011] – The graduating seniors live out their dream graduation trip by performing in London.
  • Sunganges [India, 2017] – This documentary follows a family as the make a trip to India after being inspired by the Tales of the Ganga.

November 16


  • Candy Online [Taiwan, 2019] – A wardrobe malfunction makes a live streamer go viral an she must struggle to navigate the cruelty of her classmates and the small town she lives in.

November 20


  • Dorasani [India, 2019] – The daughter of a village landlord falls in love with an educated commoner and the two must decide if their relationship is worth resisting the repressive societal norms.

November 22


  • Dino Girl Gauko [Japan, Anime, 2019] – When a middle school girl gets angry, she turns into a dinosaur!
  • Singapore Social [Singapore, 2019] – This series peers into the lives of young people living in Singapore.


  • Girls und Panzer der Film [Japan, Anime, 2015] – The girls of Oarai High School are once again forced to battle to save their school for closure. This time, they face off against a formidable university in a tank battle.

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