Asian Dramas & Movies on Netflix: October 2018 Part 2

Can you believe October is half over with? I sure can’t. Where has this year gone? Below find the latest Asian movies coming to Netflix or recently added to Netflix. Indonesian and Indian movies are also included. No new Asian drama editions that I can see. I am updating the main list with the dramas recently removed.

Recently Added

Enjoying the Indonesian films now available? Add some more to your watchlist! Lights from the East: I am Maluku (aka Cahaya Dari Timur Beta Maluku) follow a former soccer player who decides to launch a youth team after witnessing a child’s death during a violent clash in hopes of preventing more bloodshed. In Garuda di Dadaku (aka Garuda in My Heart), a young boy is determined to become a great soccer player in spite of his grandfather’s wishes. Cut Mini Theo, Ikranagara, and Lukman Sardi star in The Rainbow Troops, two Indonesian teachers embrace an inspiring crop of gifted students who have come to study at their crumbing Islamic primary school.

In Filosofi Kopi The Movie, a level-headed coffee shop owner finds his business on the line when a cocky barista makes a major bet. An unemployed pathetic bachelor sets out to find a date to his younger successful brother’s wedding in Single starring Raditya Dika, Annisa Rawles, and Chandra Liow. A young woman travels to Prague to deliver a box of old love letters to a mysterious man after her mother’s death in Surat Dari Praha (Letters from Prague).

Want to try a Vietnamese movie? Check out Jackpot starring Chi Tai, Lang Ngoc, and Dustin Nguyen. This movie follows a a lottery ticket salesman as they face a moral dilemma when they set aside a soon-to-be winning ticket for a customer to pick up and pay for later. The film won Vietman’s Golden Kite Prize for Best Film, Best Script, and Best Actress.

Coming Soon

October 19

Catch Kang Dong Won, Han Hyo Joo, and Jung Woo Sung in action adventure thriller Illang: The Wolf Brigade. In the year 2029 there exists an elite police squad known as Illang which combats a terrorist group opposing the reunification of the north and south. However, their enemy may be closer to home than they think.

Joe Taslim, Iko Uwais, Asha Keneri Bermudez star in The Night Comes for Us. When an elite assassin whose organization’s motto is to leave no survivors spares the life of a little girl, he is soon targeted by an onslaught of murderous gangsters as he tries to change his own fate.


Say goodbye to some Chinese dramas. The links are still active and there is note saying when the dramas are available, they will appear in your library/list whatever it’s called once more. Some dramas don’t have this notice, so I don’t know if they will be back soon or not.

Chinese Drama

  1. All Quiet in Peking – YouTube
  2. Auntie Duohe (YouTube – no subs)
  3. Crime Scene Investigation Center [CSIC/iHero] – Watch on Viki
  4. The Disguiser – Watch on Viki
  5. Dwelling Narrowness (YouTube – no subs)
  6. First Love – Watch on Viki
  7. Good Times – Watch on Viki
  8. Hey, Kids! – YouTube
  9. If Life Cheats You (no alternative found)
  10. Keep the Marriage as Jade (YouTube – no subs)
  11. King’s War [Legend of Chu & Han] (YouTube – no subs)
  12. The Legend of Bruce Lee – YouTube (dubbed)
  13. My Sunshine Director’s Cut – Viki (YouTube – full series)
  14. Precious Youth (YouTube – partially subbed)
  15. Romance of Our Parents (no alternative found)
  16. Rookie Agent Rouge – Viki | YouTube
  17. Shuttle Love Millennium – Viki | YouTube
  18. When A Snail Falls in Love – DramaFever | Viki | YouTube
  19. Women on the Breadfruit Tree (YouTube – no subs)

Indiana Drama

  1. Siyaasat

Korean Drama

  1. Descendants of the Sun – DramaFever | KOCOWA | Viki
  2. Dream Knight – DramaFever
  3. Go! Mrs. Go [Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil] (no alternative found)
  4. Real Got7 – YouTube

Taiwanese Drama

  1. Ice and Fire of Youth (YouTube – no subs)
  2. A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (wonder if something happened or licensing got delayed)

One comment

  • Sadly, it’s time to update this post as the DramaFever links will no longer be an option. It abruptly shut down October 16th.

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