Two New Asian Dramas Added to Netflix

People with difficulties in life struggling to find a job only to decide to join open enrollment in the police? Check. Psychics being pursued by a nefarious organization? Got that, too. Check out what is new to Netflix in Asian dramas this week!

Lee Gwang Soo, Jung Yumi, Bae Seong Woo, Bae Jong Ok, and Sung Dong Il star in LIVE. This recent Korean drama revolves around the life of a group of people who struggle in life and finding a job at a successful business and opt to pursue becoming a peace officer instead.

Hamada Tatsuomi, Namika Kazuki, and Yoda Yuki star in Japanese drama Mob Psycho 100. This drama is based on a web comic of the same name by One and which has at least an anime OVA out. Hamada stars as a second year middle school student who dreams of an ordinary life and winning the heart of his childhood friend played by Yoda. Of course, he is not her type so he struggles to change himself only to become targeted by a secret organization due to his hidden psychic powers.

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