Two Women’s Room Episode 2 Recap

“I want to be her.”—Claudia, Interview with a Vampire

And isn’t that where trouble begins? Envy, jealousy. I recall the movie Taking Lives…our messed up psychopath saw an opportunity to take over someone’s identity and life. He defended his actions as those people were losers wasting their lives while he actually lived them. Given the life Hee Soo has lived, you cannot blame her for wanting out, for seeing the life that women like Kyung Chae are privileged to live essentially from birth and wanting it. As always, when people are on the outside looking, they don’t know the whole truth. Yes, Kyung Chae’s life is better when it comes to wealth, status, power, and position, but her family life is a mess and she has to keep her relationship a secret from her father who is trying to matchmake her with a “suitable” man of the same status. Is it as bad as Hee Soo’s life? Not by any means. Hee Soo’s mother is essentially the root of all of her problems, but from this episode on, you can only blame her mother so much. Hee Soo, like Madame Gong, is responsible for her own decisions and actions.

Speaking of Madame Gong, we open this episode with her stretching in the wee morning hours only to get into a fight with another woman over her movie date. Apparently she was with the other woman’s husband. Madame Gong says there is nothing wrong with enjoying your hobbies with someone else, but the irate wife doesn’t believe it was just a movie. Madame Gong then says of course she went all the way with the other woman’s husband, but isn’t that the wife’s fault for not taking better care of him? The women then start pulling hair and fighting. Hee Soo arrives with her box of things from the hotel and just turns and walks away. I don’t blame her. Madame Gong started the fight, let her finish it as well.

Ah…in spite of all the ways Madame Gong is a bad mother, she does lover her daughter and not just as the main breadwinner of the family. When a loan shark comes by soon after the fight with the wife, he promises to take Hee Soo with him since Madame Gong is not paying on her debt fast enough. Apparently this is also a transaction Hee Soo is not aware of. When the younger woman comes into the bar, her mother scolds her for coming and positions herself in front of her daughter. The man shoves Madame Gong Aside and she crawls up on his back screaming at her daughter to run. Hee Soo does as she is told.

The gangster is quick to pursue once shaking off Madame Gong and he runs the woman into a dead end. Thankfully, a man outside a store saw this and came to help. The man is Moon Jae Shik played by Yoon Seo Hyun. He is worried about approaching the bigger, burlier gangster, but he pretends to mistake him as a long-lost friend. Of course, Jae Shik gets beaten in the process, but this allows Hee Soo to escape safe and sound, unnoticed. Later, Jae Shik, battered and bruised goes to see Hee Soo who asks him to leave her alone and to not expect her to thank him for helping her. He complains about how hard and tough she is and we get to see that he was like a gangster coming after her for money as well. He gave her two choices…pay back the debt or drink rat poison and die. Which one did she choose? Jae Shik was shocked when she grabbed the poison and drank it. Obviously, she didn’t die and he seems to have liked her ever since.

Hee Soo bemoans her fate. What has she done to deserve this rotten life that is her? Sometimes you don’t do anything to deserve it—it’s your lot in life. It is not a comforting fact, but it is what it is. So, to try to get back her job, she meets the sleezeball. Ji Sub is by her side the entire time and notices something feels off. When she was standing outside the hotel room, it was like her eyes was pleading with Ji Sub to save her. She is then dragged inside. Kyung Chae opens the room next door and asks him why he is not coming in. Ji Sub tells her about the strange woman and she scolds him for looking at other women when she had to put a lot of effort into getting them that room. Ji Sub picks her up and gently lays her on the bed. When he goes in for a kiss, he is rebuffed. Kyung Chae didn’t get the room for that. Ji Sub doesn’t force the issue. He complains about Kyung Chae arranging the room to merely hold each other in privacy—it’s a burden for a man. She’s definitely testing his tolerance and that makes me recall Love o2o when Xiao Nai at the end asks if he can finally graduate from his course in patience.

I will say this. Hee Soo should have known better. Sleeping with that head of human resources or whatever he is for the hotel is not the answer. With that man’s bad reputation, I can’t believe she thought he would honestly keep his word. He doesn’t. She does not get her job back and when she threatens and slaps him and he does the same right back. Let her speak. It is her word against his. Who is she? She has no power and no one would believe he made the suggestion—it was all her doing trying to get her job back. He leaves and Hee Soo collapses on the floor crying. Why is everyone like this to her? I can’t sympathize here. She made the choice knowing that man was scum. Again, how could this hard woman trust that he would do as he said? She opened herself up to this.

Kyung Chae says goodbye to her mother on her way out the door to go to work. She notices her mother spraying something and acting uncomfortable. Even though she has work to do and meetings to attend, Kyung Chae can’t leave her mother in that condition. She gives her mother a bath and says she is happy she can be like a kid again. Ok Sun complains that she wishes to die. Kyung Chae is saddened when she hears this but talks about just how perfect her mother is. Because of the accident, her mother seems more like a normal human now. Ok Sun seems to have calmed down a bit here, but this woman is not all right psychologically speaking.

After giving her mother a bath and getting her settled with the nurse, Kyung Chae heads into work. She fears traffic will be too heavy to take her car and rushes to the bus stop where she literally runs into Hee Soo. The two women do not recognize each other from their earlier encounter in episode one. Kyung Chae apologizes and gets on the bus. There two purses look identical…but Hee Soo’s is a cheap knockoff while Kyung Chae’s is the real deal. Of course their bags get switched.

Gong Madame is surprised to see her daughter home so early. Hee Soo has been keeping it a secret that she was fired, but that can only last so long. Gong Madame offhandedly asks if Hee Soo got fired. Her daughter’s silence is her confirmation. Gong Madame is livid. Hee Soo should have worked harder. Hee Soo gets angry. She has always been working hard. She even got down on her knees and had water thrown in her face…not to mention…but Hee Soo can’t admit what she did to try to keep that job. During this argument, Hee Soo realizes she has a $500 or more bag instead of a $50 bag. She finds Kyung Chae’s business card and decides to contact her and give the purse back.

Hee Soo heads to the Mona Lisa where Kyung Chae thanks her for returning the bag. They look exactly the same! Hee Soo reveals hers is a fake while Kyung Chae’s is realy and then mutters under her breath that its the same as the people. Kyung Chae doesn’t catch this. Hee Soo demands Kyung Chae check the contents. Kyung Chae trusts that Hee Soo did not take anything by virtue of her coming to return the bag, but she checks after the other woman’s insistence. Kyung Chae then is rushed to a meeting. Hee Soo is tormented by Kyung Chae since this is a woman who is VP of the hotel and seemingly leads a life Hee Soo is desperate to have.

Hee Soo goes home where her mother complains she did not get a reward for her effort. The girl should have just kept the real bag. Hee Soo ignores this. She talks about the beautiful Kyung Chae who looked happy and had a job anyone would envy. Hee Soo cries. She wants that life. We then cut to the Min household. Eun Chae has arrived home and greets her mother who is lying in bed. She shows Ok Sun a figuring she made. Eun Chae was told to make it of the person she loved the most so she chose to make Ok Sun. For once, Ok Sun is not mean to her daughter. Is Ok Sun really the person Eun Chae loves the most? Eun Chae nods. Ok Sun compliments her daughter on a job well done and the girl leads. While Ok Sun did not appear happy, she does seem to be affected by her youngest daughter’s words.

Back at the Mona Lisa, Ji Sub checks that no one is around before sneaking up behind Kyung Chae and putting his arm around her. He invites her for dinner, but she declines. Her mother seems to be doing better, so she and her dad want to leave together to have a nice family dinner for once. Ji Sub is unhappy. Isn’t she always putting her family before him (I think this is partially teasing and partially truth)? Kyung Chae denies this, but does say that all she needs to do to settle the matter is make him her family. Enter Driver Han. She tells the older man he is not needed as she will go with her father instead. Han nods and walks away. Kyung Chae again turns to Ji Sub and asks the question. We do not hear his answer, but he smiles happily.

The building’s owner is hounding Gong Madame about the rent. Gong Madame insists that business is bad and she has no money. She goes to her bedroom complaining and finds her daughter huddled under the covers. Mommy has had enough. In spite of everything, they need to live so her daughter had better start looking for another job. Hee Soo begins to argue. She’s always been working, always done everything she can. Is her mother really her mother? No! She’s Gong Madame. Ouch. But her mother had a point. As crappy as their lives are, they do need to survive and the bar is not enough income. Hee Soo needs to snap out of it and find work. Hee Soo leaves the house and runs into Jae Shik. More complaints about her crummy life (especially when compared to Kyung Chae’s). She then reveals that Star Hotel was her dream and now that dream is gone. Jae Shik tries to comfort her by telling her to just marry him and even gives her a kiss. Hee Soo is not amused or comforted by this. She doesn’t want to be his wife as that will not take her out of this shitty life.

When President Min and Kyung Chae arrive home, things are not well. Ok Sun is throwing a fit. Apparently she has been drinking and she is throwing stuff at Driver Han’s wife demanding alcohol which her maid will not give her. Kyung Chae and her father are disappointed. She drank again? They thought she was well now. Ok Sun says it was only a single drink and she wants more. Now…did this start before the accident or after? Eun Chae arrives in the room and Ok Sun calls out to her precious daughter. Kyung Chae looks worried as does Eun Chae, but the younger girl goes up to her mother and we end with Ok Sun asking Eun Chae if they should die together and she hugs Eun Chae fiercely to choke her.

Ok Sun blames Eun Chae for her current condition. Did Ok Sun drink because of Eun Chae’s mental capacity and get into an accident? Or did she start drinking after the accident to help cope with everything? I am sure we will learn the truth behind this more and more.

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