When A Snail Falls In Love Episode 3 Recap

We get to start near the end of the episode and then rewind back to where episode two left off. While I do get what Ji Bai is trying to do with Xu Xu, I think that the girl does deserve some credit for what she accomplished with only half the facts that Ji Bai had. And…you have to give props to the girl who remained calm when faced with possible death. While she’s physically very weak, she does have a very strong mind and can handle high tension situations. So…Ji Bai…do give some credit where it’s due, right?

wasfile03-01We open with the deadly serious Ji Bai arriving at the shopping mall where a large crowd has now gathered. The fire department is there inflating a cushion in case of someone jumping or falling, a crane is being setup to go to the roof. Oh, yeah. He seems very unhappy with the chaos.

We then cut to inside the café where Yao Meng becomes suspicious of the man Ye Qiao seemed to be signaling to (I swear she was not matter what this episode shows…there’s something just off about that man). She squirts him with her drink and when she moves to clean it off, he quickly grabs her wrist to stop her. Ye Qiao and Yao Meng then leave to the drop off destination with Yao Mang warning Zhao Han about the man in the suit.wasfile03-02

Ye Qiao leaves the restaurant and pretends to forget her phone so Yao Meng chases after her leaving the suitcase unattended. Enter the man in the suit. He grabs the suitcase and Zhao Han gets a call and signals the men to move in. He keeps Xu Xu away from the scene, which she doesn’t like. However, thanks to this, she notices a cleaning staff who seems out of place. Without waiting to get Zhao Han’s attention she rushes off in pursuit. She does call her boss and also text the final destination of our mystery cleaner—the roof. While I do get that Xu Xu doesn’t want to lose this suspicious man in the ball cap, she could have made her pursuit less obvious. When she rushes to get to the elevator as its doors close, she’s holding the costume he threw off. Shakes head.wasfile03-03

The man leaves the elevator on floor 13. Xu Xu waits until the doors are about to close and rushes out after, up the stairs to the roof. Xu Xu grabs a wrench and heads off. She narrowly misses the man when he comes up behind her. However, since Xu Xu is a light weight, he easily disarms her. By the time Zhao Han and Monkey [Li Long Jun as Liang Yu] reach the roof, our criminal is holding Xu Xu as a hostage. It’s in this state of chaos that Captain Ji Bai arrives and tells Zhao Han through his earpiece to keep the criminal Yang Yu calm.

Of course…Xu Xu has no intention of keeping her captor calm. She is quick to deny his demands for a car and a way off the roof. Yang has nothing good to bargain with. If he should kill her, his life is over. If he should let her go and turn himself in, he’s looking at only two years or so. She then mentions that if he turns himself into a murderer, just think of what his family and their neighbors would say? Such an unfilial son letting the family line die with him. During this exchange, Ji Bai comes to the roof, throws Xu Xu away like garbage and quickly takes down the criminal. He the congratulates Xu Xu as being the first ever detective in the city to be held hostage. She tells him she think the victim is in danger. Ji Bai throws her words back in her face and walks off as Yao Meng arrives.wasfile03-08

Now…Xu Xu does need to be scolded. Despite her intelligence and gift in profiling and figuring things out…she completely lacks common sense and field know how. She should have followed the suspect more discreetly, she should have waited for backup since the only way on and off the roof was the door she went through, but no. She rushed into things and look what happened. She’s not 100% in the wrong, but she’s got some learning and adjusting to do and should understand that she needs to take a different approach.

During the questioning the man in the suit maintains his innocence. He was just taking advantage of a woman he knew to be rich. I still say there’s more to that, but whatever. Meanwhile, Yang Yu is totally ignoring the questions or giving vague answers. Xu Xu notices how he keeps his eyes on the clock. This makes her seek out Ji Bai who is trying to question Ye Qiao without success when Ye Zi Xi arrives. Xu Xu watches the interactions between the cousins and tells Ji Bail she needs to talk to him. She asserts that she knows now that Zhang’s life is in danger. Where’s her proof? She speaks of Yang’s obsession with the clock and his vehemence that Zhang is the worst of the worst in the Ye family.

Xu Xu’s theory is that Zhang was having an affair with Zi Xi behind Ye Qiao’s back and that Yang was in love with Zi Xi and thus couldn’t handle the affair on top of the Ye’s destroying his father (the Yangs and Yes were originally business partners until a major restructuring in the company). Ji Bai listens to it all and again asserts that she needs proof. She can’t go on half-baked theories. Xu Xu gets frustrated quickly. Time is of the essence and the life of the victim is much more important than getting all of the facts.wasfile03-11

As it draws closer to 11 AM, Yang begins talking about where he works. He set up Zhang to be burned, but, would you believe it? Ji Bai was lightyears ahead of everyone! He already figured out who the criminal was and had him thoroughly investigated and found Zhang and rescued him. That’s when Zhao Han got the order to take down the kidnapper. Xu Xu is relieved Zhang had already been rescued. She knows that Ji Bai is not the type to let someone die just because of lack of evidence. Things make more sense with this revelation since I wondered just how Zhao Han knew the kidnapper’s name already. I at first thought it was a discrepancy.

wasfile03-12Ji Bai explains all the proof he had and starts refuting Xu Xu’s guesses one by one…however…I don’t think she was 100% off the mark because I swear it looked like Yang had sketches of Zi Xi. Whether or not Zi Xi had an affair with her cousin’s husband…that I don’t know. I do know that Zi Xi is definitely not an innocent person and there’s something going on there, but I don’t know what. He then complains about Xu Xu using her guesses over deductions from solid evidence. Xu Xu is quick to defend that everything she came up with was a direct result of the information she had garnered. Since he had more time and resources, of course that’s why he knew everything. Ji Bai warns her that being a detective is like this and she needs to figure out if she can handle it or not.

A clash of titans. Ji Bai isn’t wrong that Xu Xu has a long way to go. But…again, I think he does need to give her some credit. Besides a bit of stupidity, she was pretty dead on about a lot of things going on only half or less of what he had. Although…I do think her choice of wording also chaffed Ji Bai the wrong way when she talked about investigating and profiling as art. Yeah. That sounds sort of…psychotic or sociopathic. And suddenly I’m recalling Hideo no Suiri and Saito Takumi who longs for the perfect crime while he helps detectives solve complicated cases. If you haven’t seen the Japanese drama Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo No Suiri, I recommend it. There’s some great bromance between Saito Takumi and Kubota Masataka.

Can’t wait until next Monday’s episodes to see how these two adapt and change each other. Did you notice Ji Bai was wearing a button down with highwaters when he went to rescue Xu Xu? Highwaters? Pedal pushers? I really don’t like that look on men or women, lol. And then at the station he’s wearing casual. Fast changer.

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