Viki Drama Updates – 13 June 2016

Ready for some good streaming news from Viki?

Good news for Chinese Paladin fans, Viki has managed to snag the license to stream Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World and it is now available with new episodes being added! This drama is based on the popular RPG game The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5 and stars Han Dong Jun, Bexityar Gulnezer, Joe Cheng, Han Dong, Jin Chen, Jing Chao and more. The drama revolves around a young man with superhuman powers who learns he’s the son of the demon king who has been imprisoned for twenty years. Of course, he’ll have to choose between the woman he falls in love with and saving his father. I have yet to try any of the dramas in this series, but they are definitely on my “To Watch List” which never shrinks and only grows.

kdrama Lucky Romance

Credit: MBC

Itching for more Hwang Jung Eum (Secret; She Was Pretty; Full House Take 2; Kill Me, Heal Me), Ryu Jun Yeon (Answer Me 1988), Lee Soo Hyuk (White Christmas, Scholar Who Walks the Night), and Lee Chun Ah (Let’s Go to the Beach, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)? Find them all in Lucky Romance which revolves around the superstitious Shim Bo Nui who is told to save her sister’s life she must sleep with a man born in 1986. This brings two candidates into her laps. Can she navigates superstition and love and find the right man?

Yay for Kim Rae Won’s return to the small screen! Although…I have no idea how much presence he’ll have in this drama, lol. Starting June 20th, his latest drama Doctors also starring Park Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Lee Sung Kyung will be streaming on Viki. Park Shin Hye plays a young woman with gangster-like actions who is emotionally guarded. Kim Rae Won plays a man who recognizes the intelligence behind her tough exterior and sets her on the path of becoming a doctor. But of course rivals and the like appear. Can she stay her course and find happiness? This is definitely more of a new role for Park Shin Hye. Wonder how well she will tackle it?

Coming in July is Taiwanese drama Prince of Wolf (Lang Wang Zi) starring Zhang Xuanrui and Amber An. The premise is a boy who went missing during vacation and was raised by a wolf king. Despite this, the boy never forgot his humanity. Fast forward and he’s an adult. He ends up saving a photographer played by Amber An. You know romance and hijinks will ensue as I’m sure love, etc., leads him back to the human realm once more.

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