Netflix Adds 12 Years Promise

Netflix adds one more Korean drama to its streaming library. This time it is 2014 drama 12 Years Promise aka Wild Chives and Soybean Soup. The drama stars Lee So Yeon and Nam Goong Min as high school sweethearts whose families opposed their relationship. They break up, of course, and meat again 12 years later. Can they rekindle their lost love or has too much time passed?

And did you know Netflix has released an original anime? Yes, they have. Ajin: Demi-human which is adapted from the manga of the same name.


  • Will there be a Season 2? seems there were a lot of loose ends without ending

  • I felt that the adults characters were fine except for the leading male actor.

  • I actually didn’t mind him after a couple of episodes, but I just felt there were a lot of areas that wasn’t completed, please writers lets have a 2nd season plzzz.

    Tzul, I really think the younger Jang Guk was very pretty!!

  • Is there a season 2 ? The way it ended left alot of empty loose ends..please make a season2.

    • Hey Ceecee, what other Korean shows (romantic) can you recommend from Netflix?

      Mind you I have watch quite a lot of them already, lol

  • Will there be a season 2?

  • I am an avid fan of Korean & Japanese drama and I’m in the UK. Having just finished 12 years.. Why nobody recognises anybody?? The building that Dal lae dumplings is in is huge. How nobody recognises the name and put 2&2 together, who could forget Jang Guk mother and lovely grandmother?
    Also are the 3 ladies working with Azalia/Dal-lae/Guk the ones that abused her for Ju Da-Hae old uniform???

    Please Please Season 2!! So many dots need to be joined 😀

    • I know Nikki, I became a huge fan of the Korean shows as well and in most cases the shows end well but this one just left too many unfinished stories, maybe we can reach the directors somehow?

  • What is that actor name that plays MR. Woo, the fashion designer?

  • I agree with everyone else will there be a season 2? I was wondering like you Nikki were those girls working with Guk the one’s who tried to still here uniform I mean everyone else from then showed up in their adult lives why not them. What happened to the siblings stories? Did the dad finally tell his wife that his brother is his son not his brother? Did the mom’s have another funny fight? What about the best friend where is his love interest? Please make a season 2 I just have to know what happened!
    I hardly watch regular tv because I’m so hooded on the Korean drama. I love my Korean drama and this is just another one to add to my list of “What happened next?”.
    Siri I’m with you who was that sexy man!!!!!! Yum!😍😘

    • In general, it’s rare for multi-season dramas. Yes, they exist, but not all that often and drama writers are notorious for their crazy endings.

    • Lu, I’m in the UK too, and cannot get enough KDrama! I was absolutely hooked by Go Mrs. Go, then another I can’t remember the name of–neurosurgeon ‘brothers’ with their neurosurgeon father in a coma in their hospital, the blood son tries to frame and murder adopted son, the actress who portrayed sweet Mrs. Go starred in this one as the evil mother trying to open a surgery centre with her son. Fantastic! Also another about a now-married couple who meet again at their middle-school reunion, and another called Can We Get Married? I’M SO HOOKED! I even watched a few tough-to-get-through serials that were created for younger audiences, when I ran out of options. When they end, my heart aches as if a little community/family has abandoned me. I’ve even started to use Korean cosmetics because of the dewy, beautiful skin the actresses have, and I notice they always have a lot of product on their vanity tables. Come to find out, Korean skincare is really trendy now, so it’s easy to locate, and you know what?? My husband raves about how gorgeous my skin and make-up looks! He said “I knew there was a reason you watch those shows obsessively”. Not for vanity purposes, but let him think that so he won’t tease me about them. I’ve loved the Asian cultures so much for so long; I hail from Los Angeles (born and bred), and was so fortunate to live a hop and a skip from Little Tokyo, where I went once a week, Korea Town and China Town. I been reading mangas for ages and watching anime too, my home is filled with maneki neko, bonsai, tea and sake sets and chopstick sets and paper lanterns –all manner of Asian goodies…kind of odd in our tiny bungalow in the West Midlands, but it works because I love it! I can’t meet anyone who has this semi-obsession in common with me, but would love to. Maybe even meet at an Asian restaurant once a month or so–anyone interested? I miss Sushi and donburi all the foods that were essentially around every corner when I lived in LA and San Francisco! I’m a super nice middle-aged artist/baker/jewellery designer/poet (ish) and like to talk and laugh until my belly aches—write to me at auntie(dot)depressant(at)icloud(dot)com

      • You were talking about Cain and Abel. The story of the two brothers. I also love the Korean dramas 😄😄

      • Recommended kdramas
        Coffee Prince
        Arang and the Magistrate
        Master’s Sun
        Flower Boy Next Door

        You’ll find these on Viki or Dramafever. It’s worth it to pay nominal monthly membership fee to skip commercials. Presently watching Laurel Tree Tailors on Viki and enjoying it.

  • Definitely would like to see a Season 2 to fill in the “happily ever after” — or “bombshells blowing up”. The basis is there — really want the DIrectors to come through with more shows.

  • What’s the name of the song at the ending? I can’t find it for some reason .-.

  • someone please tell me what the heck Hamy is telling Da-Hae’s mom when she confronts her about sleeping with her husband on episode 4!!! i NEED TO KNOW lol reach me on Snapchat Facebook or instagram my username on all of those is @crystalg214

  • When do season 2 come out I can’t wait to see it that is a really good show with a happy ending on season 1 I watch it over and over

    • It’s actually more rare for there to be multiple seasons of Korean dramas (there’s obvious exceptions, of course), so it wouldn’t surprise me if no second season of this show will come out.

  • OMG!!!! Poor little Ham Cho!!

  • Please Someone know the name of the ost of Thais drama?

  • I think there should be another season because there was some parts that weren’t really complete. Like Ham-cho and Hun, so on and so forth. I wanna see the happy ending because that sorta left me hanging. I loved this show honestly!! It sorta hit the feels so I hope and pray that there’s something to look forward too!!!!

  • I loved everyone on this drama except the lead male character. As a youth he was a thoughtful and happy character, as an adult he was a jerk who thought the world of women rose and set upon him. Largely due to his mother’s influence on him (a definite mama’s boy)but he and the leading lady had no chemistry. her Youthful character also had believability while her older character lacked civility – a good defense to the airs of the leading man. (In an American corporation he would have been fired for his behavior because only a loos woman would fall for his antics. All in all I am still a fan of South Korean drama – a lot of them have me spellbound from start to finish. So much so that I will spend an entire weekend so I do not have to break up the view. This one I found myself skipping through to the main characters. The little brother and the Dr was totally unnecessary – as was the return of her dad. A lot of this appeared to be just filler to make the series longer. I definitely liked the younger actors vs the older ones.

    • I have not watched it. Was never interested. May Queen had a pretty stellar young cast but the writing of the adult versions was soooooo bad, I preferred the earlier episodes and that plot could have dealt without some of its twists and turns.

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