Moon River Episodes 7-10 Review

Ah. Round and round and round this drama will go. Where it stops…well…we technically all know how this drama will end, don’t we? It’s rare for dramas to give us a truly new ending and since the plot isn’t wholly something we aren’t familiar with, it’s pretty easy to guess the outcome, isn’t it?

So Mu Liu Bing in retaliation against both the father that he hates and Sha Sha’s pompous and arrogant father, keeps thrusting poor Xiao Xi into the middle of a rabid hornets’ nest. Sha Sha complains that by asking Xiao Xi to dance, Liu Bing has insulted her in front of everyone, but she insults herself by making such a scene and running away. And really, it is so obvious that Liu Bing has never been interested in her (as more than a childhood friend and fellow student) or her family’s wealth and power so I really don’t see why she must keep chasing him as if he belongs to her and her alone. Eyeroll.

Liu Bing is quite complicated. He’s got the typical tortured past. He hates his father because of his mother’s death. She was always unhappy and she never kept that a secret from her soon, so when she died (I think it was suicide) it is no wonder Liu Bing’s anger is directed to his father. He really does like Xiao Xi. It’s slowly turning to romance, but it was really her strength and innocence and belief in justice that draws him towards her. He knows that her nature can tip the scales and help him win the private war he’s waging. At times this does make him feel bad. He’s even using her family’s special promise of honor to get her to do things she’s not okay with (like sharing the same room…even the same bed!). He knows that it is her greatest misfortune to meet him and they do bicker constantly. But at the same time, even as he’s using her, he can’t help but open up to her. His grandfather sees this and knows his grandson is falling hard for Xiao Xi and it’s something Liu Bing doesn’t entirely deny either. Although I don’t think he’s 100% aware of his own romantic feelings for our kung fu lady.

Xiao Xi is a character I don’t understand. She was willing to fight for herself when she had used her martial arts skills unjustly to “save” her friend, but she wouldn’t stand up for herself when it came to the cheating matter and that same friend betrayed her. And with joining the club and trying to help the orphanage, she’s also quick to give up without trying. I mean, she tries to keep her two club mates’ spirits up, but when the harshness of reality hits, she does nothing. I don’t know why this organization doesn’t try to get out there and make themselves heard. Sure, they are tiny. Sure, the wealthy and uncaring students would probably ignore them…but should that automatically mean they should just give up on their desire to help those much less fortunate than themselves?Xiao Xi Martial Arts DanceIn the first six episodes, Jian Che’s actions in regards to Xiao Xi and Liu Bing were always ambiguous. In one way it seemed like he was rooting for Xiao Xi and Liu Bing and then in the next he was on the jealous side. Now, it’s more or less that he’s obviously jealous, but there are times he’s just too levelheaded. When he confronts Liu Bing about kissing Xiao Xi and Sha Sha dating Hao Nan, sure he’s angry and says he wants to punch Liu Bing, but you don’t get that jealous aura from him, he’s just angry that Liu Bing is playing a very dangerous chess game by himself that in the end will hurt a lot of people. Then in different scenes you see just how much Jian Che likes Xiao Xi and silently does his best to help her. I think it is very unfair that thanks to her promise, Xiao Xi does stick by Liu Bing while running away from Jian Che because it’s best to keep distance from her elite classmates. Poor guy.

It is thanks to Jian Che’s actions, though, that I think Liu Bing is getting more of an inkling of his feelings. The more Xiao Xi is immediately nice and sweet to Jian Che and the more Jian Che shows up to help Xiao Xi, the more you can see jealousy coming out of Liu Bing. We all know the nice and helpful second male leads finish last. Of course, there is always Hao Nan’s little sister who is hopelessly in love with Jian Che, so even if he can’t get our leading lady, he won’t necessarily be unloved and alone.

In these episodes you can see more of a vulnerability with Hao Nan. Sure, he’s always a hothead and that will never change, but you can see how much he struggles with Sha Sha’s stupidity. He knows that her requesting the kiss and then telling him to forget it and then making him her boyfriend is just Sha Sha’s horrible way of dealing with the situation with Liu Bing. He tries to pretend he’s happy, but he is actually the farthest from it. It doesn’t help that Sha Sha wears the pants in the relationship. Since Hao Nan cannot happily register that he is really Sha Sha’s boyfriend, the girl gets angry at everything he does, especially when he shows a lack of confidence. Why can’t this girl see how much she hurts the people around her? Liu Bing at least knows he is hurting others and it doesn’t make him happy, but for him he’s trying to change things for the better. Will the ends justify the means? Not necessarily, but if it can get our spoiled and selfish people to change, will it all be worth it in the end?

I don’t like Sha Sha’s father at all. Sure, Liu Bing is smart and capable and shows great maturity (at times), but he’s not the only man out there, so why must it be him for Sha Sha and to inherit the Tie empire? It’s so obvious that Liu Bing is not the type to follow the path you lay before him. I know he has the grudge against his father and with good reason. Does he have more good reasons (although we’ve already seen tons of them) why he’s fighting so hard against the Tie family? And that assistant or secretary or whatever? He’s so worthless. Why do they even need that character.

While I’m sure the pattern we have going won’t stop repeating in the near future, it’s not boring. I do like how we are able to see more from certain characters. Liu Bing and Hao Nan are showing more vulnerabilities while Jian Che, Xiao Xi, and Sha Sha aren’t showing too much growth just yet. Hopefully Jian Che will finally take a stance and not fade into the background and keep demanding Liu Bing changes his ways. Hopefully Xiao Xi stops being so wishy washy and learns to fight with all she has for the things she wants (helping the children and helping Liu Bing, etc.), and hopefully Sha Sha will finally wake up and smell the fact she is not a princess and that means she can’t have everything her way. Hopefully she will understand just how much she’s tearing the surprisingly innocent Hao Nan up.

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