Netflix New Asian Drama Arrivals – February 2015

Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In SungWell, it’s been quite a past few weeks with several new Korean dramas being added. This time we see Cunning Single Lady and It’s Okay, That’s Love hit Netflix’s streaming library. Cunning Single Lady follows a divorced couple as circumstances through them back together again and It’s Okay, That’s Love follows a cast with various mental and social problems as they struggle to confront their inner demons.

They are really starting to get some of the newer and popular dramas in. I’ve tried watching both of these dramas. Cunning Single Lady wasn’t my cup of tea, but I heard good things. It’s Okay, That’s Love didn’t have a bad start, I just never ended up finishing it. Like with most dramas, really. I always start way more than I actually finish. As always, you can find the full list of dramas on Netflix here: Asian Dramas Streaming on Netflix.

In the movie department, they have added a Jackie Chan film which also stars Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo, Chinese Zodiac. Jackie Chan is hunting down relics of that represent the Chinese zodiac. Since it’s a Jackie Chan film, it’s bound to have some great action sequences. The man is amazing in that department.


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