New Asian Movies on Netflix – January 2015

Touch of the Light posterI will not be composing an actual list page to keep updated for these. Movies are even harder to keep track of than dramas. NewKDramaAddict has been kicking around the idea of creating an Asian movie master list herself. If I notice new Asian movies have been added to Netflix’s streaming library, I’ll do update posts.

Added to Netflix recently is the Korean movie Blood and Ties starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Gap Su (this movie is about a woman who suspects her father kidnapped and murdered a boy), the Chinese movie Iceman starring action icon Donnie Yen (this movie is about four imperial guards who get frozen in ice and awaken 400 years into the future to continue their fight), the Japanese movie Lady Ninja Kaede 2 which mixes erotica and ninjas, the Taiwanese movie Touch of the Light (where blind pianist Huang Yu Siang portrays his struggle to obtain success), the Hong Kong movie As the Light Goes Out starring Shawn Yue and Nicholas Tse which is apparently a disaster action flick.

If you like Bollywood or Hindi films, there is Sooper Se Ooper which follows a young man who is forced to sell his ancestral property in order to survive while another man fights to run away from an extortionist.

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