Dear, Sister Episode 4

Waaah! The plot thickens! Hachi is getting closer and closer to finally admitting his true sexual orientation. Misaki’s confession that if he wasn’t gay that she would fall in love with him probably helped, but we all know it’s very painful for him to keep his secret. I’m really confused as to just what Misaki’s goal really is. I don’t think she has anything bad in mind at all for Hazuki’s life. I do believe she genuinely wants her sister’s happiness, but why is she going to the lengths she’s going to and just why is she keeping everything a secret from Soichiro? We’re still no closer to that answer.

Hazuki is glowing after her “date” with Soichiro. What date? It wasn’t one. Hazuki confesses to her bestie that she’s in love with Soichiro and wants him to see her as a woman and not a student. Sato then demands a meeting to feel out Sakuraba-sensei and Hazuki agrees to this. She then goes home only to be berated by her mother for quitting her government job. Their fighting wakes up Misaki who  complains that they are fighting too early in the morning when there’s a person who works nights. Nanae realizes she’s late, commands her eldest to take back her resignation later, and rushes out. Hazuki complains about always hearing how she must be an example as the oldest sister. Misaki  tells her to deal with it since Misaki will always be the youngest and Hazuki the oldest. LOL. True, that won’t change.

Hazuki goes to Yohei to apologize and he’s a bit upset by the fact that she’s so honest in her confession. Enter Kaori. Hazuki then leaves and Yohei reveals that Hazuki was confessing her love. Kaori is overjoyed thinking it’s for her brother, but Yohei is soooo depressed now realizing that Hazuki has strong feelings for Soichiro. It could be that Hazuki is really dense…but she has to have some clue that Yohei likes her…right?

We get lots of scenes where Misaki starts freaking out because someone is following her. She never sees the person, but she has that sense and we get out of focus glimpses of a man. Who is it? Is it her number one fan at the club? Or someone hired by her number one enemy? After the stalking scenes, we get lots of scenes where little Misaki takes big sister Hazuki to task for being so wasteful now that she’s out of a job. Hazuki is very impressed that her irresponsible little sister may not be as irresponsible as she originally thought. Not all of Misaki’s money-saving tips make her onee-chan happy, such as reusing the same bath towel and taking baths with filled plastic bottles to conserve water.

Misaki is continuing to see Doctor. She still has no idea where they have met before, but he’s pleased that she’s recalled he’s a doctor. He then gives her a necklace and Misaki immediately hawks it. She does tell him that no matter what he does or what he spends on her, she will never sleep with him, lol, the looks the other customers in the store gave were priceless. Anywho, Misaki does tell him her goal of saving 24 million yen, but refuses to tell him just what she wants the money for. Doctor does tell her he doesn’t expect anything and just likes to take care of the girls he likes. Back at the club, Doctor tells #1 to back off because she and Misaki are on totally different levels. Of course, she won’t back off and we all know it.

Hazuki is studying Italian recipes at Appleseed and Yohei scolds her for not coming to him since he’s a former Italian chef. She then tells him her ideas for the menu for her dinner with Soichiro and Sato. He quickly tells her the perfect pasta dish and then she drops the bomb that she’s cooking for her former teacher. Ouch. He snaps and asks if she’s playing with his feelings since she can’t not have noticed, right? Hazuki gets uncomfortable and rushes out.

After work, Misaki gets the stalking feeling again and rushes into Appleseed begging Yohei for help. He rushes outside but doesn’t manage to catch Misaki’s stalker. He then confesses he got cross at Hazuki for toying with him and Misaki burst out laughing at the very thought her sister is toying with anyone. She then complains that Yohei treats her and her sister differently because of his liking Hazuki. Misaki doesn’t think its fair and Yohei finds this very funny as well. Their scenes are very cute and natural. I don’t think Misaki has any romantic feelings for him at all. He’s the one she’s picked out for her sister’s future happiness after all. They just have a very great and natural relationship. If only he could be more comfortable around Hazuki and communicate just a bit better.

Hazuki notices 1 million yen is missing from her bank account. She blames Misaki who swears its not her. The two then think of their mother. They head over to her house only to find her drinking. Turns out Mr. Right as a total fraud. He took her 3 million yen along with Hazuki’s 1 million and split. Hazuki is angry, but Misaki tells the two to stop fighting and they go to file a report. She tells the two to not fight and rushes off to work.

#1 gets another customer involved to hurt Misaki. He asks her to drink with him and Misaki says she can’t drink and will only order a soda. The man says he’s heard she used to drink like a fish, and Misaki says her health took a sudden turn of late. He then pours her a drink and Misaki is unhappy and torn. Just as she is about to take a drink, another man comes up and guzzles it down. Misaki is then told to go to Doctor’s table. A close call!

After work, Misaki runs into her mother and sister who have been drinking heavily. This time we get a better blurred glance of her stalker and I’m willing to bet (even before I have seen the big reveal later) that it’s none other than Hachi. Misaki is disgusted at her mother and sister for being so alike. She’s also upset because she can’t gauge if mother and daughter really hate each other or what. She also scolds them both for their deplorable taste in men. Hazuki goes on to say that love for others isn’t as easy as it is for Misaki. Her little sister breaks down and throws a mini tantrum—love isn’t easy for her either, you know? To make matters worse, Misaki overhears Hazuki talking with Soichiro.

Doctor has something to show Misaki after work. What can it be? He’s bought her a club! She will be the head woman there and won’t need to have to worry about saving money and all that good stuff. She will have a life of luxury and realize her dream. Misaki asks him point blank about where they met before. Doctor reveals he saw her one time only at a club in Yokohama and fell instantly in love. He bribed a waiter for her resume so that’s how he knew her real name. He says he looked for her in clubs all over until discovering her now. Misaki then thanks him, but she can’t accept the club as she does NOT want to spend the rest of her life as nothing but a hostess. She hates the job, but is doing it for the money. Doctor tells her it’s her calling and he’ll set her up as his mistress. Man must already be married.

When Misaki is ungrateful and keeps refusing him, Doctor gets angry. Misaki starts getting nervous and backs away. She threatens to scream as Doctor’s temper gets worse and Doctor finds this laughable since there is no one who can hear her there. Enter Hachi to save the day. Misaki is shocked he knew where she was. He tells her to run and she tells him to run with her, but Hachi refuses. Don’t play the hero like that. Grabbing her and running is just as good as attempting to fight on her behalf. Misaki runs straight to a police post, but when she arrives Hachi and Doctor are gone. Misaki desperately calls Hachi who says he beat Doctor up and is now heading to practice. After the phone call he collapses. Looks like he got his rear kicked but good. And doesn’t he have a competition coming up soon?

The next day Misaki is on pins and needles. She rushes out to Hachi’s house to find the door is locked. She bangs and demands he opens since she knows he’s there. Hachi does open up and Misaki is horrified to see how bad off he is. Hachi says it’s not as bad as it looks, but then breaks into a coughing fit. Misaki wants to rush him to the hospital, but he refuses. She’s mad at him—this is why she told him to run with her. Hachi then says he’d gladly die for her. Misaki is angry. Very angry. That would not maker her happy and he had better not say anything like that again. Misaki then slaps his arm for making her worry so much when he admits to seeing her home every night. Hachi winces and says he lost the chance to tell her so they could walk home together. Misaki then cries on his shoulder. She is so grateful to have him. If only he wasn’t gay, she would be in love with him. It’s a good thing she noticed early on his sexual orientation. Hachi is just about to say he’s NOT gay, but they get interrupted by Misaki’s grumbling stomach. Soon, soon he’ll tell the truth as he’s reaching his breaking point now.

Dear, Sister Episode 4

Hazuki is out grocery shopping and runs into Yohei who tries to be nice and friendly, but it’s really awkward. Hazuki continues on her way and Yohei is depressed that he’s upset her. She goes back to the apartment and prepares dinner for Soichiro. Sato calls to say she’s running late. Soichiro compliments Hazuki’s cooking and then asks after Misaki. Hazuki says Misaki went to a friend’s. Was he hoping to see her? No, just wondering. Hazuki crouches behind her counter in pain.

Meanwhile, Misaki is going through her diary. She’s got about half the money she wants saved up. She rights down on that page that the saving is ongoing. She then flips the page and see the lease renewal she is supposed to turn in for Hazuki. Underneath that she wrote make Hazuki get a new house. She then goes to take out her mother book, but it’s missing!

We cut back to Hazuki’s place. She’s still crouching behind the kitchen counter all upset while Soichiro gets the shock of his life when he finds Misaki’s baby book. End episode.

Now when Soichiro questions Misaki, will she admit the baby’s his? Or will she lie? More questions. We’ll find out soon enough, I suppose. I’m waiting for next week as it looks like Hachi’s finally revealing after all this time he is very much straight and very much in love with Misaki. Yohei is also taking the initiative! I do seriously want Hazuki to end up with him. I think they’d be very cute together, don’t you?

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