Song of the Week – 13 October 2014

Happy Columbus Day! If you live in the US that is. I’ve been pretty sporadic on this weekly post, due in part to time constraints and also in part due to not finding a song that really spoke to me enough to want to say this is the song to jam to all week.

Guess what!? Roy Kim is back! Have you heard his latest song? There’s just something about the mellow tunes and his gorgeous voice that makes you want to melt. The song is 영원한 건 없지만 [Yeongwonhan geon eopjiman; Nothing Lasts Forever]. Rather a depressing title to go with such a gloomy and rainy fall day, although the song expresses Kim’s hope for a happy world and idealistic life, so the actual song is not depressing at all. Again, love Roy Kim’s voice and it really is a beautiful acoustic song. Roy’s inspiration for this song came from a letter he received from his sister and he composed it when he was abroad. The video is gorgeous and features the work of the first Korean astronomical photographer Kwon O Chul.

You can get the album that features this amazing song on Roy Kim’s latest album Home.

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