Song of the Week – 8 September 2014

Summer is hanging in there, but fall is starting to show in the changing of leaves (which have technically been changing since late June early July since the trees were getting stressed with how little rain we were getting for awhile) and a soon to come temperature drop. That’s right. We started the week in the 80s and the predictions are 50s-40s by the end of the week. Nothing like a 30-40 degree drop.

So, like last week, keeping in vein of the encroaching fall season, I have two ballads for you. The first is by the awesome duo USAGI. I just love them. I haven’t bought any of their releases yet, but I’m planning on it as a Christmas present to myself later. The next ballad song is from WINNER. I finally tracked down their debut songs. A good start and they’ve already won number 1 on a music show after debut. Crazy. Usually it takes a lot of years for talented groups to get awards and sometimes they may never get any, which is sad. Then again, WINNER has a step up with all of the hype and publicity what with a Superstar K and Kpop Star contestant along with doing that Who is Next show with YG to see which boy group would debut first.

USAGI – 夏の終わり [Natsuno owari/End of Summer]
It’s a really fitting title, ne?

WINNER – Empty
The rap and vocals really go well together in this song. Sometimes rap can sound out of place in ballads, but it really does work without being too fierce or abrasive and sliding smoothly along. Off topic, I’ve been relistening to Kang Seung Yoon’s “Wild & Young” from last summer like crazy again. Ah, the nostalgia.

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