God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 7

The actual case part of this episode wasn’t as interesting. Not to say the overall message behind it wasn’t a good one, because it was. The problem was that the case wasn’t as integral as we are starting to delve more into the mystery surrounding Prosecutor Oppa Jae Joon. I’m thinking that he got involved in something pretty big and maybe tried to do the right thing, but that just ended up putting Kyung Hee in danger. But it’s hard to guess at this point as we still don’t know too much about what’s going on, though the mystery is unraveling piece by piece.

We open with a security guard doing rounds at a school when he sees a human-shaped cast with red running down from the eyes. The cast falls over and breaks open and a boy with a blue eye can be seen. Psycho stalker takes Jae Joon to meet with someone. This person is higher up than Psycho Stalker, but he’s not the head. He’s upset that Jae Joon is interfering with their termination of Kyung Hee. Jae Joon has two options: let them eliminate Kyung Hee or they will eliminate him (instead?). Looks like he’s caught between a rock and a hard place and Jae Joon doesn’t like it. Well, what is there to like about that?

God's Quiz Season 4 Episode 7So Psycho Stalker tails Kyung Hee to the hospital where she visits Jin Woo and Da Mi. The little girl does have some type of disease called vestibular neuritis which is actually a problem revolving around the inner ear and causes dizziness, loss of balance and even nausea. The doctors don’t know why the girl fainted, though. Kyung Hee goes to leave and Jin Woo goes to look at the child’s chart once more when he catches sight of Psycho Stalker. He recognizes him from the other night and he rushes off after his lady love who is a bit more aware that she’s being stalked this time.

Unfortunately for Kyung Hee, Psycho Stalker seems to be a hard opponent and she gets walloped more than she does the walloping. Oh, sure, she puts all of her scrawny frame into each blow, but it doesn’t seem to effect the man at all. He pulls a knife and Jin Woo tackles him to keep him from hurting Kyung Hee. The man tries to go after him, but Jin Woo applies a technique he learned in season one or two where he lies on his back kicking his feet which makes it harder for Psycho to go in for the blow. Kyung Hee springs to his defense but is not unconscious. Psycho goes to stab her again and Jin Woo gets up and grabs the knife by the blade to keep it from killing Kyung Hee. Finally security arrives and Psycho slips away. I’m not sure keeping this whole mess a secret was the best move for Kyung Hee to make.

Jin Woo tends Kyung Hee’s wounds before his own. This upsets the girl. Actually, they are both upset at the thought of something seriously bad happening to each other. They are the sweetest couple. After getting patched up, they go to the meeting about the discovery of the high schooler with multi-colored eyes (heterochromia iridis). They are asked what happened and both lie saying there was a bar fight they broke up. Anywho, the cause of death for the boy is blood loss from having his carotid artery stabbed (at least that’s what I think they said). I wonder if the case only went to them because of the eye color thing as that seems to be stretching it as it’s not a horribly rare disease, though it can be more common in Caucasians than Asians.

The gang’s autopsy doesn’t reveal anything new. They do test the young man’s eyes to see if he has the disease from the first episode and that is why there was blood on the cast. There is also bruising on the young man’s body and what looks like clay around the stab wound which wouldn’t be surprising given the body being found among the art club stuff. So our detectives and Jin Woo go to the school where the principal and the class president both insist there is no such thing as bullying and the art teacher or art club advisor insists there is no way any one in the art club would hurt the young man. The art teacher says he had no real dealings with the deceased young man, but he found his eye color unique and not in a bad way. The team does find blood remnants in the art store room and the teacher seems to be sweating.

Jin Woo and Kyung Hee then talk to the president outside of the school away form the principal and she does open up about the bullying and how the deceased Jong Hyuk had a good friend who always protected him. Although it’s been awhile since the besties seem to have a falling out. Meanwhile Doo Mong questions the teacher who has no solid alibi while Kyung Hee and Jin Woo talk to Jong Hyuk’s aunt who reveals she thinks her nephew was in love. He showcased typical teenager behavior which points her in the belief that her nephew was in love. Then for shits and giggles we get a scene where Shi Woo thinks about something supernatural causing the red tears and uri Jin Woo is quick to concur that such supernatural phenomena are possible. LOL. Ah, and of course we learn the murder weapon is most likely a chisel due to the clay found on the wound and the size which fits in with the murder happening in an art supply room.

I don’t do horror. I don’t like it. But I have to admit the ghost nightmares of the deceased Jong Hyuk were funny in their perpetuity. Looks like his ex best friend has a bit of a guilty conscience, huh? We then cut to Jin Woo worrying over his lady love who is now conscious that there is a threat and is packing heat to meet Jae Joon. She tells him that she’s found out that there was no such case or anything and she believes he brought her an unsolved case. Jae Joon apologizes for getting her into this whole mess and runs off without explaining anything. Of course Psycho Stalker is there doing what he does best…stalking. Actually, he’s pretty bad at stalking because it’s not like he tries all that hard to remain hidden…you know?

The team then learns that Jong Hyuk didn’t have the tears mixing with blood, but rather a bacterial infection or whatnot of serratia marcescens which caused the blood-like appearance on the eyes of the cast. Jin Woo goes with Kyung Hee back to the school. Kyung Hee talks to the ex bestie who says that Jong Hyuk just stopped talking to him and thus he got angry and the relationship was effective broken. Meanwhile, Jin Woo is wandering around and runs into Eun Shil who is crying and placing flowers on Jong Hyuk’s desk. She confesses she liked him and that they were dating and Jin Woo carefully takes a hair to test against the fingernail they found inside the plaster. She also says that Jong Hyuk’s bruises weren’t from school bullying, but out of school bullying.

The bullies are caught and brought in. They know that the bullies didn’t target Jong Hyuk for looking at them wrong because Eun Shil said they never made eye contact. The bullies are then confronted with the fact that Jong Hyuk died and they lie saying it was from assault. This quickly makes them confess they were only paid to beat the kid up. Who paid them? None other than Jong Hyuk’s supposed best friend. So we learn that the bestie turned on his friend because he also liked Eun Shil. What a great reason to pay someone to beat up the friend you’ve lived with and protected for like 10+ years. Ah, and Eun Shil’s hair tests negative for the DNA match with the fingernail.

We get a cute scene where Kyung Hee is over at Jin Woo’s I think working on the case or maybe what was going on with Jae Joon. She goes to leave, but Jin Woo tells her she doesn’t need to go home, but can just sleep at his place (because he doesn’t want her out all alone at night, sweet). She goes and lies down on his bed and Jin Woo ten lies beside her and she tiredly teases him that he said he wouldn’t bother her. He says he’s not but then is curious why lying like that doesn’t feel weird to her. Kyung Hee confesses she slept a lot like that with him at the hospital, there’s no difference now. Jin Woo then says she did a lot of things while he was sleeping and that turn of phrase immediately made me recall the Sandra Bullock movie, lol.

The next day Kyung Hee and Jin Woo talk with Eun Shil again and she confesses she spent  that night of the murder drinking and talking with the art teacher! Kang is then questioned about why he didn’t confess his alibi earlier and he talks about how unseemly it would look if people knew he was out with a minor drinking…and it’s a girl to boot. Enter Doo Mong and team. It turns out that Kang was forced to transfer out of his old school when a young male (homosexual) student committed suicide. Going through the man’s office reveals more pills and paintings of a nearly undressed Jong Hyuk.

So Teacher Kang is brought in for questioning and he insists on innocence. He has a coughing spell and spits up blood. Jin Woo’s brain is really whirring. First there’s the testosterone pills, the strange diet of Kang, and now coughing up blood. Eun Shil is also brought in and she’s viciously rubbing her one eye which Jin Woo also notices. Kang finally confesses he killed Jong Hyuk who broke up with him or something to that affect and that Eun Shil has nothing to do with it—she only provided the alibi because he threatened to kill her as well. Of course something just doesn’t seem right in this at all. Especially when it seems like Eun Shil seems rather guilty during questioning and Kang cuts her off from whatever she was going to say.

So what is the big mystery behind Kang’s condition? He’s got female DNA! He’s not a transsexual, but rather an intersexual, meaning he was born as neither male or female. When such babies are born, parents choose the sex of the child and an operation is performed. Kang’s parents chose for him to be male, but as he aged, his body produced more and more female hormones and thus why he was taking testosterone and eating foods which would inhibit female hormones. He’s also got a weak heart which is why he was coughing up blood.

After that big reveal, the trio are brought together again. Eun Shil his now wearing an eye patch. It turns out that Jong Hyuk’s friend knew he was gay and he wanted to prove to Eun Shil that Jong Hyuk could never return her feelings thus he told her to check out the art room on Wednesday night. Kang and Jong Hyuk never had such a relationship actually. Yes, Kang was attracted to the young student who also very much liked Kang (and even sent him the risqué pictures requesting to be painted to which Kang always refused), but he never acted on his feelings and did his best to ward off Jong Hyuk’s affections and to council him on his sexual orientation. Eun Shil goes to attack Kang but when Jong Hyuk says he’d never like anyone like her, she kills him instead. His blood got in her eye and she contracted the same bacteria he had. Kang sets everything up to take the fall because he completely blames himself that the whole incident happened. It’s not his fault at all. It’s a bad deed that he tried to help Eun Shil out by taking the fall for a murder he didn’t commit.

Kang sobs and wonders why he was born while Jin Woo tries to explain there is nothing wrong with him. He’s just different and can’t help the way he is born. This makes for our afterword for the episode—about accepting that people are born different and not try to change them or ostracize them because of such things. That was rather touching and impressive especially given that South Korea isn’t the most accepting and open culture for homosexuality. We also get to see that both Eun Shil and Kang accepted Jong Hyuk’s differentness. Eun Shil loved his eyes and thought that made him special. That was nice to see and hear…to bad she goes crazy when she learns he is gay and kills him.

The official end of the episode has Jae Joon calling up Kyung Hee. He has something he needs to give her. Jin Woo won’t let her go alone and tags along. They get to the parking garage, but Jae Joon is dead and the USB he had was taken. And who would you guess will be prime suspects in the murder? Jin Woo and Kyung Hee of course.

Episode 8 recap should be up sometime tomorrow hopefully. Ah, and Da Mi wakes up. Her dad is traveling back from the US to be with her. She has a request of Jin Woo. She wants him to find her mother for her.


  • I thought that was a pretty daring episode for a KDrama! Not only a story about a intersexual but also a gay man? That was the best part of the story.

    • It really was daring, especially given Korea’s culture isn’t all that open yet. I liked Jin Woo’s monologue at the end about accepting the way people are born instead of irrationally hating them. It was a good episode in that respect indeed. You should check out jdrama IS where they didn’t get their child a surgery. They raised her as a boy and her body ended up going more towards female in the end.

      • I’ll have to look for that one. Yes, I also thought it was daring!

        • I must say that I really wanted to hug the poor teacher when he was sobbing about how he should never have been born. It totally isn’t his fault he was born IS and that when his parents chose the sex, it was unfortunately the wrong choice.

  • I want to know who is Lee Jong Hyuk in real world… He’s look pretty :3

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