God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 6

Okay, so maybe Prosecutor Oppa, whose real name is Lee Jae Joon, isn’t 10o% evil. However, he’s in deep doodoo and has now dragged Kyung Hee in. Stand up guy, huh? After some really heavy episode with the usual cuteness thrown in to break up the monotony, we do take more of a comedic turn as episode 6 mimics in parts Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. Sure we have a mysterious case and sure there is real evil involved, but the caricature painted is rather amusing as much as it is horrifying what people are being made to suffer through in order to maintain a job.

We open with what seems like a very cheesy black and white film and watch a man go about his day. He’s got a rough commute to work and once at work he’s slammed with work by his boss and coworkers as well as ridiculed by his “mediocre” performance. We end with the poor man taking out the jug from the water cooler and drinking until he died. It’s kind of like a moment in like Constantine or a similar movie where a guy kept thinking he was thirsty and drowned himself in all that he drank. Or was that from an episode of Supernatural?

We then cut to the ME’s office where Shi Woo is still looking at the toxic waste dumping case that Jae Joon handed over to Kyung Hee to investigate. Jin Woo comes in and he quickly closes his laptop and lies saying he was stalking an ex’s SNS (for those who don’t know…social network service or something like that). Of course Tae Kyung comes in at this time and is all miffed that Shi Woo had a girlfriend he really loved and still cares for. Poor Shi Woo. He dug himself quite the whole with the object of his affection. Tae Kyung then asks Jin Woo if it was true that the hospital’s website got hacked—she couldn’t get on the site the other day. Jin Woo hadn’t heard of this and wondered who would do such a thing. Meanwhile, Shi Woo looks a bit guilty. Think he’s guessed that it was his snooping that brought someone to hack their computers?

The gang then gather to look over their new case which is the man we saw drinking himself to death earlier. The man’s name is Lee Hwan Seung and the initial autopsy revealed the death to be Water Poisoning. It may be hard to believe, but it’s just like vitamins. You know, they are good for your health, but too much can lead to disaster. It’s the same with water. Too much water in too short a time period can result in death as cells swell, particularly in the brain. Doo Mong thinks that this will be a simple case and that it should wrap up pretty quickly, but Kyung Hee is a firm believer in waiting and seeing as something can always pop up.

The autopsy is conducted and the crew’s finding is the same as the original autopsy—death by water poisoning. Looking over everything, it’s believed that a case of diabetes insipidus probably contributed to Hwan Seung’s condition. This condition means a great thirst coupled with an excessive need to pee. Jin Woo is asked his opinion and while he does agree that is pretty much cut and dried, he wants an analysis done on the deceased’s brain as something isn’t right. Something must have been off in his brain that he would drink so much water so quickly. They are then told the victim’s mother is there. It turns out that the company where Hwan Seung worked sent a waiver to his mother right after her son’s death asking her to sign that she will not sue the company since this is not a work-related death and she will get 2 million won. The poor mother is from the country side and has no knowledge of such things thus she is seeking the ME’s advice. Jin Woo thinks the company is highly suspicious for submitting such a waiver so close to the employee’s death.

Jin Woo goes to the company with Kyung Hee and she doesn’t even get to talk as Jin Woo keeps ridiculing the company from its name to its policy of making families sign such a waiver. What a way to win the owner over. I don’t like him. Nope, nope. Kyung Hee’s expressions while Jin Woo was running his mouth was rather amusing. The two then go into the office and learn what Hwan Seung’s duties were…which was a lot…and get virtually no information from his coworkers or superiors. Dead end there. They go back to the station and again Doo Mong is ready to throw in the towel on this case as there is nothing to really investigate and do. Great attitude for a  cop. You get why Kyung Hee gets angry at him…a lot.

Kyung Hee walks Jin Woo out and they run into Jae Joon. Of course, Jin Woo’s knickers get in a twist when Kyung Hee turns very bright and bubbly and easily links arms with Jae Joon. Jin Woo mutters that it took a year for them to progress to such a state themselves. Yep, jealousy is rearing it’s ugly head. Even I was surprised by how different the tough Kyung Hee acts around Jae Joon. Sure, she and Jin Woo have the adorkable childish love moments, but she’s never acted quite like this before. No wonder Jin Woo is upset. I’m sure he’s also upset that Jae Joon interrupted his bragging of himself as he was about to tell Kyung Hee he can crack the case because he’s…well a genius after all.

Okay, so Kyung Hee and Jae Joon go out and talk. Jae Joon asks if she’s had time to look at what he requested of her. She did and she is wondering why the illegal waste dumping case is marked confidential. Apparently an anonymous complaint came in about a company dumping waste illegally leading to at least one death and several illnesses. Jae Joon says everything worked out well for the case and he no longer needs her help. This surprises Kyung Hee and I guess it finally sets a red flag off in her head. Oh, I’m sure she was really wondering about everything, but if she wasn’t totally suspicious, she is now since Jae Joon is asking her to stop looking into it and make sure she returns all items to him. She didn’t make copies, right? WAY suspicious.

Jin Woo and Kyung Hee go to Hwan Seung’s apartment where his fridge is practically empty and his one table makes it seem like he owns stock in pharmaceuticals as he has so many drugs for various aches and pains, etc. During this part of the investigation, Jin Woo is very stilted and Kyung Hee picks up on it. What is wrong? Is he ill? Jin Woo remains a bit cold and says he is not unwell. He then recalls the moment when he balked at being told to go to crime scenes and his mentor came in and said that as a doctor, going to such places where integral to discovering a truth that the detectives can’t. Thus Jin Woo decides to take it a step further. He will become Hwan Seung and experience his life and work to figure out if the company is in some way liable for his death.

Jin Woo then moves into Hwan Seung’s apartment. Kyung Hee is picking up on those vibes again and wonders if she did something to make Jin Woo angry since he’s been acting strange for awhile. When Jin Woo makes a snide comment about Jae Joon, Kyung Hee is amused. So he’s angry and jealous, huh? While he gripes about her ease of skinship, she shocks him by giving him a back hug and asking if she’s dating a man or a child. LOL. Jin Woo can definitely be a big child, although his attitude and dealing with others has gotten progressively better with each season…he still rubs people the wrong way, though. When Jin Woo gets annoyed at being called a child, she tells him not to be angry and then gives him a quick peck on the cheek. He then asks for a peck on the lips, but then she insults his taste in pajamas killing the mood, LOL.

Ah, in case you’re wondering, they did get the prosecutor’s permission for Jin Woo to experience Hwan Seung’s life at the office firsthand. We get to see Jin Woo’s own black and white Modern Times reel which ends when he reaches the office and is greeted by the catty attorney. I could delve more into what goes on here, but it’s not really necessary even though it is integral. I will say this, the company has CCTVs set up all over to monitor their eomployees, even in front of locker rooms and bathrooms. No one pays any attention when he complains of a faulty monitor that makes his eyes go bonkers and ignore him. One of the supervisors gets touchy with a female employee, coworkers and even Jin Woo cough all the time, not to mention stomach pains and the like from not being able to use the bathroom as frequently as they should. Lunch can only happen when the supervisors say it’s time and employees only get 7 minutes to eat their lunch and cannot eat outside. When a normal workday ends, the employees aren’t allowed to leave and are stuck working 12 hour shifts every day. It’s really bad. There are supposed to be standards in act to protect employees from being exploited like that, but I remember hearing something about Korean labor standard laws and the like really weren’t the best, but I could be wrong about that. Ah, they also monitor employees’ SNS and computers to see just what and how much work is done.

Surprisingly enough, after Doo Mong talks about this being and open and shut case, he does go to the labor bureau with questions and finds out at least one complaint a year has been filed but all had been worked out. He also learns that it’s very hard for one person to win against a company. Employees really need to band together to fight. Looks like Doo Mong’s reasoning after all of this is that it is a hopeless case that cannot be won which ticks Kyung Hee off to no end and she accuses him of not fighting for justice or knowing the true meaning of the word. I really do want to know just what their history is together that makes Kyung Hee dislike him so much.

Stalker guy gets orders to leave Jae Joon and Kyung Hee alone for now as they have no orders from the top dog, whom I thin they refer to as VIP. Say what? Also, they are investigating just who in the ME’s office has been digging into the waste case. Uh oh. does that mean Shi Woo will be a target soon just like Kyung Hee? Great. Everyone’s going to be ducks with a target on them soon.

After work Jin Woo asks the female coworker who tried to help him during the day out to coffee. She does talk about how Hwan Seung was a good person, but she doesn’t really know of any problems or health issues, etc. Jin Woo then talks about how working like she is in those conditions isn’t good for her. He then talks about how she’d be as pretty as Scarlet Johansson if she was able to take proper care of herself. Talk about a stretch. She could be prettier, but not femme fatale pretty. We all know that Jin Woo will charm her into doing the right thing and blowing the whistle on what the company does to its employees.

Jin Woo plops into bed and there is soon a knock on the door. It’s Kyung Hee with food. It’s the first real meal he’s had all day and he’s happy. He complains about everything the employees experience and they talk about the monitoring and everything that goes on. While they are discussing the case, Jin Woo nods off to sleep sitting up and Kyung Hee remarks that he must have had a very hard day indeed.

The next day arrives and it all starts again. Jin Woo has got a system down for his commute so he doesn’t get as squished, etc. But the work conditions aren’t any better and his desk quickly gets piled with work. There is talk of a company dinner and it’s not going out. They all go up to the roof and eat some weird stuff at a picnic table. When the supervisor asks him to tell everyone how essential vitamin D is, Jin Woo complains of UV exposure, lol. But seriously, this company treats its employees like crap and virtually like prisoners chained to their desk unable to do anything else. Yes, employees can slack off thanks to social media, smart phones, etc. That is a growing problem in all aspects of life, not just corporate, but they go way to far in policing what their employees can and can’t do. It was cute how the girl did try to dress up like Black Widow in the Avengers. It was a failure, but at least she was trying…right?

While Jin Woo is on his second day of work, the brain analysis has been completed and it is found that the pituitary stalk is 0.23 cm which explains all the eye pain and pressure. Normally the stalk is usually only 2-3 mm.  So Jin Woo was right that there was definitely something wrong in the brain that helped trigger Hwang Seung’s reactions. Shi Woo reports the news to the astounded Jin Woo. Meanwhile, Doo Mong is haunted by Kyung Hee’s harsh criticism about his sense of justice. What is our justice-defender doing? She’s investigating the case Jae Joon told her to drop. Typical. She didn’t give it all that much attention until Jae Joon gave her the red light and told her to make sure all evidence is returned to him and that she keep no copies. She’s very suspicious now.

Jin Woo goes to his real job where he’s so tired he zones out at the meeting for awhile and when he’s yelled at, I think he shouts something in regards to the work he was doing at the office. He apologizes and then gives his diagnosis of Hwan Seung’s condition. He believes that Hwan Seung suffered from a very, very, very rare disease Erdheim-Chester Disease. Since it is so rare, it’s hard to diagnose and not many doctors are actually aware of the disease. Thus, Hwan Seung had no idea he was, in fact, a very sick man. Symptoms for the disease such as the leg pains and eye problems and diabetes insipidus are all symptoms that the deceased had. His disease was worsened by the conditions in which he worked. The question now becomes how can they prove the office environment led to Hwan Seung’s death?

I had to laugh when Jin Woo comes into the office with Kyung Hee carrying a big suitcase full of urine sample cups. To prove that the company’s office conditions are harmful to the employees and exacerbated Hwan Seung’s disease, they are making everyone submit a urine sample. Oh, and in case the owner wants to put a stop to it, he can’t. They have a warrant from the prosecutor’s office! Of course the urine samples show that actually all of the employees have lots of the same health issues. From poor air circulation, they all have lung issues. From not being able to eat properly nor use the bathroom properly, they have all have issues building. That is enough evidence to prove the company is in the wrong. The lawyer and owner believe there is no chance of them winning against the company with that alone. Of course not. Thus the woman from earlier steps forward and confesses all the company’s misdeeds. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Thus Hwan Seung’s mother is going to sue the company for the wrongful death of her son and Doo Mong shocks everyone by stepping forward with a lawyer hoobae who has been instructed to help her out. Good for captain Fart Face.

Of course we needs must have the wrap up discussion about how the company and its owners were becoming carcinogens making the employees a roomful of people with cancer. This is then broken up with a quote from Kyung Hee about people being carcinogens and Jin Woo being all impressed at how well learned she is and Kyung Hee makes a comeback that she’s a self learned woman. These two.  The episode ends with Jin Woo taking a doll to Da Mi who smiles when she sees him, but then collapses. Oh no.

End episode. Looks like previews for next week shows Stalker closing in on Kyung Hee so things are heating up. Just what  is the secret behind Jae Joon’s case?


  • I just finished watching the episode and i found it interesting as usually but the mystery behind the Jae Joon`s case is getting most of my attention and the prewiew managed to get me all exited.So i guess it`s going to be a long week for me..
    Also i hope everything is okay with Da Mi as we all know what collapsing means in dramaland (a serius illness…well i guess she could also be pregnant)

    • Since this is all about rare diseases, my money is on that for DaMi. I know! My curiosity has me longing to know what Jae Joon’s case is and WHY higher ups are out to kill anyone who knows.

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