Song of the Week – 19 May 2014

I was originally thinking of featuring Bily Acoustie or Bluepaprika for Song of the Week, but I just did a new discovery post, so that seems a bit redundant, but if I really like a song or album, I do have no problem being redundant on occasion, lol. However, not this time. While I do really love the new songs discovered by the aforementioned artists, I have three (yes another week with multiple songs) that I’ve been listening to and enjoying that I thought I’d share as well.

First up is 길성훈 [Gil Seong Hun] whom I have never heard of before and really can’t find too much info on, but one thing is certain, he has an awesome voice! Ah, I didn’t know NeuroN Music has a Facebook page in English! Cool beans. This song is not from this year, but rather two years ago and is just a very heartfelt ballad. It is Gil Seong Hun’s debut single called “You Left me Frozen in Time” 너를 잃고 나의 시간은 멈춰버렸다.

I fell in love with Yoga Lin and bought several of his albums a year or so ago. He is back with…a totally different style that I am used to. His was a more soft, stripped music and now he’s coming back with the band Elephant Gym for a rock song! I do love this song even though I do think at times it’s missing something. Check out 口的形狀 “Speaking in Tongues”, I don’t think you’ll regret it! Right now, I don’t think this single is available in the US iTunes store. Ruts.

And, lastly, kpop babies Mr.Mr. Well, they’ve been around for like 2 years or so now, but they are still relatively young in the kpop world and aren’t as popular as you would think they should be. They came back quietly with a song dedicated to their fans earlier this month and are now back with the song “Big Man” which has an interesting video. And…some bad English in the song, lol. Bad English in a kpop song? Unbelievable right?

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