Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 10

Sigh. I find this ending less than satisfactory for some reason. I guess, in a way, it gives you the best of both worlds, but at the same time I was turned off by it. I think, in the long run, this leaves more questions than it answers and I am kind (ok, majorly) confused by the turn of events.

I suppose I could regale you with a full blow by blow, but it’s really very unnecessary. Sure, a lot happens, but at the same time, not as much as you would think given this is our end. Lloyd fights Last Queen and did have one moment where he did best her a bit, but lets face it, he just can’t defeat a stronger robot running an enhanced OS. Suppli has been keeping an eye on the fight and goes to rush out to help him. Asahi tries to stop our medic bot as she wants to go protect Lloyd, too. Suppli reminds Asahi that she is the key player in a chess game and all will be lost if she goes and gets herself killed. Suppli then phases out and saves Lloyd in the nick of time.

However, when Suppli tries to phase out again with him, she can’t. Turns out Last Queen as put a block on phasing. Thus the two good androids are trapped. At this time, Nanase wakes up fully healed thanks to the wonder drug of the future. She immediately starts working on hacking the Last Queen’s system. She forcibly uploads a program which carries positive emotions which internally conflict with the jealousy and greed programs installed. Nanase explains that the Asura system is one that gives life to androids and thus when installed with the right emotions package, they are forced to make the right decisions. After moments of agony, Last Queen forcibly shuts down the Asura system. Unfortunately, she is not down and out by any means. Suppli quickly phases out with Lloyd in the brief period of time that Last Queen is inoperational.

Last Queen is mad. Very mad. Nanase realizes that the android is doing a search for her and takes her laptop and runs to save the others. Asahi tries to follow her out, but is blocked by Suppli’s barrier. Nanase tries to force the kill switch for Last Queen, but is stopped by her creation’s arrival. Nanase feigns her other personality Reiko and gets Last Queen to lower her guard long enough for Nanase to execute the kill program. Last Queen’s lackey tries to stop her from injection the kill program, but Kadoshiro phases in and stops him. And thus Last Queen perishes. Easy, right?

Of course not! While Kadoshiro, Suppli, and everyone else is happy thinking the end is nigh and that their long struggle is over, Lloyd realizes something is up. This was all too easy. Is Suppli’s barrier still up? No. She dropped it as it was taking too much energy. Thus our humans are exposed. SIT is called in and they are rushing to the hideout area thanks to Isaku’s call to a trusted friend (who is then mercilessly killed after getting the GPS info).

Asahi, Isaku, and Hoshi rush to Nanase only to see a hand pierce through her midsection. The bloody appendage then gives a peace sign (or victory sign…whatever you wish to call it). Last Queen withdraws her hand and curses her mother and brother once more. The cavalry then make their appearance as does Ando and Suppli as well as Kadoshiro. Unfortunately, Kadoshiro gives up his life to take out the last of Last Queen’s lackeys. His final wish is for Suppli to return Nanase to Reiji safe and sound and alive. Suppli unhappily agrees and phases out with the dying Nanase.

What follows…is a lot of speeches. Last Queen insists that humans are corrupted weak animals who are beneath androids and should be destroyed while Lloyd argues just how precious and irreplaceable and miraculous each human is. When Last Queen orders the slaughter of the three innocent humans and the android, Isaku again steps out. He yells at them to think with their heads and hearts as adults. Blindly following orders is wrong when you know that the order isn’t right. This time he does get through to them and they refuse to follow Last Queen’s orders. Annoyed, Last Queen activates the Asura system and hits Lloyd with an atomic disposal blast. Lloyd, like Suppli in the episode where she gives up her life, creates a cocoon and traps his sister with him. He then blasts off to the stratosphere where he and Last Queen explode into millions of pieces. While Isaku, Asahi, and Hoshi scream and cry for their android friend, a piece of Lloyd that remained in tact (a cube) sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Time passes and the day of Reiji and Asahi’s wedding arrives. Their wedding is cancelled at the last minute since Reiji still has not returned from research in India. Asahi grumpily drinks at home and accuses Lloyd of lying while 100 years into the future Lloyd’s cube has been found. This cube is then sent to the 5D printer in Asahi’s apartment. The unhappy Asahi is awakened when Lloyd’s form slams into the ground. Asahi rushes to hold him, happy he has returned to her. However, Lloyd doesn’t return her embrace this time. He says he has waited 100 years and finally come back to the past once more in order to say his final goodbyes and return this body to Reiji. He thanks Asahi once more for teaching him love and vows his soul will always be with her. He then ejects his memory cube and collapses to the ground.

Enter Suppli. She picks up the cube and tells Asahi about the hardships that memory chip had to endure for 100 years and how miraculous it was that it wasn’t destroyed in that time. Suppli then pulls Asahi away from the still Lloyd and Reiji’s destroyed brain data is sent from the future into the body. All OS systems are shut down so biological processes can resume. Suppli then delivers Lloyd’s final message reiterating that he will always be there to ensure Asahi’s and Reiji’s happy future and then phases out.

Asahi cautiously approaches the body when the eyes open and it sits up. Immediately you can tell that the android is now Reiji (a masterful job of acting by Kimura). The first words out of Reiji’s mouth is just how glad he is that he could successfully protect Asahi. We end with the two hugging. Though after our final credits we do get to see that Ando’s data is saved to be printed out when necessary.

And with this ending…sooo many questions remain and we can only guess at the answers. At least Nanase is letting people into her life and stopping her evilness (though she fully plans on atoning for the evil she created). And at least Asahi ends up with Reiji…although…if it’s his consciousness in an android body…how does that work? He won’t be able to age unless they really do have advanced enough technology to have a machine be masterful blend of tech and biology.

Again, this ending just really does nothing for me as it really seems to convenient and unbelievable. Still, this was a good drama and really made you think, which is definitely a plus. I just wished they could have done something different about this lackluster ending. But kudos to the acting team as they did an exceptional job. I will forever love the Saki, Isaku, and Hoshi trio. Their finale here was cute. My only wish is that they had a bit more logical and realistic ending. Sure, this is fantasy/sci fi. The thing about willingly suspending disbelief is all well and good. We know this is fiction and encompasses technology and things that currently don’t exist. That doesn’t mean that you can defy all logic to the point where it really doesn’t make any sense at all and you can’t 100% believe the ending.

Although…this whole drama was a mix of science and belief. We always had the dual stream of what is logical and scientific mixed with the more spiritual, like AI developing real feelings and a ghost in the machine (aka soul). There is also that lovely line about human will being an actual particle and how actual feelings can transcend time and space, so I guess that can be a cop out, but again, I still feel like the ending is flat. So I should probably stop trying to analyze just what it is that isn’t working for me. It just doesn’t work. But I’ll still recommend this drama. Even at its preachiest in this episode, it wasn’t over the top enough to make you roll your eyes at the lectures.

Oh, and one positive note about the very end of this drama? Do you want to hear it? I think you do! The best part is when we get that computer screen and the voice asking if they want to save ARX-II 13’s data for printout. We get Lloyd’s customary “Tch” and then him saying “yes” in that manner he has. I enjoyed that for some reason. 😛


  • >sigh<…yup, yup…i have mixed feelings about the ending too. There were still some things that were never clarified. It remained a mystery from the beginning to the end. We can only make guesses. There are some or (plenty of, e.g., flashbacks) scenes that I'd count as fillers. These could have been replaced with more explanations to all the mysteries at the beginning or with more romance, at least, between Asahi and Lloyd, or some open communication btw them about that time when he abruptly left the wedding salon. I don't know, something more substantial than the recurring obvious. I guess i'm upset that Lloyd doesn't end up with Asahi…though I like Reiji too…GRRRR…it's frustrating! And I agree with you too about the best part being Lloyd’s customary “Tch” and then him saying “yes.” Is it me or is Kimura Takuya's voice much deeper as Lloyd than as Reiji??? I don't know. They both sound different. Or can it just be really good acting on KimuTaku's part??? Anywho, NeeNee, do you know the song and artist played when Lloyd had his final face-off wit his sister? Thank you so much for recapping this entire drama!!! ^_^ i think you're the only one doing this…so thank you again!!! ^-^

    • I had been reading a review telling you to avoid this drama like the plague back in October. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do have to agree with the post about the writer not really knowing what they are doing. When in a pinch, they fell back on some pretty bad contrivances so that by the time this series wound up, there really wasn’t much you could do to explain away some of the happenings.

      I was wishing for more of a happy end with Ando, but like I said, it never works out for androids in dramas…I guess the real question is should we feel as bad as we do for the machines? I was also disappointed in the random moment memories of Ando with Asahi. Yes, we’ve seen his warm and fuzzy evolution, but something else could have been done. By the time the anticlimatic final battle was over, there was still a lot of time left to fill with useless things and no explanations over what really need explaining.

      Last Queen was created to take over the world and put it under android rule. The original reason the future police were sent there was to kill Ando Asahi…but was it also just to open the gate to the past to take over as well? And how is Reiji “alive” if he’s technically in an android body? Grr. So much left unanswered.

      It’s not just you, Kimura’s voice was deeper. But, when it comes to Asians speaking in English, sometimes tones and the like change. I was watching a Korean variety show and there was a Korean American and if you heard her speak in English vs. Korean you wouldn’t believe how different she actually sounded! Anywho, despite the myriad of flaws, I can’t hate this drama even though it left me so unsatisfied with the end. Kimura & crew did an excellent job with the not-so-good script.

      • true, true… i still re-watch my fave scenes. this drama is my first KimuTaku drama. i love this guy! he’s such a talented actor! I also like Kou Shibasaki. Good actress too, funny and adorable when the scenes called for it. The rest of the crew were also really good. i just learned that some of the crew were the same ones in the drama Good Luck. I saw their pictures then. Kou and Kimura were so chubby…lol…still cute, though ;D.

        i’m gonna watch one of KimuTaku’s old dramas. Some recommend Pride. Do you have a fave? What do you recommend?

        • Long Vacation,Love Generation,Good Luck! (with Shibasaki Kou),Pride,Change.
          If you like darker dramas: A Sleeping Forest,One Million Stars Falling from the Sky.
          HERO was really popular-he’s a prosecutor there.
          MR. BRAIN – he’s a neuroscientist, similar to Matsushima Reiji.

        • I won’t lie, this is only the 2nd KimuTaku drama I’ve actually watched all the way through >_<
          My first was Mr. Brain and I did love his quirky character and his adorkable sidekick the lovely Ayase Haruka.

  • Well, I just hope they will come up with a sequel to conclude a BETTER ending. My guess of why the ending is so cheesy is: They were out of money to produce a better ending. That is basically all I could come up with. And yeah to get into more details about the spiritual aspects of this show.. It was co-written by Hideaki Anno, the writer of the popular anime : Neon Genesis Evangelion. And if you have seen that show, it has an almost identical concept to this whole “soul in android” theory. Only Neon Genesis Evangelion goes faaaaaar deeper into it, even including religions and religious concepts, and in NGE it was not the majoring concept of the whole series, it was more focused on the psychological/philosophical/religious/braincracking- aspect. The whole theory to why the past can be connected to future told by Matsushima Reiji was also very well thought of!! The writers probably didn’t make the crappy and unsatisfying ending for nothing. The screen and Lloyd giving his usuall ‘Tch’, probably hints towards a sequel drama/movie. I just hope they won’t make a love triangle out of Lloyd and Reiji and Asahi… That would be screwed up. But anyway, they probably did it with a certain purpose… but then again j-drama writers tend to make cliffhanger endings AND FORGET TO ACTUALLY MAKE A SEQUEL. I just hope this one does though, since it was a great series!!

    • yup, yup!!! i also vote for a sequel!! ^-^ where Asahi can be with Lloyd too, if that’s possible…lol…probably not; i just really like both Reiji and Lloyd to be with her…if only there can be two Asahis. Who knows? in the future, it seems like anything is possible. I mean, c’mon, check out the “wonder drug from the future.” ;D So don’t like the idea of our beloved android not ending up with someone, not even Suppli. :((((

    • I’m not sure if it’s that they forgot…they just never intended to make one in the first place. There have been quite a few open-ended drama series that leave you screaming for a sequel or a movie to put an end on things that never come. Sad day. I would really like a second season or a special or a movie to give us a somewhat better conclusion.

      I had heard the writer worked on SPEC, but not Evangelion. I’ve watched bits and pieces as my friend Chani is a huge fan of that franchise. I even own the complete series…now only to finish it. Yes, Ando Lloyd hints around the ghost in the machine but never fully explores it. I think they spent a teensy bit more time exploring how some humans acted more as machines while the machines acted more as humans. But I don’t think any of that was completely fully developed enough into saying a whole lot. This focused on more subtle undertones. This drama did make you think. I’m just sad the ended it the way they did. 😥

  • Does anyone know what is the name of the balad song that is played in chapter ten while everybody watches Lloyd exploding? Im trying to find it in the OST but i couldn’t. Could you please help me.

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