Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 9

Wowza. This episode really leaves you reeling, I tell ya. So much is revealed about the future, about all of what has happened…and yet there are still a lot of unanswered questions. The Last Queen was built as a sibling model to Lloyd and is considered superior and more powerful. But it was Nanase who created the Last Queen…how did she get Lloyd’s information from the future to copy? And on top of that…what did Kadoshiro mean about protecting the humans until Matsushima Reiji can be restored to the present? Just as more questions are answered, about a million more spring up. But…this is a good drama. It’s a lot better than I thought it could be and it does tackle heavy issues without being too heavy.

Ok. We open with a flashback to the beginning (well the beginning after Reiji bit the dust and Lloyd was printed out in Asahi’s apartment). While Lloyd is being printed out, Nanase…or rather evil alter ego Reiko jumps up and starts…copying what is going on and thus Last Queen is born. Nanase then wakes up tied to her hospital bed trying to figure out just what is going on. Last Queen makes her appearance and shows Nanase footage of her trying to kill Asahi. Nanase cannot believe this. Last Queen then tells her she is unwanted and should just disappear. Nanase freaks out, shaking violently and hiccupping. Then she disappears and Reiko comes out to play.

Last Queen gives Reiko a knife and a scream rends the air. A doctor and guard come running. The doctor enters the room while the guard locks the door behind him and stands watch. Reiko complains someone stabbed her in the neck and when the doctor comes closer she pulls out the knife and cuts him across the eyes. The guard rushes in and Reiko opens up some pretty specialized martial arts moves. She easily takes him down, gets the keys and locks them in. She smiles and ponders if the magic key keeps normal people safe from the monsters or the monsters safe from the normal people.

Asahi gets a call from the hospital explaining that Nanase violent persona Reiko took over and hurt two people. If this continues on and Reiko’s violence escalates to murder, then even if Nanase’s disorder is proved, she will spend the rest of her life in a mental ward under lock and key. Asahi can’t have that. Lloyd wakes up and says he should have killed Nanase way back when if he knew this was going to happen. Too bad he can’t predict the future. He then phases out in search of the wayward girl.

The upset Asahi then gets a call from the lab asking after Nanase’s whereabouts. She didn’t show up for her lecture nor is she answering her phone. Asahi is looking for her as well, so they really can’t help each other. Asahi then warns the trio that if they should happen across Nanase, they should immediately leave the vicinity and call Asahi. The trio agree to this, but wonder why they would run from Nanase. I love how Kurato, Edogawa, and Kuriyama are thinking hard about how to find Nanase and realize they know nothing about her. And what is with the cursing in English? Edogawa (aka Jesse—the actor’s name) yells you “You bastards” when both Kuriyama and Kurato confess their ignorance of Nanase’s address and cell number. This is not the only time…Suppli has quite the potty mouth as well. She is the F word quite often. In fact, Toma in SPEC liked to curse in English as well…

So where is psycho Reiko? She is in a dark underground place. I hate the Reiko personality’s voice. Its very childish, sing-songy, and grating. Reiko has decided if this world rejects her, then she will reject it as well. Always a reasonable reaction. Meanwhile, the two remaining upgraded android cops meet with a politician who asks about the signing of some treaty. Every major politician has signed it. What about the country who refused? There was a coup in the night and all people against signing it were killed. The human then asks about Reiji’s brain data. The androids insist it has been completely destroyed. Then why isn’t the time cable opened? Because of Reiji’s “soul”! Soul? The human can’t believe the androids are talking of souls. How unscientific. They report that science has actually proved the existence of souls. They also believe that if they kill Asahi then Reiji’s soul will dissipate and the time cable will be unlocked.

Hoshi runs into Saki on the way into work. Both are awkward after the previous night. Saki says she was only drunk and runs off ahead and her father pops up and asks what happened. Hoshi assures him nothing and Isaku warns Hoshi about what should happen if he toys with Saki. Hoshi smiles and says that will not happen since he’s not attracted to her, etc. Of course, Ashimo Isaku takes great offense to this as a father and punches Hoshi out. LOL. This is the second time he’s insulted Isaku’s precious Saki. I really do love these two as a combo. They are a great match for one another.

Asahi is out running around looking for Nanase when the upgraded android cops surround her. It’s time to finally die and unseal the time cable. Lloyd arrives in the nick of time. He uses up his last Asura boot up syringe and tries to fight them, but these upgraded androids are too much for Lloyd and they easily defeat him and leave him to die. It is interesting… These androids say they need no permission to take care of another android who does not take orders and acts on its own…but their new boss is the Last Queen who takes orders from no human as well… Talk about a catch 22. I’m guessing that dark stormy cloud that made the androids run before they could finish off Asahi was Suppli because she shows up after they disappear.

Suppli and Asahi get Lloyd back to her apartment and do their best to patch him up. Suppli is not happy as the upgrades got him pretty badly and he has no more Asura bootups left. Asahi begins cleaning him and Lloyd tells the story of what happened on Christmas Eve in 2066. He was inoperational as he was struck by lightening. An Indian scientist took him an repaired him. It was this same scientist who installed the Asura OS and told him about how the massacre was not a bug in the android system, but a devious plan created by corrupt politicians. So…this means that the Indian scientist ordered Lloyd to kill those leaders? No, he did not. It was Lloyd’s decision to go after them. Suppli then calls the Asura system an OS that gave Lloyd a “soul” after Lloyd crashes.

Meanwhile the Uni Trio have not given up on searching for Nanase. Kurata ponders hacking the heat and electricity databases to see if they can find Nanase’s residence, but quickly says he does not have that skill set. Edogawa wonders if there is anything on Nanase’s computer that could help. At the same time, Isaku briefs Hoshi on what is going on with Nanase. Hoshi also decides to hack Nanase’s computer. He notices that someone else has logged on and quickly turns on the computers web cam. They see the Uni Trio and they see the arrival of the Last Queen.

Our evil robot in white scolds the naughty students for going through Nanase’s computer. She then uploads her specs to the computer and the trio learn that White Queen was created by Nanase! Or rather she was created by Nanase’s alter ego Matushima Reiko who is even more of a genius than Matsushima Reiji. Last Queen’s presence and demeanor send red flags all over. The mending Lloyd wakes up and tries to rush out to save the poor humans while Hoshi and Isaku come to the conclusion they need to stop her ASAP to save our Uni Trio as well.

As Hoshi and Isaku go to rush out, Saki shows up and screams at them to stop. She wants neither her father nor Hoshi to go. Isaku says he understands and says he will go alone. Hoshi, however, cannot let him do that. He goes to follow and Saki asks why must he play cop. Hoshi replies that is because he is a man. He turns to keep going and Saki finally confesses her feelings. This entire time she has been in love with him. She has never told him this because she is well aware of his feelings for Asahi. But since she might never see him again… She won’t forgive him if he dies. Hoshi promises to return quickly. People who make that promise never return in movies…don’t you know that?

Of course, Lloyd’s arm falls off and he collapses when he tries to rush out and help the Uni Trio. Suppli  lies to him and says she has a hidden bootup syringe for Asura and injects him with a tranquilizer so she can finish his repairs. Asahi apologizes for being so useless and not being able to help Suppli. Our medic android says that Matsushima Reiji and Ando Asahi stand for hope. Thus Asahi must stand ready at any moment. She is their beacon and their reason for fighting. Everyone has different skills and abilities. Suppli is not a very good fighter, thus why she is a repair unit instead. They all have their purposes. This makes Asahi feel a little better.

Lloyd’s repairs are done and Suppli gets ready to take him to the Uni Trio when Lloyd puts her to sleep like she did him. He needs Suppli to stay with Asahi and take care of her. Asahi doesn’t want him to go as she is certain he is going off to die. Lloyd replies that he is not. Asahi calls him a liar. He is not equipped with the function to lie. Again Asahi calls him a liar. This time she has proof—he lied to Suppli about going with her to try to stop the Last Queen. Well…Lloyd can’t say much to that. As Suppli has said…death is also the end for a machine, not just humans. But Lloyd really doesn’t plan to go and die. Sure…he may end up forfeiting his life, but that isn’t his intention nor his plans.

At the university, the Last Queen takes the trio hostage just before Hoshi and Isaku arrive. What to do now? All of a sudden, Reiji’s voice can be heard. This freaks Isaku out and he pulls his gun looking for the origin of the voice. Hoshi smiles as he recognizes his idol’s voice. He looks at Nanase’s computer and brings up the information about the Last Queen. He also sees the 5D printer information. Before he and Isaku can do much of anything, psycho Reiko comes in and knocks them both unconscious with a stool.

When our two would be heroes awaken, they are in Reiko’s secret underground lair locked in a cell. Reiko laments her poor life made miserable by being born as Matsushima Reiji’s little sister. Because of him, no one realized her own potential and the fact that she is much smarter than her brother. She then claims that Hoshi is another victim of Reiji. He didn’t become a researcher and win the Nobel prize because of Reiji’s shadow. Hoshi smiles and tells her that she’s wrong. We then get to see the end of Hoshi and Reiji’s first meeting. Hoshi rushes after Reiji and asks why he would become unhappy if he became like Reiji. Our bumbling scientist replies that even if you have a great idea, if no one believes you and trusts in you, it’s worthless. He then explains Galileo’s persecution and scientists who spent their lives tormented by the fact that their theory which opposed Galileo’s was completely wrong once Galileo’s was proven right. It’s a lonely and dissatisfying life. However, Reiji had one bright beacon—his little sister who is so much smarter than he and who can understand him easily. He wouldn’t be the researcher he is without Nanase.

Reiko calls him a liar, but she starts having memories of her brother. He’d wake her up to show her his research and theories, and when she understood them and made her own conjectures, this immediately put Reiji at ease enough for him to continue on to the next phase. He also loved to pat his little sister’s head. Reiko starts rubbing her head and Nanase returns. She knew him best? He accepted her? This makes her very happy. Hoshi then goes to talk to her about stopping the Last Queen when a gunshot rings out and Nanase goes down.

When Nanase falls, the Last Queen can be seen. She complains about Nanase going all soft on her. Isaku issues a challenge to the cold android killer and she easily shoots him and he goes down as well. She then raises her gun and points it at Hoshi (who I am certain is recalling his promise to return to Saki alive and well) and pulls the trigger. Sad day. But do we really think these three are completely dead right now?

At Asahi’s apartment, Suppli springs awake when a message dings saying a new email has arrived. She opens it and it is a video of Hoshi, Nanase, and Isaku lying prone and bloody in the cell. There is some movement so they are not dead yet! However…death probably isn’t too far away for them. A message then springs up on the screen: “Creation of humans by gods, indulgent fantasy. Creation of gods by humans, androids resultant. Androids, not under human control, we are.” Suppli curses Last Queen and quickly phases out.

The Last Queen arrives…I think it’s at the Prime Minister of Japan’s door. She presents him with the secret treaty and encourages him to sign. However, after witnessing what the Last Queen did (he saw the same video Asahi and Suppli saw), he cannot agree to androids having free reign without any human control. Balance and law must prevail. Thus Last Queen shoots him and tells her lackeys to dispose of his meat sack. Just as one goes to use atomic disposal, Lloyd shows up and shoves it back at the android, destroying it.

Lloyd stands up and says he warned them that he would destroy them if they tried anything funny. Last Queen greets him as “brother” again and he says that if he is her brother then he is obligated to be the one who stops her. Last Queen cannot believe this. Does he really believe in worthless humans? Does he really think he can stop her since he’s an old model with no ability to access the Asura OS? Lloyd says that he does believe in humans and what’s more…he is NOT alone. Suppli appears and takes the injured man away with her. Last Queen says this is useless as the man is near death’s door. Reiji tells her not to underestimate Suppli and shows a video of Asahi and Suppli working hard to save the injured threesome. She’s not happy one bit.

Last Queen decides to play her last card. Well…probably not the last ace up her sleeve, but, you know. Anywho, she shows him the video of the Uni Trio in a cell. Men in uniforms come in with guns. Last Queen says their usefulness is gone and it’s time to say goodbye. As the soldiers go to open fire, Lloyd says one word: “Kadoshiro.” A shield springs up around the trio and the gunshots reflect back on the soldiers. Then Kadoshiro materializes in front of them angering Last Queen. How dare he get in her way? Kadoshiro says that as a new model she won’t understand this, “but adults have the responsibility to build the present that they can be proud of in the future.” He then says that until Reiji can be restored to his rightful time, then it is his job to protect the children. He goes over to the Uni Trio and takes them to safety.

Well, Last Queen still doesn’t believe Lloyd will win against her. He’s inferior and even with helpers, is outdated without being able to access his kick butt OS. Lloyd replies that he will defeat her and that she will not kill him. He gathers his strength from people’s feelings. From Asahi and Reiji and from those around the world. He will not go down. He then burns bright blue while Last Queen burns bright red. The final battle is now upon us.

Who do you think will win? Well…it’s not like a series will actually end with evil winning, right? Hmm, for some reason, I am reminded of Isaac Asimov. Someone should have programmed these androids with the three laws of robotics. Want to know what one of those was if you’re not familiar with Asimov? No harm shall be done to humans.


  • thx for the recap! LOL at your last comment. This drama reminds me a little bit of I, Robot, the one with Will Smith. In that movie, it also mentions the three laws, but with only one robot built w/o the other law, having a will of his own, and another robot developing its own will too. one was good and the other, bad. But interestingly, it was a human that saved the world. I wonder if it’ll be the same for this one–maybe Reiji through feelings??? How??? I guess we’ll find out Monday.

    • I honestly don’t remember much from I, Robot except that it did not follow the original story at all 😛 Of course, try designing an entire movie around a short story and you might not be able to make it through.

      I think it will be a combination of man and machine saving the world in this drama. I sincerely hope that Lloyd doesn’t die fighting the Last Queen. That would be sad, even if Reiji found a way to return.

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