Ando Lloyd ~A.I. Knows Love~ Episode 2

Hmm, still don’t quite know what to make of this series. Instead of things becoming clearer, they just seem to get more and more muddled as the plot thickens and thickens and thickens.

AL doesn’t kill Asahi after he gets permission. Well, we all knew he wouldn’t. Instead the robot mysteriously disappears as Asahi’s colleague rushes to her rescue. Hoshi tells her about the mysterious phone call and asks if she’s all right (he saw the blood). The confused Asahi tells him that she is fine and some strange man helped her for some unknown reason. The two then head into Enigma where her other coworker Sakiko happily greets her return. Asahi apologizes again and asks after the Enigma Cloud problem. Looks like it is only getting worse.

Meanwhile, Suppli is taking care of her injured android. She doesn’t really like AL. He asks after the rest of  “them” after she was discharged because of him and she replies they were all crushed and melted down after being uploaded with pain and fear programs, etc. Suppli then tells him that she was nothing to do with an android such as he and hopes he just disappears. AL says he will disappear after this mission is complete. Suppli wonders why he has the forbidden OS installed and then tells him that she was programmed with emotions—should she install that program in him, too? AL doesn’t answer. Suppli laughs it off and finishes bandaging him and puts an IV drip in. She tells him to be good and rest for 2 weeks to completely heal before leaving.

Meanwhile, Nanase rushes to Asahi’s side. The poor girl was afraid she’d lose Asahi like she lost Reiji. She can’t afford to lose anyone else since she lost her parents in elementary school and had only her brother. These words really touch Asahi. Enter twin droids. One droid goes to take care of the recharging AL (who was undergoing a supercharge) and the other goes to eliminate Asahi. Both are cocky believing the targets to be too easy. Hah.

AL set up a decoy and destroys one of the twins effortlessly. He then goes and hunts down the second one who was going after Asahi. The second droid uses Nanase to bring Asahi out and goes to kill the two together, but AL interferes. Nanase gets a brief glimpse of the Reiji look-alike and wonders if her brother is alive. Asahi says that it wasn’t her brother and Nanase deduces that the two must have something to do with the death.

Asahi tracks down AL and sees him do another atomic disposal of the twin’s body. She calls him decent until he talks about protocol and murder. No matter how much he looks like her beloved fiancé, he just isn’t capable of such soft human emotions. AL then warns her that Ashimo is approaching and the detective is quite smart. Ashimo begins questioning AL who remains stone faced. Asahi steps in and then invents a string of lies about Reiji being kidnapped, robbed, and let go with some memory issues. Ashimo then offers them a ride home.

While in the car our suspicious detective manages to get some of AL’s blood on a handkerchief surreptitiously. Asahi and AL go up to her apartment where she tries to kick him out, but AL refuses since he knows Ashimo doesn’t believe he’s really Matsushima Reiji. The android lookalike then goes to the bedroom where he uses the bed to recharge. His position makes Asahi recall Reiji falling asleep in a similar way.

Kimura Takuya

The next morning, AL tells Asahi that Ashimo informed the media that Reiji survived the plane crash. Uh-oh. Asahi feels really bad when she sees the happy Nanase on the news. Enter Mrs. Ando [Natori Yuko] who has come to visit her daughter and AL. Since AL answers no  questions, Asahi has no option but to keep lying. She sees her mother out and notices the crowd of reporters. She doesn’t want to, but to keep the war a secret and keep AL’s identity a secret, she gives a press conference about Reiji’s mysterious reappearance.

Nanase then comes over and since AL insists he’s not programmed to lie or to feel, he can’t meet with Nanase. Asahi comes up with a plan to have the android feign sleep. She lies and tells Nanase that Reiji took some sleeping pills. She then tells the girl that Reiji has amnesia. Once Nanase leaves, Asahi recalls the family comment and feels horrible. She does not want Nanase to have false hope about her brother. AL warns Asahi that if she tells a soul, that person’s life will be forfeit. So what does she do? She chases after Nanase to tell the truth. Nanase understands that her brother was killed because he was trying to link the present and the future. She then turns on Asahi calling her a horrible woman for giving them all hope. After she leaves, AL comes up and says he will now have to eliminate Reiji’s baby sister and he oozes out leaving a horrified Asahi.

Meanwhile, Ashimo’s PI friend brings the results of the voice testing. Nothing suspicious. According to the computer it’s a perfect human voice…however…according to the human ear, something is definitely not right. Ashimo then hands over the handkerchief for analysis. The PI asks if this is part of some top secret investigation. Ashimo smirks and tells the man not to worry as he’ll find and bury his bones. The man grins back and says that’s good as he’d liked to be buried.

During this episode we get Kadoshiro talking in a room that looks like he’s in a giant computer mainframe. He jokes about taking over the world…although I’m sure it’s not a joke. I’m guessing he’s one of the 10 officers that AL is supposed to destroy. It actually looks like our lady in white kills him…but I’m not too certain of that. She’s an AX IX and her codename is like the last queen. She complains that the people who should have lived died and the scum that should have died lived. This makes him laugh and tell her that she sounds just like her onii-san. She quickly shoves something through his android brain and complains that “he” isn’t her brother and leaves.

Sigh. See? Confusing as all hell.


  • Doesn’t sound like a good sign that ep2 doesn’t even clear up anything. =_= Do you know what the general consensus is about this drama? Do you think the Kimutaku-faithful fans are actually liking this drama? O_O

    • I think I enjoy it more because I can see some parts as part of an anime in live form. Not a live action anime but very close. People just won’t stick around long enough. I still don’t like some things, and am a bit unbalanced by a few characters (ex. the detective) but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. For a moment, I thought the groups stopped subbing. But then, others picked it back up. I don’t want another Mary Me.

    • I read on another blog that the series premier had relatively low ratings for a Kimura Takuya drama and that fans who were watching it, weren’t all that happy with it.
      I mean, it’s not a bad drama at all, just confusing trying to work everything out, but hopefully they want make it too crazy that your head explodes by the time you finish the drama. I’ve had that experience with movies and anime. The anime series Amnesia had me completely baffled by the ending and I still have no idea what went on in the movie Sole Survivor…I really don’t want this drama to have that kind of ending. 😛

  • Episode 3 is out and it actual added more questions for me. Only answered a little. I got more and more interested in the history and story of the androids. Ando Asahi’s relationship finally shows progresses and was even quirky and funny at times. At one point, when he is charging himself, she tries to go about her everyday routine and the lights go out. Frivolous use of energy. Lol. Then she tries to kill him and gets locked up for domestic violence. When she gets out she says she is innocent and he says don’t lie, you were attempting to kill. It was so very human. This show seems SO underrated by dramafans despite the cast. Don’t give up. After the 2 ep, I started to expect only terminator action, but the title starts making sense and…let me stop. I will tell the whole ep. It was so good. Please, please continue to recap this one. People give up prematurely on this drama in my opinion. Plus, I love the action. We get romance and suspense all the time! Give some love to the action. Thanks!

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