Crazy Love Episode 100 Recap

Woohoo!!!!! It’s over! It’s over! The misery has finally ended and the dark cloud that is Crazy Love is lifted by the miraculously absurd ending that had me laughing like crazy over it’s trite and silly finale.

I am proud of myself for seeing this through and recapping this drama in a relatively timely manner. It’s my first completed daily drama. Now I’m off to go back to Smile, Donghae which has 59 more episodes than this drama and while it’s annoying drawn out, I can’t say it has ever made me as angry and frustrated as this drama has. So let’s raise a toast to the end of this drama and the milestone of completely recapping a daily drama making this the 32nd completed project on Asian Addicts Anonymous.

We open with an immediate time jump. It’s been one year since Mi So’s and Kyung Soo’s last waltz. Mi So is more carefree now than when we last saw her. Her father is finally being released from the hospital and Jong Hee and Chan Ki’s wedding is fast approaching. The only damper on this is the fact that Moon Do keeps asking where Kyung Soo is. Why hasn’t he come to visit once since Moon Do woke from his coma?

Well, even if Kyung Soo didn’t visit, he has kept tabs on Moon Do. He’s relieved to hear that Moon Do has woken up, finished his rehabilitation and has been officially released. We also learn that Kyung Soo has a very demanding “girlfriend” who constantly calls the office to check up on him. Unlike Psycho Wife, this one is one that Office Manager and Kyung Soo joke about, so you know it’s probably and older woman or a kid.

Mi So wonders why Na Young ran away after showing her sincerity. Jae Hyuk has been hiding the truth from her for a year that Na Young attempted suicide and is now lying in a vegetative state in the hospital. We get a very corny conversation where the physically unresponsive Na Young replies to all of Jae Hyuk’s questions and urgings. We see her tear up, so even though she can’t move and looks lifeless, she is conscious. Jae Hyuk urges her to get up so he can keep his promise in helping her start over.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jung and Hae Ryung go to visit Tae San who has been worrying over his daughter all of this time. Hae Ryung is brighter and happier and actually NOT being a complete selfish psycho. Tae San is touched to see how well his daughter is doing and touched to get her homemade doll and homemade food. Looks like all will be well once he’s released from prison and the Oh family will be whole again.

So Mi So decides to seek out Kyung Soo. She even buys tickets to Yellowknife, Canada. However, Kyung Soo isn’t in his office so she leaves. Kyung Soo catches her leaving and finds her staring at a bakery window watching them decorate a cake. She recalls her cake baking moment with Kyung Soo with fondness. She turns and there is Kyung Soo! The two go to a coffee shop, but before she can spring the tickets on him their beeper goes off and Kyung Soo goes to get coffee. While he’s gone, his phone rings and when Mi So sees the caller ID she rushes off. What does it say? “Angel Girlfriend.”

Kyung Soo comes  back mystified to find Mi So gone, but he answers his phone and tells Seung Ha that he will call back a little later when he’s not busy. He returns to the office and we learn his girlfriend is really the little girl he’s adopting from Mi So’s orphanage. In fact, this little girl is the same one Mi So sponsored and the two talked about adopting. Kyung Soo promises to go meet the little girl as soon as he finishes up his work.

Mi So, at the same time, decides to visit Seung Ha at long last. The little girl is waiting for her at the orphanage dressed very pretty. Mi So immediately knows this is the little girl who has been writing to her for over a year. The two compliment each other and how they are both as the other imagined. Seung Ha then asks to play hide and seek. Mi So closes her eyes and counts to ten while little Seung Ha rushes off. Where does she go? To the church where Kyung Soo is sitting. Why did his daughter ask to meet him there and then keep him waiting. She tells him to hang on a little bit longer.

She then rushes out of the church and finds Mi So. She asks Mi So to meet her boyfriend who is her father. Mi So laughs at this and allows Seung Ha to pull her into the church. Seung Ha tells her father to come quickly and meet her mother. Kyung Soo smiles and turns around, but his smile fades as soon as he sees Mi So. So does hers. They are shocked to see one another. Seung Ha then decides to speed things along. The orphanage head told her that people got married in church. So here they all are in the church so can’t ahjumma marry her father? LOL. THIS is the part that had me shaking my head and laughing like crazy. So Kyung Soo then asks Mi So to marry him and she agrees.

Crazy Love Finale

End episode. End series. Manse!

This is definitely a drama I cannot recommend. But still…it had it’s few moments at the beginning and some cute love moments in the middle. But it’s mostly a long drawn-out, dark and disturbing show with not many saving graces nor good writing.


  • I have to commend you for sticking through it all and not giving up. I failed and gave up somewhere after 50 episodes but was vicariously able to watch this drama through your recaps. You made it much more bearable than it really was and gave the show more personality. Kudos and all the power to you!

    Good luck on Smile Donghae, that was another one but def more enjoyable than Crazy Love. I’m currently in the process of powering through the last of Wonderful Mama (50 eps).

    I’ll keep looking forward to your work. 🙂 !!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s nice to know my recaps helped make the drama slightly more bearable. As with the evil May Queen, I didn’t drop this drama and stuck with it to continue my goal of not dropping dramas once I start recapping them. Maybe I should have made an exception for this one 😛

      I’ve been thinking about Wonderful Mama, but decided too many episodes after taking on Crazy Love with was crazy hard to keep up with. It’s nice to be free, but I now have 2 other daily dramas to catch up on. Thorn Flower and Smile, Donghae. I’ll definitely finish Smile, Donghae by the end of this year! Thorn Flower…prolly not.

  • Bravo on your wonderful recaps! I squeed at the good parts and shook my head at most of it.

    • Then you must have been dizzy!!!! I lost count of all my head shaking moments, there was just too many. Such a bad, bad, bad plot, but this drama enjoyed good ratings for a daily cable show in that time slot. I just don’t get it.

  • We did it!! So proud of all us “Crazies” for sticking through it all. Yes, I would never recommend this to anyone. As a matter of fact, I’ve been steering people away from it! Hopefully saving their souls. Is this the worse I’ve ever seen? No. But this has to be the worse lead couple ever! I don’t think I’ve ever wished two people had more of a backbone than these two. But I must thank the writers for what I thought was a really cute ending. I guess that was their present to us for sticking in there. Thanks! Hope to see you on another drama. Smile Donghae? Not on my list. Soon to be tackling either EunHee, Sam Saeong, or Sweet Springs. Haven’t decided.

    • I’ve been thinking about picking up (as in watching…prolly not recapping) Eun Hui or Sweet Springs. But…I really should plug away on Thorn Flower and Smile, Donghae since I started recapping them 😛 I vowed that I would finish Smile, Donghae this year. It’s only been 3 years since I started it 😛

      It’s sad, but out of the last kdramas I recapped…I really can’t recommend them. Accursed May Queen and Crazy Love. I only stuck with them out of my resolution to stop dropping projects I’ve been recapping.

  • Thank you for your great job . It was a pleasure to read your recap after watching the drama . I stayed along for Park SunYoung , my favourite K actress . She has made bad choices for her last 3 dramas , wanting to be a good woman no matter what .In Sol Pharmacy’s house sons , she was awesome . I have still vivid memories of her in there , one of my favourite dramas . i don’t think I will follow you on Smile , Donghae . See you later on .

  • thank you so much for the job well done!
    its really crazy.. so insane story..hehe..but unforgettable one..although im not finish yet to watch it because of some problem i just click only to google then look for the recap of this drama and it was so AWESOME!!! i love crazy love..:*

  • Ruth. Coogan. Boston. Massachusetts

    Can’t figure out how three men would we passionate about this 3D woman. Dull dreary and depressing. ,, and a. Giant. Bore She is so passive she gives Korean women a bad reputation.I see this so many times in Korean drama these little baby women is this how korean men see their women of course I’m seeing these dramas as an American women . No American women would ever take crap from a mother in law and yet I see it over and over in these dramas is this your culture to keep your mouth shut and take abuse. why doesn’t some one have the guts to write a drama where the mother in law is told to drop dead and sees what happens

  • I made it to the end, thanks to your hardwork in recapping. Before finding your recaps I had watched almost half of the drama (I have learned how to fast-foward through fluff, but it was still driving me crazy.) I did watch scenes that sounded (as written in your caps) too good to not watch.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I looking forward to look through your site.

    Again, thank you.


    • I’m glad you made it to the end. This drama really did get crazy and there was so much more they could have done to make it better. I’m happy my recaps helped you make it and even encouraged you to watch several scenes. It always makes me happy to hear my recaps help and even got people itching to watch certain scenes. Your feedback means a lot!

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