Crazy Love Episode 96 Recap

I really feel like nothing’s happening. And it’s annoying. And why are all these bad people getting their bajillionth chance? Thank god this week will be the last of Crazy Love. After I finish up recapping Thorn Flower and Smile, Donghae, I don’t think I’ll be recapping another daily drama. Too much work for too much disappointment.

Anywho…so Na Young bullies Mi So who can only stand back and take it otherwise her “big” (not-so-secret) secret will be revealed to Kyung Soo and she can’t have that. Meh. Of course it would be Jae Hyuk who would answer Kyung Soo’s phone instead of our lawyer and he’s not stupid enough to believe Mi So when she says that nothing happened with Na Young. Having no other choice, Mi So grants Na Young the same time that Jae Hyuk has given her—one week. Tsk, tsk.

We get a lot of Jae Hyuk and Na Young arguing. Na Young really doesn’t understand his intentions and Jae Hyuk is unwilling to explain his feelings as he knows Na Young will never understand them. He warns her yet again to stop bullying Mi So or else. Yeah, because that has been so effective in the past. Snort.

The small part of Jae Hyuk that hopes that Mi So will fall for him asks her out on a date. When she requests to go to an art museum, he’s crushed as he knows that was on the list of things Kyung Soo wished to do with her. The whole time they are on their date, Mi So is basically quiet and imagining herself with Kyung Soo instead. Talk about rude. And to make matters even worse, whenever Kyung Soo misses Mi So, he calls out Jae Hyuk to keep him company. Poor, Jae Hyuk-ssi. He’s stuck as the stand in for the person everyone wants.

Thus he tells Mi So the story of his first love and how he plans on keeping her in his heart, but without the thought of trying to win her love since she is in love with a great man. Mi So, dense as ever, doesn’t understand that Jae Hyuk is talking about her. HOW can she be so obtuse? It was obvious he was describing her. Shakes head. I keep hearing K.Will doing his impersonation of Wheesung. He’s got a very short song snippet he always uses and it has “baboya” in it. Yep, Mi So is a huge babo. And after Jae Hyuk bids adieu in his heart, he goes to Kyung Soo and tells him the truth—that Mi So has her memories back. Assa! It doesn’t surprise me that Jae Hyuk spilt the beans. This part of the story line is quite ridiculous since you really cant see either Mi So or Kyung Soo actively going for revenge, so the whole break up is relatively pointless.

Hearing her daughter is ill, Yoo Jung visits Hae Ryung who vows to starve herself because there is no use living if Yoo Jung dumps her for Mi So. Aigoo. Of course this tortures Yoo Jung as she does love Hae Ryung dearly. Lord knows why. Hae Ryung was not the best child in the world and seemed to hurt Yoo Jung more than anything else. Ma is upset that Kyung Soo isn’t turning Hae Ryung in, but since Kyung Soo respects Yoo Jung and the hard time she is having, he is giving his ex one last chance to turn herself in. OMFG. Seriously? None of these people need that one last chance because none of them are using it wisely.

Myung Ja hits a new low. Besides trying to use Hae Ram to get Mi So on their side, she is now visiting the sick Moon Do in the hospital which floors both Jong Hee and Chan Ki. Min Jae is not happy with going this far, but, like always, he does just what his mother says. She puts on quite the show of concern for her ex-in-laws. What a crock.

And we end with Tae San learning his accounts have been frozen. He immediately rushes to the hospital where Mi So tells him to get down on his knees and apologize to her father. Like that will happen.

One comment

  • OMFG! Why aren’t any of these murders in jail?!! Haven’t watch yet but had to comment to let you know I’m still hanging in there. Damn I wish we could have done Ugly Alert. So much better a drama!! WAY BETTER!!

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