Crazy Love Episode 71 Recap

It’s sooo hard to catch up after falling behind on a weekly drama.

Kyung Soo’s response could have gone two ways. I was slightly disappointed in the way it did go. But kudos to him for choosing, in the end, to go against his father-in-law. And as for Moon Do. I get it. He’s disappointed. You can’t say his response is atypical. Such estrangements come between parents and children all the time for various reasons, this only being one of them. What is really needed, I think, is distance and time. I think he’d he’d rethink a bit more of his childish actions if Mi So did move out on him and severed all ties. Parents are human, too. They make mistakes, and being a parent and an adult does not make them kind, wise, or mature. I can go on and on about parents, but I won’t.

So, Kyung Soo bawls his eyes out in Mi So’s arms while she tries her best to comfort him, but not knowing the cause of his problem, she can’t really get through to him. Of course this makes him fall ill and Mi So spends the night at his place taking care of him leaving Jong Hee in a very bad position. Is there any way she can keep the fact that Mi So stayed out all night from the Yoon men? Her idea? Fake a phone call in front of the boys and say Mi So got called out to the factory in the middle of the night. Plausible, I guess. When Chan Ki harps on his father’s disinterest in Mi So going out late in the middle of the night alone, Moon Do childishly replies that since Mi So doesn’t respect him (by giving up Kyung Soo) then there’s no reason for him to acknowledge her presence. He gets up and leaves the table and Jong Hee stops Chan Ki from calling Mi So to see if she’s eaten. Chan Ki immediately thinks something is wrong, but Jong Hee nervously tries to stick to her story.

At work, Na Young gets upset because Mi So is taking yet more time off. She then tells Jong Hee that Yoo Jung has put her in charge of the Development Team. What a crock. Jong Hee doesn’t believe her, but Na Young steals the proposal approvals and bolts to Yoo Jung’s office where she complains about Mi So’s horrible work ethic (is anyone seriously doing any work in that office?). She then tries to get Yoo Jung to give her Mi So’s position. Yoo Jung balks. This annoys Na Young. How dare Yoo Jung defend and keep Mi So around especially when Na Young has already laid her claim on Yoo Jung? Anyhow, Na Young changes tact and says she wants to help out as her mother’s daughter. Right. When pig’s fly. But Yoo Jung remains adamant that Na Young will not take over Mi So’s position. Na Young then arranges a dinner date with her newfound mother.

Jong Hee calls up Mi So for a progress report and learns that Kyung Soo is no better off. Enter Jae Hyuk. Jong Hee lets him know what’s up and you know he feels badly about how poorly Kyung Soo is doing since he’s the messenger. He agrees to drop by with porridge and check up on the attorney and his little sister. As Mi So is on her way to pick up groceries she runs into him and the two go to the usual café to talk. Baek reveals that he gave Kyung Soo the evidence that proves Kyung Min’s murder, so that is why he’s not doing well. This freaks Mi So out. If that is the case, then Kyung Soo can’t be alone now. She quickly rushes out of the café to the apartment only to find him gone.

Kyung Soo is at a bridge. He’s feeling horror and self-loathing. Why didn’t he listen to his hyung when Kyung Min told Kyung Soo to break things off with Hae Ryung? Ok. Even if Kyung Soo did listen to his brother, I think we all know what would have happened. First, Hae Ryung tried to kill them both the first time he tried to break things off and given the fact that Kyung Min opposed the marriage, if Kyung Soo really broke things off because of his hyung, the ending would remain the same. Why? Chica is Psychotic!!!! Hello? Wake up and smell the arsenic.

Mi So rushes up and tells him he can’t end things like this—it’s not his fault. She knows he feels guilty, but he must live on like she chose to do after losing Hae Ram. They can’t give up their lives. If Kyung Soo chooses to go through with suicide, then Mi So will jump herself since she can’t live without him. Gag me. I’m sorry, I really don’t like those scenes. Sure, it can help talk the suicidal person off the proverbial window ledge…but at the same time…it shows a very unhealthy love (in my opinion). Kyung Soo does grab hold of her hand and embrace her and they cry together. He then apologizes for hurting her and promises to never do it again. How many times has he said this already?

Jae Hyuk gets home to find Scarface. He ransacked the apartment for the CD. Jae Hyuk tells him to get out and keep out of the matter or else. Scarface reminds him that it was Oh Tae San that made them enemies and asks for Baek to reveal what was on the CD so that Scarface can blackmail Tae San for a good chunk of change and head back to Macau. Jae Hyuk isn’t stupid. He knows he can’t trust Scarface and tells him so. Scarface smirks. Does Baek want to know why Scarface sold him and his friend out? Because Scarface’s men didn’t listen to him, but to Baek. Great. Scarface leaves vowing to discover the secret and exploit it.

At the Oh household, Hae Ryung throws another crazy fit because Jimmy’s dead because of her. She starts destroying all the things she bought in duplicate. Enter Yoo Jung. She finds her daughter flipping out and asks what is wrong. Hae Ryung babbles about Kyung Min provoking her and making her crazy and Yoo Jung worries over just what her daughter did. Hae Ryung says her mother can’t know otherwise Yoo Jung will die—they will all die. She then rushes out of her bedroom leaving Yoo Jung completely mystified. I don’t know why. I think it’s pretty obvious with all of Hae Ryung’s hints that she had a hand in Kyung Min’s death.

Myung Ja threatens Na Young with divorce since Na Young is not acting like a proper wife. Na Young points out that it’s unfair for a working woman to be expected to do everything and says she will gladly divorce Min Jae. She doesn’t need him now that the damage has been done and now that she can get her hands on CK by being Yoo Jung’s daughter.

Scarface calls up Tae San and reports the news that Jae Hyuk found the CD first and has hidden it already. Tae San threatens that he will not pay Scarface if the ex-gang leader can’t deliver the CD to him. Enter Kyung Soo and we end with a stare down.

Previews show Kyung Soo confronting both his father-in-law and wife about his brother’s death. He vows to his father-in-law to right every wrong that Tae San has committed. Kyung Soo had better prepare himself as our killer for hire is after him now. Oh, and Yoo Jung learns that Mi So is adopted. How much longer can Na Young keep up the pretense? Well given there’s like 25 episodes left…for quite a while probably.


  • KS’s response? I too was disappointed that he went that route! But then the man in him left a long time ago so his reaction made sense!! Yes, how long is Na Young going to get away with it? And why doesn’t anyone bring up a paternity test?! Sheesh, these people are dumb. No, sorry, they writer wants us to believe these people are really dumb! Moon Do? That man has disgusted me since the loan sharks went to Mi So’s house in the beginning! I really never saw the remorse he should have had.

    • The closest remorse is him getting drunk, calling himself worthless and then contemplating suicide which he didn’t go through with.

      Yeah, when it comes to the Ohs Kyung Soo had sold himself and thrown a lot of stuff away.

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