30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 Day 26

I can remember having laughed a lot at dramas, but can’t recall just one that I would label “funniest.”

Day 26. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen?

I suppose…maybe You’re Beautiful, Skip Beat! and Rich Man, Poor Woman. All of these dramas had their serious sides, but they did incite some good chuckles on occasion. YB had the toilet shower, the wild pig scene, the pig-rabbit surgery, and Lee Hong Gi’s Jeremy and all those ridiculous fantasy scenes. Skip Beat! had crazy Gong Xi whose mixture of evilness and childlike innocence led to some fun times and let’s not forget some of the silly things that Donghae’s character did and we have the always funny manager Du (if I’m remember his name correctly). And despite it’s sometimes heavier moments, you just can’t deny there was a lot of fun scenes in RMPW. Ishihara Satomi is really great at comedy.


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